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Auntie Bersih 'peeved' by police's indifference

Retired teacher Anne Ooi knew that by joining the Bersih 2.0 rally on July 9 involved risking arrest but somehow, despite encountering the police numerous times on that day, she was let through.

Ooi, better known to netizens as ‘Auntie Bersih’, was at the very heart of the protest and passed through four police checkpoints before entering Kuala Lumpur, dressed in bright yellow, which is Bersih 2.0's official colour.

NONE Looking back, the scrawny 65-year-old said she felt somewhat “insulted” that she had been treated to no more than mere police advice to stay away from the rally, while almost 1,700 others were arrested.

"That day, I was prepared to be arrested, but these people (police) looked at me as if I was too old. When I went home, I told my daughter, it’s very insulting you know, they don't want to arrest me,” she quipped in an interview with Malaysiakini ...

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