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'Umno owns Utusan but can't control it?'
Published:  Oct 6, 2010 11:47 PM
Updated: 11:55 PM

your say ‘To the Home Minister, who is so quick to act on others but not Utusan - why is he silent when clearly there is room for a warning to be issued?’

Adnan: Utusan has to toe the party line

Lover Boy: Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, what you have said only shows that ‘Utusan Malaysia’ is truly an independent paper without government control.

Why chastise them when they are doing such a good job to the run up of the 13th general elections? The racial line taken by Utusan is okay, but you chaps in Umno now feel the heat when they take the racist stand.

Utusan is not the problem, the problem lies with Umno and Perkasa. Look at Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. Even being the education minister, he cannot even do anything about the racist headmistress. You tell the rakyat that and you think they swallow your answer? The Malays are no longer blind.

Ask any Malay on the street and I can assure you the majority think that ‘Sodomy II’ is a set up just as ‘Sodomy I’ was. You read Malaysia Today so you tell me - how did Raja Petra Kamaruddin get all those classified documents? It must be from people in your government who are unhappy with BN.

JBGUY : Utusan's stance has been and is still is racist in nature, especially its editorials. Had it been any other paper, its editors would have been hauled up and its printing licence suspended already.

The question I would like to pose is to the Home Minister, who is so quick to act with others but who has not even squeaked a wee bit on Utusan is this - Why is he silent when clearly there is room for a warning to be issued to this paper?

As for Umno claiming it is not responsible for the racist stance of the paper, that is like a parent saying my three-year old likes to break things at the crystal shop but I can't do anything about it. Shame on Umno.


Come on, Adnan, don’t beat around the bush. Umno owns Utusan, just like MCA through Huaren owns Star, Radio 988 where MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek calls the shots, not the senior editors.

See how they booted out DJ Jamaluddin Ibrahim, 988 CEO Ms Wong, etc without reasonable cause. Just watch the ongoing drama.

Adnan, consult Dr Chua - he may teach you a thing or two.


Tengku Adnan, if Utusan was any other paper, its editors responsible for all its reports wouldn't be able to go as far as they have - they would have had been asked to show cause by the home ministry from their very first racist article.

This goes to show that the Umno-led government condones their writings. Umno is feeling the heat, but it’s still pussyfooting about as far as their wayward editors are concerned.

Please do not patronise us with silly excuses; they are your and Umno's final nail in the coffin. As it is, there are a lot of disgruntled civil servants who are disgusted with Umno's blatant and arrogant stance.

A Voice From The Wilderness: The question is, why weren’t the ‘bad apple’ editors not charged under Internal Security Act for the seditious articles that they constantly and defiantly presented in Utusan?

PKR members reminded to boycott Utusan

Passing Cloud: As a man-on-the-street, I am compelled to support PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution’s Utusan boycott decision.

Utusan has gone too far in carrying inflammatory news stories. Sebagai pembaca Utusan sekian lama, saya pun sudah ‘fed-up’ dengan sikap berat sebelahnya. Tak boleh tahan lagi.

And you, Adnan, don't shift the blame. How can you push the blame to those irresponsible editors in Utusan?

If the owners can't call the shots and make them toe a moderate line, these irresponsible editors should be disciplined, removed, or even suspended and sacked.

But the owners have chosen to let them run riot, condoned their inflammatory reporting and offended the feelings of other races. The owners are ultimately responsible for their editors responsible or irresponsible reporting.

Adnan, at least have the moral courage to own up to Umno's condoning and support of these irresponsible editors and instruct them to toe a moderate line.

KSN: PKR, you are talking nonsense. Such a boycott should not be and cannot be enforced . How are you going to monitor all your 400,000 members? The boycott must start with individuals who dislike all the filth that Utusan is spreading against national unity and causing racial and religious divisions among our people.

From the figures, it can be seen that there has been a significant drop in the sales of Utusan. The people are doing what is necessary in this aspect, as they cannot accept Utusan's ways in their conscience.

But for PKR to demand that its members follow the party decision to boycott Utusan is ridiculous. Are you aware how many non-members of PAS and DAP are reading Harakah and the Rocket? Will Umno do the same? May they will, Umno being Umno.

PKR is losing it's logic, sanity and reason if judged from this statement and the way the party elections have been conducted. People have shunned BN but that does not mean they will accept PKR and Pakatan Rakyat without scrutiny. Beware, PKR!

Cala: I think PKR’s Saifuddin Nasution has a good set of reasons for why he urges party members to refrain from buying Utusan Malaysia. His approach, however, needs a lot of improvement. His decision could have been based on any or all of the following criteria:

i) the utility theory; ii) the political theory; and iii) moral enhancement theory.

First, if the reports in Utusan are a basket of rubbish, readers will run away from Utusan without him trying anything. Second, political theory calls for subscription to freedom of speech, liberty to read, etc, an argument that may find Saifuddin on weak ground.

Third, readers are a lot more discerning these days. Utusan will only drive away its own readers if the reports are found to be less than truthful.

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