Hard to believe Dr M on Ops Lalang

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your say 'I was one of the Ops Lalang detainees. It was Mahathir and Mahathir alone who was responsible. Don't blame the police.'

Mahathir blames police over Ops Lalang

Fairplayer: I don't believe the police would act without Dr Mahathir Mohamad's directive. I'm pretty sure that Dr M was the architect of Ops Lalang.

Even harmless church pastors, workers and priests were hauled up. How could these good people who helped the less fortunate and the underprivileged in society pose threats to the country's security?

Could Dr M have a darker and hideous agenda? In retrospect, the Ops Lalang arrests were intimidation tactics employed by Dr M to scare the daylights out of every Malaysian, including the police personnel.

Pemerhati: All of Mahathir's actions, including the jailing of opponents and his Machiavellian behaviour were designed to enable him to steal as much of Malaysia's wealth as possible for himself, his family and his cronies. To steal the money legally, he built the infrastructure of the country through negotiated contracts at highly inflated prices.

To gain and remain in power he played the race card to the hilt. He endeared himself to the majority Malays, on whose votes he mainly depended on to remain in power by giving them preference in almost all fields such as recruitment in public service, education and even taxation (e.g. the zakat tax deductions) while severely discriminating and marginalising the minorities.

The net result of his actions was the degradation of the public service as any incompetent Malay was preferable to a highly competent non-Malay.

Suhaimi Said: I was one of the Ops Lalang detainees. It was Mahathir and Mahathir alone who was responsible. Don't blame the police.

Keturunan Malaysia: Suhaimi, I believe no one would have known about you if you do not come out with this comment of yours. Without riding on it, I sincerely sympathise with you and the rest of the detainees for having to bear the pain.

Cala: Suhaimi, I know how much you have suffered as a detainee in the hands of the wardens. Not too long ago, there was another detainee who recounted the ordeal went through by one of his fellow detainees (say X).

X might have been a little too strong-willed or stubborn for the liking of the wardens and he was repeatedly tortured both physically and mentally. X took his own life while under detention. I am sure you are aware of these cases.

FellowMalaysian: What balderdash! He commanded supreme autocratic power ala Hosni Mubarak during the 80s and the police dared to defy him?

He has lost his brain by denying his horrendous and despicable past actions. This man will not admit any wrongdoing though he has committed faults to the highest order and his cruelty in sent innocent people to detention camps during Ops Lalang has caused much sufferings and hardship amongst its victims.

Malaysians Are Not Stupid: This guy is one hell of a chronic compulsive liar and he still thinks that all Malaysians are so gullible. The only people who believe what he says is those who benefitted from his regime.

Malaysia is certainly worse off after his administration. Nothing good have resulted from his regime. The only thing that have gone up during his regime is corruption, contempt of the rakyat and insult to the intelligence of the rakyat.

Yeap Cheng Liang: Of all his antics, this is the most despicable statement that I have heard from Mahathir. He is not only blaming others for his undemocratic instruction, but he is actually trying to rewrite history. I wish I didn't have him as my PM. It's very shameful of him indeed to utter this statement.

Phra Ong Chao: According to the Home Ministry website, Mahathir was the minister from March 17, 1986 to Jan 10, 1999. He was the home minister during Ops Lalang. Did the police get hold of his hand and force him to sign the ISA detention orders?

Pants on Fire: The is a letter to editor published in Malaysiakini in 2006. I quote: "Democracy was destroyed in this country precisely because of Mahathir. I am in my mid-20s (definitely a child of the Mahathir era) and here are some of the juicier aspects of his career that need to be brought to the fore again...". More here .

HYL: Mahathir is scared of people with guns, no wonder our PDRM (police force) nowadays behave like thugs. So how are we going to control and contain these people? I thought we have laws, rules and regulations.

And how are the other countries coping with their armed men? The same? No, look at Singapore and Hong Kong. Hong Kong have the ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) to check their civil servants to ensure that they don't abuse their power and to ensure there is no corruption.

So we should disband this tainted MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) and re-establish a more credible anti-corruption board.

Survivor: This is an incredible story from an incredible man. You want us to believe you, you have to be more convincing. The amazing point is you were intimidated by men with guns. Are you confirming that they are hooligans, thugs or gangsters? How you let the police force to become a little monster, only you know.

There is this saying, when you have a problem with a person and every other persons also have problems with that person, then that person has a real problem. But since you are the only person having problems with all those you have chosen as successors, you should examine yourself.

It is not the problem of choosing the successors. The problem is you and you alone.

Anonymous_4076: Mahathir's machinations are nothing but selfish political manouvering in the interests of the elite of this country, all at the expense of the nation and the people.

Much like what he is up to now with his behind the scenes colusion with Perkasa and Umno. This racism must be stopped in its track before it kills us all as a nation. Come and join the Soldarity March Against Umno's Racism on the Feb 27 at 9am at KLCC.

All are invited to show unanimity against this Umno's regime of control that is outdated and must be kicked out, lock, stock and barrel. Let all Malaysians know, let all the world know.

Tan Teng Wah: With his credibility already in minus territory as long as we can remember, who would accept his explanation? Since when, in Malaysia, the PM has to obey the police. The opposite is sadly true.


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