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'Don't sell your soul to the devil'

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'The entire existence of Malaysiakini depends on its independence. The day it loses that will be the day it will start to die.'

M'kini selling out to Umno? Over our dead bodies

your say Bob Teoh: It's preposterous to suggest that Malaysiakini will sell its soul to Umno. The two portals making this suggestion have no moral high ground to stand on as they do not disclose who their funders are.

I have been an ardent supporter of Malaysiakini from its very inception for a few good reasons. First of all, Malaysiakini is not just an alternative media. It has proven itself to be a full-fledged professional and commercially viable news portal. It lives up to its claim of producing only news and views that matter.

Even former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad has no choice but to seek Malaysiakini as a vehicle to air his views when at one time he was blacked out by all Umno media.

As a researcher and freelance writer, I find Malaysiakini's treatment of news and archives most outstanding and reliable. No other online media can match this facility. And as a reader, I find Malaysiakini's policy on right of reply highly commendable.

Malaysiakini does not have to worry about defending itself. Its editorial integrity remains impeccable and that itself is its best defence.

Baiyuensheng: Editor-in-chief Steven Gan, my advice - treat yourself like Apple, they never deviated and merged with the mainstream because they have a strong loyal following.

Because of this dedication, they innovate and ultimately produce iPod/iPad/iPhone products which trump anything else in this world and become one of the largest companies in the world.

Be creative in sourcing for revenue but sleeping with the devil is not one of them.

ONG: If Malaysiakini's negotiations with Malay Mail ( MM ) are as disclosed by editor-in-chief Steven Gan, i.e. selling content to MM for a fee, I can't see any problem in it.

If people like Baiyuensheng object to Malaysiakini selling contents to Umno-linked media, then can other subscribers also object to Malaysiakini using contents from Pakatan Rakyat-linked media?

Is a fact that Malaysiakini has been using content from many anti-BN blogs and news sites. People like Baiyuensheng seem to think that all Malaysiakini subscribers are automatically anti-BN and pro-Pakatan.

Better remember that people like AkuMelayu and [email protected] are also Malaysiakini subscribers. I don't remember them demanding that Malaysiakini cannot use Pakatan news content.

I have been a registered Malaysiakini reader since very shortly after it was first launched. When it went subscription, I had absolutely no second thoughts about being a subscriber.

On this latest sabotage attempt by party or parties unknown through the rumour that Malaysiakini is selling out to Umno, my stance is unlike many other Malaysiakini subscribers.

For me, the stance that "I shall cancel my Malaysiakini subscription if Malaysiakini sells out to Umno" does not arise at all. Why? For the simple reason that I don't believe ‘Malaysiakini selling out to Umno' will happen.

Some may call me naive, but thus far I have gone through life quite successfully based merely on instinct where certain matters are concerned, and this is one more time where I am using my instinct.

SKT: Baiyuensheng, Malaysian Insider has a content deal with Bernama . Reuters has a content deal with the North Korean news agency.

Your advice about Apple is even funnier. Apple has deals with Samsung (supplier of screen and memory chips to Apple), Google (search, YouTube and Gmail in iPhone), Microsoft (Office for Mac) and all kind of "mainstream" companies in order to produce the best of the breed products.

Don't Be Patronising: I have been a Malaysiakini subscriber for the last six years. And I will continue to read Malaysiakini . Thanks for giving us views and news that matter. At RM0.50 cents a day, it is worth its weight in gold.

Pakman: I have fully supported Malaysiakini since its inception, and has been subscribing for the last seven year. Steven Gan has made Malaysiakini a truly independent online media and its steadfast principle has been proven time and again.

MfM: Dear Steven, as a loyal Malaysiakini subscriber (even with the controversy I try to stir at times as a commentator), I thank you for your continued stand.

I may not agree sometimes, and I do agree most of the time with what Malaysiakini reports. But I do say this. Continue reporting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and keep the people informed.

Subscribers like me and others will continue to back Malaysiakini in providing a truly independent source of news for Malaysians. Who knows, someday Malaysiakini will be able to go print, and I for one hope for that day.

Sarawakian_3ff9: Selling Malaysiakini to Umno is just like selling your soul to the devil. Should it really happen, I'll be the first to cancel my subscription. And I won't be the only one.

Ablastine: The entire existence of Malaysiakini depends on its independence. The day it loses that will be the day it will start to die.

Selling news content does not equate to being taken over. On the other hand, if Malaysiakini sells even a single share to political parties it will lose all credibility.

That would be in fact the best strategy to indirectly force a closure of Malaysiakini by its enemies - infiltrate and influence the company by buying into it. However, I think Steven Gan is too clever to fall for such ploy.

Swipenter: Malaysiakini has over the years played, and is still playing, a big role in freeing our minds; sort of deprogramming us from what are fed to us by the politically controlled MSM (mainstream media) before the advent of Malaysiakini .

This we must not forget and so must the people at Malaysiakini . We are indebted and thankful to them for playing this role.

A very big thank to Malaysiakini and that is an understatement. Keep up the good work for you are also needed to ‘whack' Pakatan Rakyat if they become the main tenant at Putrajaya come GE13.

Just to remind Malaysiakini - sleeping with the devil is also a very dangerous game.

KJ John: Thanks Steven, and your guys have walked this journey for far too long to sell out now.

Many others do not understand that in some cases, money is not our motivation but rather news and views that matter. Thanks for the clear and unequivocal clarification.

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