Amangate - has Umno any credibility left?

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VOXPOP 'The latest episode has put the credibility of Umno in absolute tatters; they are facing scandal after scandal and showing no finesses in handling them.'

Amangate - will Najib clean up Nazri's mess?

Headhunter: I must say, the way the opposition is handling the case is quite brilliant. It's either a clever strategy or maybe luck was on their side. Some may call it divine intervention.

First, they exposed the RM40 million from Hong Kong destined for Sabah. Then de facto law minister Nazri Abdul Aziz came out with his six-shooter blazing like a drunk Wild Wild West cowboy in defence of Sabah CM Musa Aman and businessman Michael Chia.

And Pakatan Rakyat followed it up by exposing Nazri's son's link to Michael Chia. It looks like Nazri has shot himself in the foot.

Starr: The latest episode has put the credibility of Umno in absolute tatters; they are facing scandal after scandal and showing no finesses in handling them.

But then, this is only to be expected, given the corrupt culture that has permeated the party for decades.

The way Nazri defended his position in Parliament has done more damage to Umno than the actual Amangate, though that's no small matter. Umno is in absolute shambles.

Onyourtoes: After Nazri's statement in Parliament clearing Musa and Chia, a number of cybertroopers appeared in Malaysiakini instantaneously singing almost the same tune - that Musa and Chia were cleared of money laundering and corruption.

They said it in unison like parrots, as if it was planned earlier. It only increased my suspicion they have taken pains to execute a strategy to exonerate Musa and Chia from the mess.

And if Nazri is not responsible for whatever answers read out by him, then it is possible that the whole BN government is not responsible for the lies and deceit dished out by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), the attorney-general (AG) and other government departments and agencies.

Put it simply, now the AG, MACC, the police and other government agencies can choose whatever they wish to tell their ministers. The agencies can lie at will, the ministers can read them out at will, but ultimately no one is responsible. How low can we go in perversion?

Vasudevan: Hong Kong's graft busters Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) should make it clear if there was an arrest of Michael Chia or not.

Then whoever who made the claim to the contrary should resign. A royal commission of inquiry must be formed to investigate this RM40 million and other related matters.

We, the rakyat, deserve the truth. Enough of half-baked stories. We are tired of listening to lies and more lies. Every day more and more people are rejecting BN, which is good. However, justice must be served.

AngryBird: The police, MACC and AG always play deaf and dumb when it involves Umno-BN scavengers. However, if it is the opposition, the authorities will swarm down on them like vultures.

iKnock: PM Najib Razak cannot be silent on this matter of Musa-Chia and Nazri-Chia corruption scandal as time is not in the BN's favour. Silent means fear of admission, but all Malaysians know the deep-rooted corruption embedded in BN that any plain denial would not be believable.

Gone are the days that citizens are not well-informed of what is happening, especially the grafts and ills done and not reported by the BN-controlled main media. Surely, Kim Quek has stated correctly that Najib must clean up this mess done by Nazri or face the music at GE13.

Hornbill Will Soar: This article again demonstrates that there are plenty of good brains in Malaysia, just that unfortunately none of them are in the present government.

Nazri opens himself to attack as law minister

Bumiasli: How can a man who breaks and defies the law in every way be a law minister? Then again, does a law minister have the right to change the law to suit his wrongdoings?

It's time that a vote of no confidence be passed against this unruly man who makes a mockery of Malaysian law, which in turn makes our legal system stink.

AJ: Umno does not need credibility, reason or public accountability. Proof of this is the law minister. They are a law unto themselves, answerable to no one, least of all, the public.

Mushiro: It is shocking that Najib has not commented on Nazri's blunder. Most people expect Najib to lie low for while, ignore the heat and later make a statement that "Nazri was misquoted" or it was "Nazri's personal opinion".

Has Najib ever taken action against any of his scandalous ministers - even Shahrizat Abdul Jalil was given a face-saving solution?

Zar: It looks like Nazri has no responsibility as a minister. The most important thing is we Malaysians should not have this kind of minister, who is full of arrogance and has no patience when replying to the people.

Jstom: If Nazri's job is just a postman, then he should resign and join the postal services.

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