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Cartoons are no threat to public order, Utusan is
Published:  May 12, 2011 1:00 AM
Updated: 2:13 AM

your say 'Cartoons can cause public disorder? Then what do you call the writings by Utusan and the two pro-Umno bloggers?'

'Terrible accusations' in Zunar's cartoon books

Mt KK: Never in any country have I learnt that cartoon books created public disorder or even banned. Indeed, many people, except Malaysiakini fans, may not have heard or read about Zunar's cartoons. This ban has made it more popular.

My copy of Zunar's cartoon book has been circulated to more than two dozens people so far. All enjoy the candid illustrations and not one was agitated enough to cause any disorder. They only felt upset at the ways the Home Ministry arbitrarily took actions and/or made partial decision to go after any matter not in favour of Umno leaders.

You can see such acts with the bloggers and mainstream media Utusan Malaysia publishing articles on religious matters that would cause resentment and would eventually give rise to disorder if not handled properly by the PM or home minister.

Anonymous_5fb: If indeed Zunar cartoons are "terrible accusations" which could lead to public disorder, you won't be in the court doing your submission, (government lawyer) Noor Hisham Ismail.

If indeed Zunar cartoons are an "extreme insult to the national leadership", then why not the national leadership sue Zunar personally? Why hide behind the Home ministry?

P Dev Anand Pillai: The world's most powerful leader Barack Obama is the butt of jokes in both political satire and cartoons but is the US government threatened? How are Malaysians going to be towering personalities if they are not allowed to read materials and cartoons which the governments deems bad for them?

With reading already a habit which is very difficult to inculcate here, it has now been made worse by these ridiculous moves by the federal government.

Anonymous: It's a satire, for God's sake. And seriously, do you think a cartoon can make the people hate the government any more than the government makes itself?

Cannon: The Umno government is one big joke and it blames the cartoonist for its bad image. The wheels in the home minister's brains are churning in reverse. He can't even take a joke. The mental health of the home minister is even more serious than I thought.

Anonymous_40a7: "The conclusion by the (home) minister is that the content of the cartoons (was) terrible accusation (and) extreme insult to national leaders, including the judiciary."

Looks at Utusan Malaysia and I shake my head in total disbelief and disgust while making a slow, sarcastic clap, saying "Bravo, Home Ministry, bravo."

HisShamMoreDim_WhoSaid_On?: The only public disorder I can see coming out of reading Zunar's books is the general public falling off their chairs rolling and laughing at ‘1Funny Malaysia' and the not so amused cabinet ministers.

Anonymous_3e8f: I have no faith in the Umno government and the various institutions within it. Umno/Mahathir Mohamad had systematically destroyed all fairness and independence.

In fact, in these trying times, Zunar's cartoons make my days. I hope the judge hearing this case will prove me wrong on "fairness and independence".

Geronimo: Cartoons can cause public disorder? Then what do you call the writings by Utusan and the two pro-Umno bloggers? Pulitzer-award winning articles that will bring about national pride?

GI Joe: What about all the accusations against Anwar? Doesn't those lead to a public disorder? I have not seen Zunar's cartoons, so I wouldn't know what accusations they are talking about. But shouldn't accusations be acted on by the police, and if found not true, then, arrest the accuser.

Unfortunately for Zunar (probable accuser), he has already been found guilty for accusing pro-BN leaders.

Ben Hor: The courts are really insulting the intelligence of Malaysians. It's a comic, for crying out loud. They are not to be taken seriously. Go silence the real public disturbance, Perkasa, instead.

Yap Cs: Cartoons and satire are banned but newspaper's inflammatory articles of imaginary conspiracy to change the country's 'official' religion are allowed - all based on the home minister's subjective opinion. Boy, this minister must be the fountain of wisdom. But then again, this is Bolehland.

Bhajnik Singh: The cartoons have no racial content, no terrorist content, no communist content, no content whatsoever to raise the anger of anyone except the BN government, the leaders/wife (you know who lah ) and their crony government agencies. Thus, the book should not have been banned. Full stop.

Abil: Zanur has kept many Malaysians  away from depression. If someone is hurt by Zanur's cartoon, then that person or persons should laugh at themselves or sue him personally for any injustice done. It isn't fair to rob us of our daily dose of laughs.

Rakyat Malaysia: Cartoons can cause public disorder? What theory is that ah ? How do you prove that scientifically that the cartoons and public disorder are directly co-related? Or maybe it is because our country has so many 'fragile'-minded people that this little thing will also trigger their 'disorderly' behaviour?

Is that how fragile the BN government is? Can't even stand up to the force of cartoons?

Sapa Nama: Utusan should have been banned a long time ago going by such reasoning.


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