Don't use the EO as a cop-out

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YOURSAY 'Corruption, incompetency and the culture of impunity are the more likely causes of the rising crime rate.'

EO repeal may have led to crime spike, says Pemandu

your say AnakBangsaMalaysia: On what conceivable level did the repeal of the Emergency Ordinance (EO) cause crime rates to jump?

Do Malaysian criminals closely observe legislation and say, "Ooh, look here, they've repealed the EO, let's go rob more people now."

The brutal truth is that crime rates have jumped because of the abject failure of our corrupt and incompetent police force.

There is also a culture of impunity in Malaysia - the biggest criminals walk around openly and hold ministerial/senior government posts with no fear of the law.

Street criminals becoming increasingly emboldened because they know the police are incompetent and can usually be bought off.

Government think-tank Pemandu's attempt to link the repeal of the EO with spiraling crime rates is ridiculously illogical. National key results area (NKRA) director Eugene The, try repeating your own statement to yourself in the mirror with a straight face.

But thank you for proving that Pemandu is exactly like all the other public relations stunts set up by PM Najib Razak - a pile of well-packaged but utterly useless fluff.

Anonymous #41809171: I'm no crime research expert, but this much I know: the incidence of crime has shot up and this has raised the public's level of fear.

However, to suggest that the abolition of the EO has resulted in the spike in crime does not justify bringing it back or introducing another similar repressive piece of legislation.

It just means that the police have to work harder and ethically to get the evidence to avert crime and solve cases.

No way should the police be allowed to go back to those 'good old days' where people could be locked up based on mere suspicion.

Joe Fernandez: Is he suggesting that we should go back to extra-judicial killings by the trigger-happy police?

Kit P: So, Pemandu is saying our police are so incompetent that it needs to resort to ‘Emergency' powers (that is what the EO really is) to maintain public safety.

If that is true, the entire senior leadership of the police should quit or be fired, so that others can be given the opportunity to do the job.

Dont Just Talk: Teh, the EO repeal did not contribute to the rise in crime but the failure of the government in curbing illegal foreigners entering the country does.

Some came in legally as foreign college students mainly from African countries but from their age and physical appearance, are they really college students?

Many came in droves mainly from Indonesia for economic reasons, while others entered Malaysia illegally from neighbouring countries. What do these people do for a living when they are not gainfully employed?

They scam, rob, and snatch handbags to pay for their living expenses. Those who are detained under EO are small in number and are hardcore thugs, not small-timers.

Malaysians are not stupid. Teh, start using your head. The reasons for the crime spike is so apparent to Malaysians, but not to NKRA.

CN Yee: What crime spike? The police and Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein had already released statistics proving the our crime rate has reduced dramatically.

So is Teh insinuating that the 'official' statistics are not believable?

Kgen: So now Pemandu admits there is a crime spike and blames it on EO repeal? What happened to the "perception" which Pemandu was mouthing before?

It looks like Pemandu talks like Umno politicians, twisting and turning as they like. But the people know that despite the lies, crime has gone up, not down.

Another reason why there is a spike in crime is that the police behave like political ‘prostitutes' instead of fighting crime.

If police spend more energy fighting crime than harassing opposition politicians and supporters, the crime rate would certainly come down.

Many violent acts committed by Umno and Perkasa goons are tolerated, which gives a bad impression of police impotence, while trivial cases like citizen journalist Chan Lilian are assiduously investigated for a harmless tweet .

Crime has gone up because the police are too busy doing useless political work to pay attention to fighting crime. Simple as that!

Kim Quek: Low credibility in police and BN political leaders make us suspect that the statistics are not true.

An increasing number of victims are not lodging reports due to the futility of doing so arising from plunging police integrity and efficiency.

Proof of increasing crime rate is in the mushrooming of privately-paid security guards in residential areas and industrial set-ups. In fact, the security guard industry is the fastest growing industry in recent years.

Perhaps, MPs should ask the government to provide these statistics to set the record straight.

Quigonbond: You know, maybe it isn't the home minister's fault after all. He was just relying on professional consultants and folks like Eugene Teh, getting a hazy view that crime is just a matter of perspective, that the streets are still safe when ex-police chief's and ex-chief minister's houses got robbed, and when manic swordsman and swordswoman got very close to the very office of the PM.

If Pemandu and the home minister cannot see the woods for the trees, they are of no help to Malaysians to actually bring law and order to the streets, homes and malls.

Myop101: Since repealing of the EO could be a cause, I would also like postulate that it is related to birth rate. Less people, less crime. So the government should implement birth control.

Meanwhile, to immediately address the current crime rate, just cull the criminals.

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