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For Malaysiakini, content is king

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'It is precisely the content of Malaysiakini - the publishing of political news without fear or favour - that draws to the site the hordes of fans it now has.'

M'kini selling out to Umno? Over our dead bodies

your say Lexicon: If you've seen the work of Malaysiakini editor-in-chief Steven Gan and chief executive officer Premesh Chandran and their staff over 11 years, you would know they are among the most courageous and ethical journalists around.

The fact that some subscribers/Umno cybertroopers are making false accusations - that Malaysiakini is 'selling out' - provides some insight into these commentators' mindset.

People who treasure money above all else find it impossible to believe some people like Prem and Steven are not for sale. Similarly, people unworthy of trust find it hard to trust others.

Steven and Prem, and all your journalists, keep up the excellent, heartfelt, ground-breaking work. The fact that Umno goons are trying to destroy you through harassment, raids, legal charges - and now these idiotic insinuations - must be a sign you're doing something right.

Dood: Actually, Steven, you are wrong on one point. With Malaysiakini , content is king.

It is precisely the content of Malaysiakini - the publishing of political news without fear or favour - that draws to the site the hordes of fans it now has.

This has always been the main point most of us subscribers care about - something that all the mainstream media don't, or can't, care to understand.

Avatar 111: Bravo Malaysiakini , I am proud of your stand. This means my decision to subscribe (in the way to support) since day one was right. I will continue to support you if you keep to your principles of freedom of independent press.

Ferdtan: Finally the air is cleared - it is only a rumour - a malicious one indeed. Congratulations Malaysiakini for sticking to its principle of not making the online portal a tool for politicians.

Can Malaysiakini divest, say 30 percent of its shares to the 'Malaysiakini supporters for independent journalism', for added capital - like English Premier League club Manchester United football shareholders?

Register yourself as a public (non-listing) company and you can attract many shareholders. Both the founder shareholders, Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran, can still retain their majority hold on the company.

AntiRacial: I understand Malaysiakini needs financial support to continuously operate the website and that is the reason Malaysiakini needs to work with Malay Mail .

Whatever collaboration with other media, Malaysiakini must make sure it stays independent in term of the news that it publishes. Malaysiakini survives because of its independence in publishing the truth.

We will kept Malaysiakini as first choice news media as long as Malaysiakini stays true to its principles.

Voice: Buying content from Malaysiakini is akin to supporting Malaysiakini . So, will the Umno or BN-controlled media do such things as to make Malaysiakini strong? Maybe, for them this is a way to get closer and influence Malaysiakini step by step.

Soon it will be too late and Malaysiakini will be too dependent on them as their source of income. It's better stay away from any political influence.

Truth-seeker: In all fairness, Steven has explained explicitly. We should not jump to conclusions. A business has every right to find sources of income, so long as they do not jeopardise its integrity and credibility.

Multi Racial: I have supported Malaysiakini and my current subscription ends in 2013. To me, it is not about Malaysiakini . It is about the independence of the new media and Malaysiakini is one of them.

I will continue to support Malaysiakini even if the subscription cost goes up 10-fold. What is more important is that the truth must be told, and this is something you can never get from the media controlled by politicians.

Yes, I totally agreed with Malaysiakini - no to politicians controlling the media regardless of whether they are government or opposition.

My message to fellow Malaysians - it is very important to keep Malaysiakini independent and alive. Please do your bit.

Goat: You can count me in to stop my subscription the minute I find out that Malaysiakini has sold out. Until then good reading.

Tkc: Malaysiakini (and Malaysia Today ) can take huge credit for the political awakening and renaissance in our country over the last decade.

Despite constant harassment by the authorities, Steven, Premesh and the Malaysiakini team have stayed true to their ideals to provide us with an alternative view to government propaganda.

To me, every single day that Malaysiakini is online is an added bonus. If Malaysiakini goes offline tomorrow, we should be thankful for what we have gained over the last 10 years instead of complaining about what we are going to miss in the future.

I shall continue to subscribe and donate to Malaysiakini and would not expect any refunds in the event that they are forced to close shop one day.

Dhammika: Steven, I agree with you that for 11 long years, Malaysiakini faced much difficulties and suffered a police raid and the confiscation of its PCs.

I am one of the long-time subscribers. Keep up the good work and expose more controversial bad practices by the present government.

This is the only way for the rakyat to get out of their deluded state of mind so that they are able to elect candidates who will serve the country with competency, accountability and transparency.

Thana55: Malaysiakini will find a place in the 'genuine' Malaysian history for its courage, impartiality and dedication all these years. You have truly made a difference for a better Malaysia.

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