PDRM put on trial over Bersih 3.0

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VOXPOP 'Does it not bother anyone that promotions with PDRM are based on obedience, instead of competency and leadership ability?'

Ex-Dang Wangi OCPD grilled for nearly six hours

vox populi small thumbnail Odin: Former Dang Wangi OCPD Mohamad Zulkarnain Abd Rahman, I put it to you that you have lied.

The police intentionally blocked possible escape routes for the Bersih 3.0 participants. What was that done for if not to trap them and bash them up?

The latest Suhakam findings as reported three days ago revealed that there were only two exits , a small lane leading to Citin Hotel, and the other one near Masjid India.

Also, your department has yet to produce lower-ranking police officers for questioning and instead sent the commanding officers of those men.

Jiminy Qrikert: Wah, nampaknya terjemahan Zulkarnain berdasarkan Bahasa PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) dan bukan Bahasa Malaysia/Bahasa Melayu .

"Tanpa ... dimaklumkan kepada pihak polis daerah Dang Wangi" boleh bererti "that means I was informed".

Looks like not only are Umno politicians half-past-six, this confirms our PDRM officers are also half-past-six. Ini contoh kualiti pendidikan Malaysia Boleh.

Apa Ini?: "I was there to ensure police brutality didn't occur", and you failed. Maybe you were not responsible for the no-name-tag police personnel, agent provocateurs, the tear gassing ... but that was your job too: to stop all that.

But what does that matter, you were just carrying out orders, no?

Sinner: The attorney-general must investigate if anyone had misled the court by saying that the Dang Wangi police were not been informed of Bersih 3.0. If that is so, the AG must throw the book at them.

Amoker: All these police who did work for BN got promoted so fast. He does not even know the law or even the concept of ‘diwartakan' (gazetted).

Mushiro: The police are just the bash boys and bouncers for Umno. Their objectives and motives is to ensure that Umno survives illegally forever. As a reward, Umno allows the police to be highly corrupted.

Borg Kinaulu: Does it not bother anyone that promotions with PDRM are based on obedience, instead of competency and leadership ability?

Residents cry foul over 'dry taps' ad shoot

Tholu: This whole drama (probably titled ‘Krisis Bekalan Air Di Negeri Selangor Akibat Ketidak Kecekapan Kerajaan Pakatan') - written, produced and directed by the enemies of Pakatan Rakyat only goes to show the extent they are prepared to go to discredit and tarnish the Selangor government.

They are going all out and taking desperate measures to recapture Selangor. The fact that the planned enactment and falsification of the actual water supply situation to deceive the people of Selangor is morally reprehensible does not the least bit embarrass them.

It can be done only by people who know they cannot recapture Selangor by fair and honest means. Would anyone by any chance know the people who could be behind this ‘Drama Minggu Ini'?

Voice: The advertisement producer, Cheong Wai Leng, said it was a ‘saving water' campaign. If what she said is true, then this campaign is commissioned by none other than the federal government itself.

The question is why we have to create such an advertisement now when we have sufficient water and there is frequent rain throughout the year.

Why we have a water crisis when we can able to sell water and even able to take care the water usage of millions of immigrant in this country, and with more to come?

Bystander: I am aghast with the rationale behind the filming - to confuse the people and make the Selangor government looks bad.

But the culprits underestimate the people's intellect to see through all this. This certainly is counter productive and make the BN lose more votes to Pakatan.

Iceman: Some of us who stay here actually warned the residents committee to refrain from granting permission to the production house to do the shooting but the committee claimed to have enough support from residents to go ahead.

So now they realise that they have been made fools of and taken for a ride by political masters using them like pawns on the chessboard.

Gotcha: My relatives live at Happy Mansion. They did not really know why the filming was done and took the RM50 for lining up and carrying the pails. Only later did they realise that it was meant to discredit the Selangor government.

The residents plan to take the producers of the film to court should it ever be screened when there is no truth of a water shortage.

Geronimo: Many would have read how the actors of ‘Innocence of Muslims' were led blindly to participate in that insensitive film.

From the comments made by the residents of Section 17, I guess Umno is using the same technique in recruiting unsuspecting people to act in this propaganda advertisement. How disgusting.

Armageddon: I will still vote for Pakatan even if I have to drink water from an oxidation pond. BN is too corrupted to let them run this country for another five years.

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