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'Disturbing' is not quite the word to describe it
Published:  Nov 7, 2010 12:55 AM
Updated: 1:15 AM

vox populi small thumbnail 'The school assistant concerned must be sacked immediately and his actions and words condemned unequivocally.'

MCA: Caning over non-halal food issue 'disturbing'

Argonist: Thank you, (MCA central committee member) Loh Seng Kok for speaking out in a clearly definitive manner. Now I would like to expand further and suggest that hotels have separate rooms and eateries too. The list can go on and on until this land is split right down the middle between Muslims and non-Muslims.

This is what I believe these chauvinistic, bigoted fascists in Malaysia are driving us all to. The parent of the caned child (Angela Jabing) should now consider legal action and 'win or lose', the world will know Malaysia whether it's 'truly Asia' as it promotes itself to be.

Vijay: That was a very good strong statement, Loh. I think Monday or Tuesday would be fine for you or MCA president Chua Soi Lek to come out and say that you were misquoted. That what you actually meant was that minorities should not make unfair demands like asking Muslim fanatics to render non-Muslim faiths the same respect that Muslims demand.

After all, the boy was only caned a couple of times, it was not as though he had his hand chopped off. Wednesday should be okay, too.

Klangboy: This is down right disgusting - we have come to a point where intolerance of Muslims have reached boiling point and MCA can only say it is ‘disturbing'. Schools don't belong to Muslims, and this encroachment of civil liberties has been clouded over by religion for far too long.

MCA needs to stand and be counted and repudiate its own claim that Malaysia is a Muslim country, or be condemned by all Chinese forever.

Not Confused: ‘Disturbing' is most certainly not the word I would use to describe this incident. The assistant concerned must be sacked immediately and his actions and words condemned unequivocally.

As usual, the MCA are mealy-mouthed about their criticism in such situations. They have no backbone or integrity to do what is clearly right to everyone else.

Lover Boy: Loh Seng Kok, this is an Umno Muslim issue. We in Umno do not like our BN partners to comment on Islamic affair and on issue concerning Muslim sensitivities. I suggest you in MCA better retract your statement on Monday or we're going to kick you out.

Our Titiwangsa division chief Johari Abdul Ghani has made it clear that we do not need any ‘mata sepets' help. Look at Batu Sapi and Galas, we have the support of all and we are victorious. You want to be part of us, know your place.

Kgen: Najib Razak claims 1Malaysia is taking root. Is he trying to con gullible non-Malays? It's racism, religious intolerance to non-Muslims and Perkasa which are taking root, not his 1Malaysia slogan which is as useless as it is empty.

You can bet that nothing will happen to the senior assistant just as nothing happened to the two school principals in Johor and Kedah.

Sekinchan rep in hospital after alleged assault

Yobama: Agriculture and Agro-based Minister Noh Omar does look like a rough man who could easily employ others to do his bidding. Was he the man behind the beating? Only he and God would know that.

What political culture is emerging in our country? It is becoming life-threatening to be a people's representative. I hope PM Najib recovers soon and control his Umno men.

Anonymous: Why was the assemblyman (Sekinchan rep Ng Suee Lim) need to be there? Why did the Malay farmers request his attention? Is there anything for Bernas to hide? Why do you need 30 goons to be there to stop one man? Why did Noh Omar claim it's their area?

If Noh claims the problem is settled, then why did the farmers still request the assemblyman to present? If it's settle, why do you need 30 men?

Emigre: Ng Suee Lim, you have to ‘pandai-pandai jaga diri'. You can't go to places alone. You need to bring a truck-full of people to protect yourself. Remember Teoh Beng Hock? The police will not be on your side.

I am now again encouraging non-Malays to emigrate. I see that we will have no hope in the next general elections. Might as well pack up and leave, and let Najib and his gang be the kings here. I give up.

Sarawak CM appeals for Chinese support

Alan Goh: The Sarawak CM wants the Chinese to continue supporting BN so that good leaders can offer their services to the government?

Good at what? Dishing out negotiated contracts and sub-contracting them to make millions of ringgit? Raping lands belonging to the Penans and in the process, raping their wives and children as well? Building numerous and useless dams and destroying the ecology and dislocating the natives?

Just go lah , CM. You have made enough money to last you and your family a few generations.

Rick Teo: Taib Mahmud, the Chinese are not that stupid. You have plundered the state's coffers and enriched your children and family with corrupt activities and you want us to still support you?

You should be consigned to the dustbin of history, and when your government is thrown out, like the Philippines' Ferdinand Marcos, your ill-gotten wealth will have to be returned to the rakyat.

What you have taken is only temporary, because when we throw you in jail for your crimes, you won't be needing the money anymore.

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