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A case of monkey see, monkey do
Published:  Jul 9, 2011 9:38 AM
Updated: 3:52 AM

your say 'When Bersih wants to march to Istana, Umno Youth also wants to march to Istana. What's wrong with you, Khairy?'

Umno Youth: We'll march to stadium, too

Gandhi: I had always felt Khairy Jamaluddin would take Umno Youth in a different direction, jettisoning its time-worn practices and bring more democratic values. He has been a great letdown.

His ambition of becoming a main player in Umno is doomed. He has to play his cards well so that he doesn't lose the respect of all Malaysians.

He must remember that his bosses have made some very hurting statements when they were younger and they regret having unwittingly screamed some puerile statements.

Khairy should think long-term, not to impulsively follow his immature mind. Don't let your mouth bring you untold problems.

Anonymous_3de1: "We will assemble on Jalan Bukit Bintang at 10am."

Hello, tourism minister. Are you sleeping? This wannabe PM is going to hurt your precious tourist dollars by organising his Umno Youth brats and goons in the heart of the tourist triangle. So what are you going to say about it?

Of course, you won't dare to utter even a whimper because if you do, your Umno master is going to drop you from his cabinet and you cannot go places at our expense anymore.

Wira: Go ahead and march, KJ. No one is stopping you. Just get your samsengs to behave like the peaceful Bersih crowd when they walk the streets.

Mingxiang: Any regime that is oppressive and corrupt ought to be demonised, don't you think, Khairy? But don't worry, no one is going to deny you the chance to be a hero.

After all, you know you will be given kid glove treatment by the cops should you be detained. You are the Umno Youth chief and son-in-law of a former PM, so what is the worst that can happen to you?

Incidentally what is it about Bersih 2.0 that you are so afraid of? Free, clean and fair elections? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Shabaruddin: When Bersih wants to march to Istana, Umno Youth also wants to march to Istana. Now Bersih wants to go to Stadium Merdeka, Umno Youth also wants to go to Stadium Merdeka.

What's wrong with you, Khairy? Don't you have any original thoughts for Umno Youth? Then better let someone else take over your position. Monkey see, monkey do.

Anonymous_3de1: "This is our democratic right to assemble peacefully which is enshrined in the federal constitution," said Khairy.

Go and tell it your Umno/BN fat cats and accord the same to Bersih and don't tell us it is an illegal organisation because we all know it has noble aims for democracy for all Malaysians.

Anything you and your goons do is "enshrined in the constitution" and you jolly well know that the sacred constitution has been bastardised by a corrupt regime which you have a open ambition to lead in the future.

Onyourtoes: Khairy, can you please show some originality. When Bersih wants to hold a street rally, you also want to do the same. It is understandable for that moron from Perkasa, but for you to do the same is unacceptable.

When Bersih wants to hold it on July 9, you also want to hold it on the same date. When Bersih rescinds the street rally in reverence to the king, you also want to do the same although the king has never seen you. When Bersih now wants to hold it in Stadium Merdeka, you also want the same venue.

I think even a moron would know your evil intention, hence only a super moron would have come up with such a strategy.

You want the clash of supporters and you want to give excuses to police to ban the rally. You should go back to Palestine and have your demonstration there.

Anonymous: Sure you can march but what's your cause, if you don't mind me asking?

Stay home: Ibrahim Ali takes his own advice

Anonymous_40a7: "But I hope Bersih will not victimise me by wearing a mask that has my face (and entering Kuala Lumpur). They can do that, they can do everything."

Someone has been watching too much ‘Mission Impossible' movies. And even if Bersih have your mask, no one will wear it due to your ugly face.

Be ready, Bersih - Ibrahim Ali has given the green light to his Perkasa members to create havoc and trouble tomorrow. Keep your heads cool and minds calm.

Don't let their provocations affect you, giving an excuse for the police to make arrests.

Magic Mountain: They cancel because they do not have reason to rally anyway. They do not fight for a cause, their call for Malay supremacy is not supported by majority, their posturing efforts to inflame comes to nothing.

The best thing to do is to ask their so-called members to join the rakyat to get things ‘right'.

Not Convinced: It looks like Ibrahim Ali will be joining those Chinese whom he had advised to stay at home.


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