Politicisation of education hits new low

Modified 28 Sep 2012, 3:54 am

YOURSAY 'Such a childish SPM exam question. Surely there are less obvious ways to trick students into praising the government?'

Bersih question in SPM trial 'not a problem'

your say Anonymous #03913649: The SPM trial examination question for Moral Studies should be changed to this:

A) Adakah wajar kalau kerajaan BN menganggap perhimpunan oleh rakyat di haramkan walaupun mengikut undang undang Malaysia, rakyat diberi hak untuk berhimpun?

(Is it appropriate for the BN to assume a gathering for the rakyat as illegal even though the Malaysian law accords the rakyat the right to assemble?).

Jedi_Who: Maybe after the 13th general election (GE13) we can include in the Moral Studies syllabus, pictures of government ministers found to be corrupt in handcuffs being led away.

Armageddon: It is a fair question but the word haram (illegal) will automatically influence all students to take sides.

But instead of ‘Is it appropriate for a citizen to participate in an illegal assembly?', it should be, "Patutkah perhimpunan seperti Bersih di haramkan?" (Should assemblies like Bersih be banned?).

Whatsup: These are totally inappropriate questions and exactly what we don't want - the politicising of our education. Why not show photos of police thugs charging and beating up people instead?

We all know that Bersih 3.0 is seeking clean and fair elections, and what's wrong with that?

Brutalising the participants showed that the government has no intention for a clean and fair election - obvious now with all the phantom voters and gerrymandering, fully assisted by Election Commission (EC) itself.

In this test paper, in order to get marks, students were forced to concede it was "haram". How sick can the Education Ministry be?

It's haram to participate in an organisation that demand for clean and fair election? What a sad day for Malaysians.

Anonymous_40c3: That explains why our students are getting more stupid by the day. All parents should be aware of the decline in our education system and why this so.

Artchan: The students are not stupid. They will answer the questions in the manner expected to get marks. Only the Education Ministry is stupid for not seeing the stupidity of this type of questions.

Blind Freddo: And where is the outrage from the fine upstanding keepers of Malaysia's morals otherwise known as PAS?

This is a blatant example of using the education system to undermine the constitution and indoctrinate children.

But don't expect the opposition to say anything because they want to use the same techniques themselves.

Karma: They are like hungry rats. Going through all the cracks to get voters or insult those opposing BN.

They should ask if it is "wajar" (appropriate) to sell burgers , do butt dance outside houses or buy over-priced submarines or burn effigies of opposition leaders or whack unarmed and harmless civilians .

All the answers should be "tidak wajar " .

Headhunter: Such a childish question. Surely there are less obvious ways to trick students into praising the government?

No wonder our education is going to the dogs, especially when schools are run by psychopaths and half-baked educators.

Geronimo: Instead of educating our children preparing them to cope with their future, here we have these bozos brainwashing them.

The schools are now akin to the communist camps where people are sent for re-education to understand and accept communist ideologies.

Ferdtan: With all the immorality of the politicians especially from the ruling government, the moral subject should be dropped.

The time should be better spent on giving the non-Muslims students who have to take this subject more time for vernacular classes.

Actually I wanted to say more time for maths or science classes. We know it would be a definitely a no from the Education Department as the Muslims students, who had to go to their religious classes, would be left behind.

Aquinas Says: Can I propose a question for next year's papers?

Should we support a government that uses smear campaigns, racial and religious divisive tactics, bullies NGOs that seek to promote justice and equality, parade as being for the people when actually they are in there for themselves and to protect their corrupt practices?

We won't mention the ruling party's name.

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