Hasan Ali should ban the sun, too

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YOURSAY 'Jais should ask for a law that forbids Muslims from using the Internet and other modern communication devices such as iPhones.'

'Solar-powered talking Bibles' used on Muslims

your say Human Being: Does Selangor exco in charge of Islamic affairs Hasan Ali mean Muslims are so backward that they are amazed with this new technology that Christians are using as educational tools?

If Steve Jobs were still alive, Hasan would be busy keeping track of all modern gadgets.

And he said eight ways to convert Muslims? That's very insulting to the Christians because there are more than 1,000 ways, and all are based on one thing called ‘love'.

Vote For Change: Hasan claimed to have proof of proselytising at the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC).

Subsequently, the Selangor sultan had to make a statement to cover the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department's (Jais) embarrassment over the lack of sufficient evidence to prosecute.

Hasan, we don't believe you or Jais anymore.

We as Muslims are also proselytising anyway, so what's the issue here? The key is to build up the faith of Muslims to prevent apostasy. Stop embarrassing the Islamic faith further with your stupid ideas, and lies.

Penang Mari: If Hasan Ali or Jais took care of the poor Muslims, none of this would ever be happening.

Rich Muslims are just not bothered to help their own kind. The BN government, on the other hand, is only interested in providing aid to Muslims in Somalia, Pakistan and other countries.

So why blame the churches? Obviously, nothing is free in this world and the churches will do what they're good at - missionary work.

If by merely listening to a solar powered Bible can make a Muslim to convert, then his or her faith is weak.

JBGUY: If Muslims in Malaysia want their fellow practitioners to refrain from converting, then they should seek to teach and advise such people from doing so, or better yet identify the reasons for such conversions, instead of blaming people of another faith.

If a person has lost faith in a religion, no amount of coercion will change that. We are all answerable to God, we cannot impose our wishes on others.

Elysium: Ban the mobile phones and ban the tablet computers like the iPad because all of them can download the bible in various languages. Hasan is out to create trouble between the Muslims and the Christians.

Blind Freddo: What did I tell you? I said before that before long, there will be a religious red herring to divert attention away from the National Feedlot Centre scandal. And here it is.

Thinking: Dr Hasan, I understand your concerns and fears. But please don't blame others for your own community's shortcomings. Please look at the log in your own eye, then you will be able to see clearly and remove the speck in your Christian brother's eyes.

Aren't Christians also the People of the Book in Islam and deemed closer to Muslims than all others?

Anonymous_40c3: The Internet is a place to learn just about everything under the sun. I supposed we should ban the Internet to prevent the feeble from being influenced, be it their religious beliefs or moral values.

Let's go back to the Dark Ages, Malaysia.

Slimboy: Leave us Christians to practice our faith in peace. We have absolutely no desire to convert Muslims and do not even pretend to understand what is it about the Christians that you detest so much or fear.

Do not underestimate the strength Muslims have in their faith.

Nil: For faithful Muslims, reading/studying the Bible/listening to a talking Bible, is a very good way to help deepen understanding, so as to atone and reaffirm his own faith.

AB Sulaiman: The sad part to all this is that while the city folks and the knowledgeable ones can see through the nonsense, the innocent village folks - the majority of voters - won't.

The mainstream media, in the meantime, would pick up this latest tale and spin it for their 'kampong' minds.

Pity the rural voters, the moment you bring in 'religion', their minds go totally blank. I blame people like Hasan Ali for knowing this and taking full advantage of it.

Proarte: The Quran accepts that the Bible and Torah were sent down by Allah to teach us his message. So the question is: What is wrong with the Bible being read by Muslims? It is Allah's message, period.

If you have Umno trojans like Hasan who is in PAS to sow discord and havoc in Pakatan, do you expect him to tell the truth or to know anything about Islam?

David Dass: It is tedious reacting and responding to people like Hasan. He has no depth. He is shallow and superficial. It is like a relay - Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa, Yusri Mohamad of Pembela and Hasan Ali of PAS. Each in turn raving and ranting about Christian conspiracy.

Christians are not asserting the right to convert Muslims. All should be asserting freedom of conscience and freedom of religion. Christians are not going to become Muslims because they read the Quran.

This nonsense will be repeated ad naseum. Ignore him.

Chuath: The Christian aid provided cannot be called inducements as they are given regardless of religion or race or as a condition for conversion, quite unlike the allegations of people being given citizenship if they vote for Umno.

That's why you get thousands of formerly illegal migrants who are now citizens in Sabah. If that is true, that would be inducement, bribery and corruption.

How many of us have benefited because the Catholics came to Malaya to build schools and hospitals? Are we not grateful to them? Did we call that inducement?

Sad Malaysian: Why not counter the Christian efforts by provide the same to your flock? I am sure the poor will not mind accepting assistance from Jais or any other group.

That might be better than just complaining, raiding churches and passing more and more restrictive laws against your own people. Give your people something real and meaningful, instead of words.

Ferdtan: For Hasan's information, my phone through Maxis has a religious application (which I didn't ask for) that has the timing of Muslim prayers (Islamic salat ). It also has Islamic wallpaper and prayer tone ( azan ) - when activated, the prayer will come out loud and clear.

Did I complain that Maxis is trying to convert me to Islam?

Hang Babeuf: Really? A solar-powered murtad-trap. Terrible! If he is right, then no one can be safe. None of us may sleep untroubled at night.

What nobody has said - and Hasan Ali fails to recognise - is that, apart from effecting instant conversions to Christianity, this insidious solar-powered device can also make potentially sensible people look silly and absolutely ridiculous.

It sure has made Hasan Ali look looney, hasn't it?

Gusnargh: NEWSFLASH: In order to prevent solar-powered handheld talking Bibles from converting Muslims to Christianity, the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) has proposed that the sun be banned.

At a press conference, state exco in charge of Islamic Affairs Hasan Ali said that Christian missionaries were using the solar power to convert Muslims to Christianity.

Hasan called on the Selangor state government to erect a giant umbrella over the entire state so that solar power could never be used to convert Muslims.

Free & Fair Election: I've been listening to the morning prayers from the mosque for over the 40 years of my life and that has not converted me to Islam.


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