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Jessie steals show for all the wrong reasons

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YOURSAY 'Uncouth, rude and totally uncalled for. The debate will be remembered for the bad behaviour of this MCA supporter.'

After 'Ms Equality', enter 'Ms Tow Truck'

your say Gusnargh: Poor Jessie Ooi. If there was to be one moment for her to step into the national limelight with a brilliant and incisive question, this would have been it.

Unfortunately, she blew it big time and could very well have torpedoed any chances she might have had to run in the general election.

If she was seen as an electable candidate before, she must not be one right now. The issue she raised just shows how out of touch she is.

As a matter of fact, I have spoken with many Penangites (and I am Penang born and bred) and they are actually happy at Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's insistence on rule of law.

Ask the hawkers, ask the market traders, and many will tell you that things are better now - less double parking and less illegal parking. The only ones who are not happy are those who get caught red-handed.

Ferdtan: Jessie Ooi, by losing yourself in anger - short of yelling; and gesturing her finger upwards threatening with a scowling face is certainly a very ugly sight to see on TV - even for a young lady.

To win an argument or a point, by losing her cool she has lost the battle totally. It is quite shameful to see a young lady making a fool of herself in front of millions of viewers.

I just don't know how she is going to sleep well from now on. She has become a national clown - a court jester. If she has a point to make she must be mature enough to air her view clearly without acrimony.

There was one English Premier League manager who commented on the wild and rowdy football fans (off-field they were normal working men with responsible jobs) who cursed with profanity during the football game; saying that if they were to go home to see themselves on TV of what they had done - they would be ashamed of themselves.

This is exactly what Ms Ooi should be feeling.

Ally Meme: I was quite amazed at how she ‘screamed' and how her face looked. It was quite shocking to see how much hatred she was showing in her grimaces (YouTube video ).

Maplesyrup: Just because there are no cars on the roads, the law should not be enforced? This is precisely the problem wth Malaysia - lack of enforcement.

I was at the Immigration office where visitors drop their cigarette butts into the planting boxes. People cross the roads without waiting for traffic lights, endangering themselves and also affecting other road users, etc.

So it seems MCA-BN politicians are all for 'close one eye' where law enforcement is concern. No wonder Malaysia is going to the dogs.

Hmmmmmm: I took driving lessons and my licence abroad. One of the things my instructor always emphasised was to use indicator lights at all times to signal your intentions even at 3am when you are turning into your house and you are sure there's no car around.

Accidents happen because we thought there was no car around. So Ooi, everybody should still obey all traffic rules even though it's past 10.30pm and there's no car around.

Anonymous_rb345: Based on Ooi's logic, the police should just stop work after 5pm on weekdays and have holidays on weekends.

Clever Voter: These rude and rowdy MCA members reflects the state of the party today. The party is long gone, lacking vision.

The very reason why it still exists is because these pathetic members are living off the crumbs thrown to them by their Umno brothers.

Cannon: Uncouth, rude and totally uncalled for. The debate will be remembered for the bad behaviour of this MCA supporter.

AF McLaren: Ms MCA Tow Truck, I think there are at least two reasons why you shouted the incoherent question.

1) To make a fool of yourself, becomes a instant ‘celebrity' on YouTube and attracts the attention of party leaders.

2) You were so full of rage that your train of thought didn't go through your brain.

Anyway, when a question makes no sense, there is an English word for it - nonsense.

Alicescat: Oh dear, how unbecoming of the young lady. This is not a good example of a future leader either.

Perhaps its time for MCA leadership to engage professionals to teach their chosen ones to behave and act with decorum at all times and in all manner of situations.

Podeh: I've just been discharged from a private hospital after having been admitted for observation.

All this came about after I had the misfortune to see the debate over Astro and heard ‘Tow Truck Woman' screaming into the mike.

This set a panic attack and a family member summoned an ambulance. I'm sending my medical bill to Tow Truck Of MCA Sdn Bhd.

Here is a New Name: Ooi is a folk hero and should be a bright star in Malaysian politics. Just because 5,000 of DAP supporters visited her fanpage, it does not mean she is not popular.

I saw when she unleashed her tirade, LGE (Lim Guan Eng) flushed and he knew the score. His only and frequent claim is Penang has a budget surplus.

Not to worry, Ms Tow Truck, the ordinary Chinese have seen you in action, and if there is one thing they like, it is a fiery lady standing up to cool-hand Lim Guan Eng.

Assessment rates not gone up? That's a lie, as on most of the island, it has, except the poorer areas. He was not so cool after her question. Way to go, Ms Tow Truck.

Onyourtoes: Please don't waste time with nincompoops. Has it ever occurred to you that she could have done this deliberately? May be she was paid to do it. May be she thought this could gain her ‘fame' nationally.

Maybe she is a copycat fame seeker after that Ms Equality ( Ceylyn Tay of Gerakan). Best is to ignore her to discourage more copycat fame seekers.

Anak JB: This is a funny one - probably the highlight of the night for all the wrong reasons. She rattled on the top of her voice like someone shouting ‘lelong' in a ‘pasar malam' (night market).

She was really devoid of manners, poise and elegance. Her question was really out of whack which reflected her shallowness. I was actually feeling rather embarrassed.

Gen2: When the time came for questions from the audience, we saw a concerted effort by MCA goons to monopolise the mike without giving a chance for DAP people to pose their questions.

A public debate on important issues has turned into a spectacle of one group trying to suppress open discussion.

Anonymous_rb345: Do you want to elect a member of parliament to resolve your tow truck, parking and clogged drain issues?

If yes, go ahead and elect Ooi and other BN candidates. In this challenging macroeconomic environment, we want our MP to address and resolve corruption, educational matters that will affect our children's future, Malaysia's competitive advantage to compete with other countries, unemployment, foreign direct investments, independence of our judiciary, ballooning national debt and the economy in general.

Therefore, we need to kick out people like Ooi in the next GE to protect Malaysia's and our children's future.


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