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Police must prove loyalty to nation, not politicians
Published:  Jun 11, 2012 1:15 AM
Updated: 3:28 AM

YOURSAY 'The police should prove their loyalty to the country and not loyalty to a party that betrays the nation by selling its military secrets.'

Ex-top cop: Police should probe naval document leak

your say Gobsmacked!: Former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim, you are absolutely right. Our PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) is not only blindly loyal to the government but worse still, completely subservient to Umno.

This explains why offences committed by Umno members and sympathisers are just ignored and no action taken. There is a great need to rectify this.

There is a complete lack of professionalism in the PDRM as shown by their actions in handling the Bersih 3.0 protest and the subsequent reactions and comments from their top brass.

Getting the deputy IGP to head the investigation panel into the alleged leaked Navy documents may not be a good idea as he has shown himself to be bias. But your comments are good and deserve our support.

Anonymous 6137549876: Cops are not dogs trained to uphold complete loyalty to their masters. Loyalty these days does not come into the picture at all.

As a matter of fact, loyalty to one's parents and even loyalty to the head of state or king have come to be questioned. It's one's integrity and honesty which decide one's ability to discharge his duties fully within the provision of laws.

More often than not, when one's integrity and honesty have been compromised, then the bargaining for loyalty becomes the order of the day.

Save Our Currency: The police are not answerable to any minister. They are to enforce laws and be answerable in court.

The military police should investigate the alleged leak of Navy documents and present its findings since the military is tasked to look after the security of the country.

But do we have clean leadership in the military to be able to do that?

Fight Injustice: Mat Zain, you are absolutely right. I remember many years ago a police officer was detained under ISA for leaking some confidential documents to some Russians.

James1067: When top civil servants are loyal to political parties then we can be assured that justice will never be done.

The first incident of two aircraft engines leaving our Air Force base and landing in Argentina was a serious lapse in our security system.

It needs cranes to lift the engines and also lorries to enter the security area to take out these engines. It needs the signature of higher authorities to allow such activities to occur on the bases. The crime must have involved many personnel.

Serious attempts must be made to reign in the real culprits of the alleged leak, otherwise we may have more traitors standing in line to sell these country for a fast buck.

It's time for top civil servants to draw a line whether they want to serve the nation or politicians.

Vgeorgemy: Mat Zain, this is nothing to do with blind loyalty to the government of the day but something to do with the politicisation of our civil services.

A certain commission to study the politicisation of the bureaucracy noted "arbitrary and questionable methods of appointments, promotions and transfers of officers by political superiors also led to corrosion of the moral basis of its independence.

"It has strengthened the temptations in services to collusive practices with politicians to avoid the inconvenience of transfers and to gain advantages by ingratiating themselves to political masters.

"They would do the politicians' biddings rather than adhere to the rules. Lest the situation becomes more vicious, it is necessary that a better arrangement be conceived under the constitution."

We are currently facing such axis of evil and it needs to be corrected.

Anonymous #19098644: The police, especially the deputy IGP, should prove their loyalty to the country and not loyalty to a party that betrays the nation by selling its military secrets.

Argonist: I believe that the police of any country should be loyal and steadfast in implementing the constitution of the country, irrespective of which political party holds the reins of the government.

In this case, if the PDRM have any worth as a force that will defend the country's security within, it should have done its job all this while.

Being beholden to the politicians is the worst corruption that an institution can stoop to and it makes public justice the only solution to bring back this country to sanity.

ABU Member: In the very first place, how could a private company get hold of the military secrets?

Among the Acts contravened, I think, is the Official Secrets Act. If this is not treason of the highest order, then what is this?

The police cannot keep quiet and those involved cannot deny it unless proven otherwise.

Bender: I bet the same people who allowed people with no security clearance, such as the brain-dead blogger Papagomo on board of a Navy submarine, are responsible for selling all the documents.

And the chain of command goes all the way up to the topmost person, and guess who is at the top?

This whole shenanigans bear no mystery actually, it's all there for the world to see. What is lacking is just a miracle of justice.

Anonymous #62211637: The whole police force has to resign and be reinstated according to the new laws and regulation, making it accountable to a different institution of the government should there be abuse of power by the police.

Right now, there isn't one and no one can trust anyone in the police force. The minister himself is not qualified. He is put there because of cronyism and that in itself is an abuse of power by the person who appointed him.

The person who appointed the half-past-six cabinet has to realise that having a third-rate individual with no qualification for the post has created absolute chaos in our government agencies.

Lim Chong Leong: Why is Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein so silent? That's because crooks cannot investigate themselves.

And why must the police wait for a police report to be lodged before they can start their investigation? A very disturbing logic indeed.

Odin: Mat Zain, you know better than we do about police procedures and the rest of it. And what you are telling us sounds right to any reasonable person.

The problem seems to us to be that those in the top echelons of the police force are unwilling to do what is right and to demonstrate the principles usually found in the morally upright.


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