Indians should beware of piecemeal solutions

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YOURSAY 'You think that building Tamil schools now will help uplift the Indians? They have been neglected for far too long.'

PM to Indians: Walk with me, I've kept my promises

your say Clever Voter: Voting BN is equivalent to accepting and condoning massive fraud, corruption and theft of public funds that could have been used to build wealth for all to enjoy.

It is morally wrong to say ‘yes' to them. It means you agree to the injustice and neglect committed by the BN parties, and above all the unfairness in government policies and the treatment meted out to fellow citizens.

After 50 years of rule, we have a rotten leadership, decaying culture and moral values, substandard education infrastructures that we cannot be proud of, and a community that is divisive and suspicious of one another.

You call this progress? If at all, we will walk into hell, if we continue this way.

James1067: PM Najib Razak, in order to win elections, you just have to do your work well with transparency and honesty. A few thousand ringgit here, a few million there of the rakyat's money is not going to solve the problem.

The hundreds of billions of the rakyat's money that you have distributed to your friends, cronies and your political supporters are still on the minds of the people.

Until you take a genuine effort to stop corruption, set free the judiciary and the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission), and make a serious effort to retrieve the money siphoned away, only then will the people have faith in your words.

Bert: Building schools for the people, be it Tamil or Chinese, is the responsibility of the government of the day, be it BN or Pakatan Rakyat.

This is vote-buying, a case of ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine'. When the election is over, everything will be forgotten. This has always been the case, so don't you complain later.

Vote wisely and don't be emotional as Minister Sharizat Abdul Jalil said .

Fairnessforall: Utter rubbish. Building Tamil schools is not going to help the Indians. What about higher education scholarships? Indian students who are straight A students are not given any assistance for higher studies.

My niece, who was a straight A student, was rejected for medicine and now her father, a former government servant, has to pay from his own pocket for her to do medicine in Indonesia.

Shame on Najib for trying to fool the Indians.

You think that building Tamil schools now will help uplift the Indians? They have been neglected for far too long.

Lion King: Najib, please don't talk about RM440 million for Tamil schools. Education is everyone's right. Indians in Malaysia also pay taxes as the rest of the citizens.

Why when it comes to education, business opportunities, financial assistance, employment in civil service and GLCs (government-linked companies), Indian Malaysians are sidelined?

Give us the same opportunity. We are not begging you for money.

Why Indians are not posted as deans, DGs (director-generals), CPOs (chief police officers), head of schools, etc? Aren't we capable?

Answer these questions first before you ask for our support.

Fair Play: I agree, BN always keeps its promises. That's why after more than 50 years, the Indian community is still marginalised.

NX: Najib or Ah Jib Gor or whatever you call yourself, I am an Indian who pays taxes and you are my servant, and I demand that you take care of the needs of the rakyat, immaterial of the colour of their skin as long as they are Malaysians.

You are obligated to fulfill the aspiration of the rakyat and that is the reason why we pay your salary.

Most important, we want to know why Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered and why her immigration records went missing. We owe you nothing.

IamMsian: My fellow Malaysians, regardless whether you are Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazan, Dusun, etc, etc. don't be fooled by BN fishing for votes in the coming GE.

We are entitled to everything under the constitution, but the useless MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, gave away all our rights. We are not second-class citizens.

There is no such thing as promises - we elect a government to serve us. We paid taxes, EPF (Employees Provident Fund), but BN thinks we are all slaves.

We want a clean, efficient and transparent government. BN, do it now, manage the country based on meritocracy.

Sadirah: Najib, why should we walk with you? We have done so for the last 50 years and what have we become? Second-class citizens.

We want to walk as equal partners, not as second-class citizens. This means we want an equal role in decision-making and not listen to what Umno has to give to us. We want to be included in the affairs of the nation, ranging from foreign affairs to education.

Anonymous_40f4: Najib's figure of RM440 million is hard to believe, it's only hot air. No way a racist Umno government is going to spend that money on ‘Orang India'.

Najib, we want to be treated as Malaysians with equal rights, not marginalised as in an apartheid nation.

Bluemountains: The Indians must ask him to state the amount he had given to the Malay schools before they give him ‘nambikei' (trust).

Changeagent: From 2009 to 2011, the national budget had allocated RM31 billion, RM30 billion and RM29.3 billion respectively to the Ministry of Education to enhance primary and secondary school education nationwide.

What Najib is effectively saying is that because he had fulfilled his promise of allocating a generous 0.49 percent of the total pool of RM90.3 billion to Indian schools, the Indian community should continue to support him by keeping BN in government.


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