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Water spat - Selangor's dams runneth over

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YOURSAY ‘Why did water concessionaire Syabas cause panic among Selangorians by saying that they may resort to rationing?'

Water at all S'gor dams at peak capacity, says Liu

your say Ferdtan: Like the passage "my cup runneth over", we have more than enough for our needs.

Why did water concessionaire Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) cause panic among Selangorians by suggesting that the water levels at the dams are low and they may resort to water rationing?

The fear is further heightened by the coming Ramadan whereby difficulties would be suffered by the Muslims preparing food and cakes for themselves, and for sale during the festive season.

Now it has been pointed out to be a blatant lie. The dams are full. Can a police report be made against Syabas for spreading unfounded rumours causing panic among the people?

This is an act of political sabotage. They must be censured and when Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putrajaya, Syabas will be remembered.

Chipmunk: The mastermind behind this propaganda is none other than Umno. As usual, they instill fear into the rakyat and try to sabotage Selangor after having lost the state.

Remember that Prime Minister Najib Razak said "Defend Putrajaya at all costs", and this is one of their ways.

The Selangor government should sue the pants off Syabas for taking the rakyat for a ride. This is very unethical of Syabas.

But then again, Umno never had 'ethics' to begin with. Let's see what the next act of sabotage Umno will come up with?

Kazakh: Syabas is an Umno crony company, we all know that. They are now all out to destabilise the Pakatan state government by any means and we know the mainstream media papers are only reporting one side of the story.

But we are not stupid, we support the state government's move to take over the water management with immediate effect.

Mohan Gandhi: It is clear Syabas is working with Umno-BN to manufacture a water shortage. With all dams at maximum capacity, why can't Syabas treat the water progressively over time? The main issue is the siphoning of the inflated project cost from the proposed Langat 2 treatment plant.

All that is needed is better planning from the existing water treatment plants. You mean after all these years, Rozali cannot figure that out.

Kit P: It sounds like Syabas has become a "rogue operator". Now, could they please explain to us again, the reason for that RM9 billion tunnel under the Main Range?

[email protected]: When the dams are full you highlight it, when the water level is at a critical stage you keep quiet. Thanks, exco member Ronnie Liu for your thoughts. Just manage the massage parlours.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Dear Mr [email protected], to begin with it was never at a critical stage in the first place. This is the usual game that Umno and its agencies play on the people.

About the massage parlours that you had mentioned, please note that it was a thriving business under the highly 'moral' BN government previously.

Wira: [email protected], the reservoirs are now full. Why impose rationing when the water levels are close to the brim?

A water company sells water to make a profit. Crony Umno companies don't have to sell anything to survive. With the help of Umno, they can cheat and rob the people.

Odin: Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Peter Chin Kah Fui, I don't have Einstein's brains, but I don't even have to think to tell that some of you in the BN stand to make a few hundred million each in easy money from the Langat project.

The Selangor state government won't play ball, and so you are making things difficult. The actual victims of your vengefulness will be the ordinary people - people who have to spend hours daily on the road to and from their workplaces, who have to struggle to cope with the ever-increasing cost of living.

But to you all, they are nothing more than collateral damage. ‘People first, performance now' did you all say? Rubbish! It's ‘Me first, money now'.

Rakyat 1 st : We call on the Selangor government to allay the fears created by Syabas by buying advertising space in major newspapers to publish all the current photos of various dams together with explanatory notes to dispel this alleged water shortage.

MrM: I think the important lesson to take from this is that regardless of the fact that there is no water crisis, we all have a responsibility to not waste water.

Malaysians, especially Selangorians and KLites, waste a lot of water on an annual basis. Let's all take steps to cut down on our water wastage.

I myself have started being more aware of my water usage and am working to reduce it by taking shorter showers and turning off the tap when doing the dishes.

Pemerhati: Umno and their cronies have been plundering the country on a massive scale. Currently it is at the rate of about a billion ringgit a week which amounts to about a third of the country's revenue.

Every Malaysian has become a victim of their plunder because every house that uses electricity has to pay high tariffs because of Mahathir's crooked deal with the independent power producers (IPPs).

Another one of his crooked deals has resulted in high toll rates. If the country had a clean government, the stolen billions could have been used to build toll-free roads and the electricity rates would be much lower.

Umno now is trying very hard to do some equally crooked deals with respect to water. Their modus operandi is to give out the projects at very high prices to cronies and then siphon off billions of the taxpayers' money.

All the Umno-proposed high-priced water-related projects will undoubtedly result in high water rates, just like the current high electricity rates.

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