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Kadir - one more victim of our police state
Published:  Apr 24, 2011 9:55 AM
Updated: 12:31 PM

vox populi small thumbnail 'We are fast turning into a police state. Our police can act with impunity and can send a person to jail under the ISA on a whim.'

What has sex video to do with bomb-making?

Ong Guan Sin: The plight of another ISA victim, this time a disabled person, simply confirms that ISA must go. Pakatan Rakyat has made it part of their 100-day programme. The BN government, abusive of power as ever, only helps to show how vulnerable Malaysia is with ISA in place.

For that, we have to thank BN to show Malaysians the way forward, indirectly.

Cannon: We are fast turning into a police state. Our police can act with impunity and can send a person to jail under the ISA on a whim. Our Dr 'Apa-nama' in his autobiography gives credit to the police for its zeal and initiative in arresting and detaining opponents of the Umno-BN regime.

The FRU, aptly named, has been turned into a ‘Force for Rough Use' by the Umno-BN regime to beat the hell out of civil protestors. The Special Branch is the regime's prized hound dog. It can do tricks like smelling out the opposition and enemies of the regime and mauling them nicely and not leaving any bite marks. It can make its detainees weep, laugh, sing and dance according to its bark.

Our police force rightfully is Polis Raja Di Malaysia, not Polis DiRaja Malaysia.

Bill44_sltiger: As I have said before, ISA means, "I Simply Arrest".

Ferdtan: What happens to Kadir Hashim is unfortunate. The police without in-depth investigation just 'pulled' him in under ISA without offering an iota of evidence - this is just one of the abuses of the no-trial detention that gives it a bad name.

The police cannot act in such a careless and irresponsible way: do your homework first before acting. That is the main reason why many clamoured for the abolition of the ISA.

We applaud Kadir for his courage to continue with the struggle for what he believes in. Many 'Rambo' politicians would have caved in after being detained by the police. On top of that, after the ordeal, he still has his sense of humour - a brave lad indeed.

Anonymous: It's interesting how the police is working part-time as BN's propagandists.

AnakBangsaMalaysia: Our brilliant police must have thought that the 'sex video' contained coded instructions for a man with only four fingers to make improvised explosive devices out of tomyam spices and basmati rice.

We are very glad that Kadir Hashim survived his ISA ordeal relatively unharmed, unlike the many, many who have been allegedly abused or killed while in custody of the police or MACC.

That said, it has become impossible for clear-minded Malaysians to speak or even think of the police with anything but the deepest contempt.

Fairplayer: Bravo, Kadir! I like your spirit. You have put many "abled" Malaysian to shame. I am greatly encouraged by you and your courage. God bless you. And yes, ISA must go.

Dood: For a moment there I thought I was reading about some backward authoritarian police state that throws its critics behind bars, and then I did a double take and realised that I was.

Azmin: Rosmah unable to sleep o'nights...

Ksn: Azmin Ali, you do not have to worry about Rosmah Mansor. She seems able to take care of herself. What about you and PKR? Is PKR ready for elections? Have you got the right candidates from the point of view of capability and integrity? Or are you looking for candidates who will play second fiddle to you and Anwar?

Have you, Anwar and the likes of you in PKR - all turncoats from Umno - shed the Umno vices, skin and outlook for real, or are you just waiting to win the elections and continue doing what Umno has done all this while?

Ttloo: Rosmah is unable to sleep due to Najib's uncertainty on the date for snap polls? No, I think she is more worried about her ‘First Lady' status if her husband loses Putrajaya.

Alan Goh: You are right about the 1Malaysia email, Azmin. We have free Gmail, Hotmail, whatever mail, so why the need for Najib's email by Tricubes? These are new ways to siphon off public funds - tricks they have learnt from the fourth PM.

And by the way, rational Chinese voters do not vote along racial lines when supporting DAP. They vote for change to have an honest, clean and accountable government, not the likes of the White Crocodile in Sarawak or tainted leaders like those in MCA.

Mamakthiew Mamad: We have foreseen that the database will be used to bombard us with Umno propaganda without any question. And they will do it at the expense of the country's coffers. Someone is making money, and helping the BN with their propaganda at the same time.

Gov't won't allow projects that affect public health

Reformasi: Najib Razak, if you are a man of your word, what then about the nuclear plant in Malaysia? Isn't it too dangerous to people as well? When are you announcing that the nuclear power project will be scrapped?

WangMalaysia: Why do a study after building the rare earth plant? Why is it that they won't do a study even before any project was started?

Fairnessforall : Why doesn't Australia open this plant in their own country and why come to Malaysia? It is simply because the Australian government will not hear of it and the Australians will not allow it to happen.

But the Australians know that with such a corrupt government in Malaysia, all they need to do is pay a few million ringgit which will go into a few people's pockets and the project is approved. Stop taking us for idiots.


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