Sex video: Will the speaker accept Karpal's challenge?

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vox populi small thumbnail 'What better way to do it than in Parliament as it would provide all lawmakers with immunity and at the same time put this issue to bed once and for all.'

Screen sex video in Parliament, says Karpal

FairPlay: Karpal Singh is playing poker with BN, more specifically PM Najib Razak, by raising the ante.

The PM went on record to say in regard to the sex video that "the people want the truth, not perception" . What better way to do it than in Parliament as it would provide all lawmakers with immunity and at the same time put this issue to bed once and for all.

The question is, will the BN oblige or be checkmated?

Disgusted: Karpal is a willy old fox - too clever for the Umno/BN people. He did not show the DP Vijandran sex video to all and sundry, but instead handed it to the House speaker in Parliament. So who are the fools?

DragonStar: One problem. With the present parliamentary representation, the majority of the MPs are BN leaning. If after viewing of the tape and this was put to a vote, DSAI (Anwar Ibrahim) will sure lose.

Ttloo: It is absurd to use our noble Parliament as a shield to screen a sex video. The Parliament had been tarnished once with the Vijandran sex video. Why repeat the act?

Fairnessforall: Good move, Karpal. Since now the police have said it was authentic, let all the MPs watch it together - BN and opposition - and we shall see what they have to say. Given the tape is currently only in the hands of the police, there is no way anyone can rebut what they claim.

Ayoyo: Spot on Karpal. Show it to all MPs and let them debate it. If it is not Anwar, then find out who the actor/actress and the real culprits behind this despicable video. BN MPs are certainly afraid of this.

Anonymous_4031: Karpal has raised the stakes and has dared the speaker to allow the viewing of the sex video in Parliament and let the whole House decide whether the man is Anwar or somebody resembling Anwar.

There is no pointing putting the whole nation in suspense. This is a golden opportunity for BN to gain support from the PKR supporters if the man in the sex video is indeed Anwar.

It is not enough to prove the authenticity of the video. We must prove that the man is indeed Anwar. Of course, showing the video in Parliament is a double-edged sword as it can cut both ways. But so be it. Speaker, the ball is in your court.

Mangodurian: Oh yes! Dim the lights in Parliament, serve some sultry food, make good use of the sound system, distribute some masks and let the show, oo...ah, begins.

Teluk Intan MP, activist arrested at protest

Ghazali Shukor: PM Najib Razak should just step in and withdraw ‘Interlok' before his deputy uses it to sabotage his efforts to unite Malaysia under his 1Malaysia concept.

Anonymous_417c: Arrested under what charge? The poor police have to work even on Sunday.

The Interlok controversy has become an issue of "face" for DPM Muhyiddin Yassin and he has the instruments of power to keep the game in his favour. Congratulations to those arrested for keeping this issue in the news.

There is only one solution to ‘Interlok': vote Muhyiddin and his gang out. Najib seems quite helpless here.

James Dean: This is how the DPM is sabotaging the PM. The sooner Najib is defeated in the polls, the sooner Muhyiddin can take over the reins of Umno.

Pakatan caucus to check slide in Indian support

David Dass: Indian Malaysians have shown remarkable patience in the face of exclusion from government service and the private sector.

The government's view of the marginalisation of the Indian was partly obscured by the perception that Indians were doing well in the professions. The government seemed to be only concerned with the advancement of the Malays and not with the advancement of the other races of Malaysia.

And it appeared as if the Chinese could look after themselves. But the temple destruction galvanised the Indians into action. Years of patient suffering exploded into furious rage. Najib has taken some steps to meet Indian demands. More is required.

The Indian presence in the civil service and Indian participation in the process would go a long way to reassure the Indians that they have a stake in the country. Indian expectations were high after 2008. Perhaps unrealistically so, and some measures must be adopted to meet the more reasonable expectations of Indians. The government must be above race.

Mohan Ghandi: Pakatan Rakyat leaders would be wise to consider a coalition with HRP/Hindraf. Although at times some of the statements made seem unreasonable, it's time to put all these behind and work to get the Indian votes back.

To do that, Pakatan must accept that the BN has gained back a large number of the Indian votes in rural areas. Address simple day-to-day issues affecting the Indians, and Pakatan will not regret it come GE13.

Anonymous_4076: The only way for Pakatan to make any impact is to completely discard the old mindset. Appearing to address Indian problems when the GE is around the corner is a mindset that must be discarded.

This Pakatan caucus is nothing but just that. It is not going to work under the present circumstances. When you do not show genuine concern for the problems of the Indians, and the Indian voter can see it clearly, how can you expect any sympathy in return?

Pakatan does not have the power of patronage like Umno. Its performance is its only saving grace and it has lost that. The only way now left for Pakatan to get the Indian vote is to take HRP/Hindraf as an equal partner.

Pakatan needs this new mindset or say goodbye to any possibility of throwing Umno/BN out.


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