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Najib - the one billion dollar man?
Published:  May 5, 2012 12:04 AM
Updated: 12:10 AM

YOURSAY 'In comparison, Cowgate's RM250 million is nothing, which makes it logical that Najib is so forgiving of Shahrizat.'

French prosecutors: Najib sought US$1bil for Perimekar

your say Joe Lee: PM Najib Razak is the one billion dollar man. This gives new meaning to PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli's description of the Umno rent-seekers.

In comparison, Cowgate's RM250 million is nothing, which makes it logical that Najib is so forgiving. Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil was spot on when she said it was surely okay for her because 'others' were also doing it, except making even more money.

Now, there are many dumb Malaysians who will be voting for Najib because he gave them RM500. Do we need a Bersih 3.1 to further educate them?

Let's put those utterly pathetic rent-seeking Umno politicians behind bars. 1Malaysia can only be achieved by us, not them.

Kairos: Najib's goose is cooked. Granted that there is no hanky-panky in the French courts (why should they in this case since they have nothing to gain?) then it shows that there is a definite connection between our then defence minister with the huge corruption scandal associated with the Scorpene submarines purchase.

I am certain that somewhere along the line, there will be a link between our PM with the Mongolian girl.

No matter what Najib says, the truth will be out for all to see. The timing is absolutely perfect. Truly, heaven has eyes.

Lover Boy: I think it is time for both Razaks - Najib and Baginda - to go to the national mosque and swear before the Quran that they were not involved in this Scorpene scandal.

This time please invite the French ambassador to witness the swearing ceremony. Hopefully the ambassador can report to the French court that the two Razaks are God-fearing men of honesty and integrity.

Timothy: US$1 billion! Finally the mother of all corruptions revealed. It must be too hot for the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to handle.

The rakyat only get RM100, RM300 or RM500, that is if you help him.

Headhunter: Malaysian lawmakers should be demanding for an impeachment of the PM. He has lost credibility and should not drag the country into disrepute by continuing to occupy the seat.

One billion US dollars - just imagine how many scholarships if that money is used prudently instead of being hijacked by Najib.

Mahindar Singh: So Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is right, we can write off the students loans, pay a basic salary of RM1,500, reduce the price of petrol and provide free education for Malaysians, if only we can plug all the losses through shady deals.

DontPlayGod: Any idiot can see that Najib is involved. Remember, his personal bodyguards were the ones who blasted Altantuya Shaariibuu to bits.

And these bodyguards answer directly to Najib and nobody else. And mind you, these two bodyguards do not know who Altantuya was, and neither had these two men seen Altantuya before.

So, anybody who is anybody knows someone higher-up gave the orders to kill her. And who do you think the higher-up was?

Jimmy Ng: Suaram's Cynthia Gabriel, the rakyat of Malaysia owes you a debt of immense proportions that will be almost impossible to repay.

You are a true patriot who will go down into our history books as a heroine that dares to go against the establishment in your quest to seek out justice and the real truth behind the Scorpene submarine deals.

Ferdtan: Najib would come out to say he is helping a local company to obtain better commission from the French arms dealer.

So Najib, we are also thinking of negotiating with a company in a foreign country for a deal, and they only want to give us a small commission for the work to be done.

So can you do us a favour, like what you did for Perimekar, request on our behalf from your foreign counterpart for an increased commission, say about half a billion dollars?

Thank you in advance, Mr Prime Minister, you certainly has a heart for us, Malaysians.

SP Chew: Many on the ground say that Najib has to eventually step down; he has become a liability not only to Umno but also BN in the run-up to the GE with more and more scandals rearing their ugly heads and swirling around him.

Anonymous_3e0b: SP Chew, perhaps you would add "Pending the completion of the French investigation, Najib should take leave temporarily and only resume duty after he has been cleared by the French court."

A responsible leader should take this course of action to save the country and its people from embarrassment.

Changeagent: In light of the new evidence, Najib must stand aside as PM until he is cleared of all the serious and damning allegations of his personal involvement in the submarine purchases.

While he is entitled to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty, all matters of doubt must be fully resolved at a criminal level before he can return to his position.

This is absolutely essential to safeguard the integrity, credibility and respectability of the highest political office in the country.

Onyourtoes: This is not a prosecutor from Zimbabwe or Lesotho. This prosecutor is from the country we bought our submarines, which is also a member of the United Nations Security Council.

So listen good. You want to know what our renegade regime has learned from the episode. No more arms purchases from Western industrialised democracies. You see, true democracies are incapable of keeping secrets (I learn it from a movie and I think it is generally true).

The next time, it's better to buy arms from North Korea, China and perhaps Russia (if there is next time).

Our chief of navy said recently Malaysia is considering to buy more submarines . You believe that or is this to entice the French to go easy with the current court case in Paris.

A.B.U.: Only US$1 billion (RM3,034,000,000)? That's just for one deal.

Take that percentage and apply to all the shoddy defence ‘contracts' signed and you know why Rosmah Mansor is the first lady of shopping and why her husband, Najib, and Umno will sacrifice everything to be in Putrajaya.

This man and Umno have no shame compromising our defence, our money, our freedom, our constitutional rights and our economy.

Anonymous #22481191: That's a lot of handbags...


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