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One swallow doesn't make a summer
Published:  Nov 19, 2010 11:55 PM
Updated: Nov 20, 2010 5:25 AM

vox populi small thumbnail 'The court is invariably under the thumb of the corrupt elites but in any organisation there is always a few noble characters.'

Bersih rally: Two MPs and 15 others acquitted

Fairplayer: Judge Jagjit Singh Bant Singh, thou art a brave and fair judge given the dampening and moldy judiciary in our midst. You are indeed a rare gem of a judge. God bless you!

Darth Vader: To those who said the judiciary is under the thumb of the executive, I would love to hear what you have to say about this case. Don't play the game if you are not prepared to lose. If a decision does not go your way, accept it with grace and live to fight another day, instead of just sulk and say that the courts/judges are biased.

Gerard Samuel Vijayan: Darth Vader, before you sing praises about the judiciary, we should all wait to see if the attorney-general appeals the decision in the High Court, then the ‘sandiwara' will begin.

Ask the BN government to amend the Police Act 1967 along the lines of the UK Public Order Act 1986 (as amended by subsequent legislation) to allow public gatherings, meetings, assemblies and processions, provided they are regulated but without the need for police permits.

The Royal Commission on the Police recommended this but to date the home minister is delaying tabling the amendment together with the amendments to the ISA, the Public Order (Preservation) Act, the Emergency (Prevention of Crime and Public Order) Ordinance, etc.

Why are the four states of Emergency still in force in Malaysia? These laws only benefit the police and the executive. Until they are repealed together with a slew of other laws that are inherently undemocratic and abhorrent to the rule of law, this country will remain as a Third World backwater.

Md Imraz Muhammed Ikhbal: Darth Vader, I was brought up not to belittle or mock those who are physically impaired but to have compassion for them and this includes those who are blind to that which is only too obvious to any man with plain sight.

The court is invariably under the thumb of the corrupt elites but in any organisation there is always a few noble characters. But in a system corrupt to the core, you can rest assure that judges like Jagjit will never make it to the Appeals Court and above.

Prove me wrong on this one and I'll gladly stand corrected. For now, I offer you my sympathy for your sheer inability to recognise that which is only too obvious. Perhaps in time, you may.

CarL: Good when the verdict is in favour, but bad and corrupt judiciary if it went the other way. Street politics is not the way of Malaysians. When two play the game, it becomes nasty. A case in point is Thailand with red shirts and yellow shirts, and the winner? None.

The Sensibility: When BN and or its ‘coyotes' organised a demonstration, it is considered legal. The most obvious example was when Perkasa members held a protest outside the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) shouting racial statements. Did the police prosecute them?

S'gor DAP: Teng vs Teresa showdown imminent

Focus: Even though my concern is legitimate yet I do not worry about whatever contest there is in DAP. By and large, DAP top guns are a mature lot. A case in point is the recent contest in Perak.

Sure, there would be murmurings in any contest. Even it happens in my household. It is a given thing. But there is this element of being disciplined. In this respect, my hats off to M Kulasegaran. I pray you will be amply compensated when the future is realised. On another note, I wish you accept the position offered to you in Perak DAP.

Rick Teo: Whoever wins the party election, just remember one thing. We don't need people like Tee Boon Hock in the party if their main aim is to line their own pockets. If you reinstate Tee, then you have no moral grounds to criticise Umno because you are no different from them.

Those who think they can join opposition parties now with the intention of getting positions and fat contracts, please don't because the people are a lot smarter now. They have been fooled by BN for 52 years but the rakyat have awaken and are aware of all the corrupt chicanery that Umno and their gang of thieves have been doing.

Rajm: Tee gave a support letter to a company where his son had interest and he claimed he was not aware of it. He may have a lot of supporters but we don't require people like Tee.

Rolls-Royce: I think DAP national leaders must have clear ideas on the demarcation of functions and responsibility between those holding positions in the party and those holding positions in the government.

I know the fight will be most intense because many the grassroots leaders are aiming for positions in the government once the party gains power come the next general election. This is where the national leadership must be firm and resolute. Not all government positions must be filled by those holding party positions, most so when many of them are non-professional and probably incompetent when handling government positions.

We should let those holding party positions to contribute to national policies, but the executive function of the government is best left to the professionals. Those holding government positions should share some perks with those holding party positions.

This is unusual, but it can be done. It is the party that controls the government and so those in the government must share the rewards with those holding positions in the party.

Just look at the present cabinet - how many of them are technically sound and competent in holding those portfolios assigned to them?

Wira: No corrupt or corruptible leaders in Selangor DAP, please. If Tee is reinstated, then there is no moral difference between DAP and MCA. I hope all leadership aspirants in DAP take note of this very important point.

Kula must stick to his guns

Daniel: Although I'm no fan of Ngeh Hoo Kam and Nga Kor Ming, I think they won because they recognised and took advantage of the weaknesses of the DAP election rules. M Kulasegaran did not exploit the advantage of delegates through new branches and was thus blindsided.

Who can you blame? Politics is a dirty game. You got to win, whatever it takes, as long as it's within the rules.

Southpaw: In the first place, Kula's team has problems forming branches due to their lack of visibility in Ipoh and even it their own voting areas. How would Kula and gang hope to gather supporters in forming branches when people hardly see them around.

I voted for Kula in the past three elections and I'll still vote for him comes the next general election, but his antics in this party polls has been really disappointing and sad. I voted for him not because he's done great things in the area where I live, but because I long to see the rise of two-party system.

Correct, Correct, Correct: Congratulations Kula, you did the correct thing by rejecting the so-called position offered by the Kinta cousins. I had great respect for Lim Kit Siang but the way he handled this issue has made me lose my faith in him and his party.

WandererAUS: Although the results left much to be desired, the results if achieved legally should stand - this is democracy. Kula, you are right in not accepting charity, you can make a comeback, hopefully, without stepping on too many members' toes. The two cousins are not invincible.

Politicians are in the business of winning and losing all the time, and the fittest survives.

Foo: In any contest, there'll be winners and there'll also be losers. There are rules governing the contest. If the same rules apply fairly to all, then the party that manages to make full use of the rules to its advantage will win.


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