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Najib's silence shows he condones racism
Published:  Jun 26, 2012 9:18 AM
Updated: 3:04 AM

YOURSAY 'These handful of lunatics making racist remarks were from your party, Najib. You are the party leader, it means you are also the leader of these lunatics.'

PM tells Chinese to ignore 'pendatang' remarks

your say Anonymous_rb345: Prime Minister Najib Razak can't even control his deputy and his party and he expects us to listen to him?

What have you done to reprimand Perkasa and their leaders when they shouted racist slogans?

Is this an election gimmick to hoodwink the electorate again, just so you can go back to your usual racist mentality after the elections?

Multi Racial : What Najib means is that he is not going to stop those who continue to be racist. He just asks us to ignore it.

What would happen if things were the other way around, would you ask the others to pretend as if we did not say anything?

Come on, show some leadership. Take action against those racists. Stop funding Perkasa and criticise them publicly. Warn your ministers and deputy ministers who made racist statements and if they do it again or do not apologise, remove them from the cabinet.

If you do that, at least Malaysians can believe you are serious.

Skeat: Najib, these handful of lunatics making racist remarks were from your party.

You are the party leader, it means you are also the leader of these lunatics. When these lunatics get away with not being condemned or punished, it means you also support them.

Chee Hoe Siew : I am sorry, Najib. What's been said cannot be retracted, especially when you have done nothing when such words were yelled out by your minions.

All you can do is ask us to disregard being called ‘pendatang'? Go take action against those who call the Chinese and Indians to ‘balik kampung' instead!

2cts Worth: Ah Jib Gor (brother Najib), I have never been PM, but I can teach you a thing or two.

When a problem arises, you nip it in the bud. You don't wait for election time to tell us stories. Secondly, you address the perpetrator directly, not the victim. You are doing things the wrong way around.

Keturunan Malaysia: PM, it is just like a father telling his daughter to ignore and put up with the bullying of her elder brother, rather than ensure that he does not bully her.

But come to think of it, the older brother does takes after the father when it comes to bullying.

Rakyat Malaysia: We are being emotional? That's a lame excuse - when you don't get the support anymore from Malaysians, you say we are emotional.

Pendatang : We have been ignoring the ‘pendatang' remarks for the past decades, but what we have not ignored is how each time someone from the BN government or its allies make racist remarks, you as the head of government had not uttered a single word against that person. Not one single word.

These perpetrators walk free and hold their head high, perhaps they even earned a badge of honour within the Umno ranks.

And MCA has remained stone silent as well as they are too afraid to get shut out by Umno. So this attempt to woo the Chinese vote as the GE closes in is really very pathetic and laughable.

Anonymous_4020: Najib stop treating us like fools, you can do it to MCA and MIC but not us.

We have been ignoring the insult of being called ‘pendatang' for more than 50 years and continued to pay taxes to feed these corrupt racist, but what we cannot ignore is that most of the insults came from Umno's very own leaders and members, and especially during the party general assemblies.

To add more insult to injury, no action is taken against these racists.

YF: Umno and every BN goon has long since lost the moral right to tell the rakyat to ignore the ‘pendatang' and ‘pariah' insults when Umno is the source of all these insults, including Najib.

Has he forgotten his "bathe the keris in Chinese blood..." speech? What he is actually doing is ignoring those making the insults rather than correcting them. Sandiwara is what this is.

Fair&Just : Why just ignore the insults and hope the wind will blow them away? If you are really serious in eradicating such insults and insulting actions, and to really make an effort to have a harmonious society, then implement the Race Relations Act like Indonesia did in 2008.

Democrat: Why have there been no sedition charges against the "one or two?" Why has there been no action against government servants and the BTN (Biro Tatanegara) people who so openly told our children that we are ‘pendatang'?

Why, sir, so stop playing to the gallery and start acting.

Swipenter: Najib, if you want to be taken seriously, say this at the Umno general assembly next year if you are still the PM then. Send a loud and clear message to Umno members and delegates that you do not brook such nonsense from anyone of them.

In the mean time, immediately start sending directives to BTN to stop demonising the ‘pendatang'. Better still, start dismantling BTN.

Slumdog: This is Najib's usual double-talk. It is very easy for him to make these comments before an election.

When such comments were made in the past, there was an eerie silence from him. If he doesn't share such views why didn't he speak out and put a stop to such comments?

He has the gall to say that the Chinese are citizens with full rights. Try and convince the millions of Chinese Malaysians of the truth of that statement. He is so delusional that he believes in his own tripe.

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