AES row not about speed, but about gov't cronies

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YOURSAY 'I thought the protest was about the way the AES system was dished out and the opaque revenue sharing of this system.'

Gov't agrees to review speed limits for AES

your say Onyourtoes: I think we are just a nation of nincompoops - they will just do anything and everything to get the Automated Enforcement System (AES) implemented.

Now it is to increase the speed limits so that not so many will be caught for speeding. What kind of nincompoop logic is this?

Indeed, 110kph is now too slow for most ‘super' Malaysian drivers. I think most of you have not experienced what it is like to be in an emergency situation when driving at more than 110kph.

To Pakatan Rakyat, I thought the protest was about the way the AES system was dished out and the opaque revenue sharing of this system. You better stay focussed instead of taking us to Holland.

Anonymous_4056: Lower down the speed limit and the two cronies companies will be rich overnight - all done in the name of safety and saving lives.

Anonymous #94851632: Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha said that this AES has been discussed and reviewed for 10 years including all the testing, but how come simple things like warning signs have not been discussed?

So, the whole exercise has simply been about how to suck the blood out of the people to benefit those cronies?

Of course, now they are hiding behind the ‘public road safety' slogan. Come on, we are not idiots like you, who have little intelligence. I strongly support safe driving, but the implementation just stinks.

Isana: RM800 million already invested by two crony companies, and you expect the authorities to put up signboards to warn cameras location? Dream on. The rakyat must pay because in 1Malaysia, ‘rakyat didahulukan'.

Kgen: Unfortunately, the profit motive in the AES system due to the participation of private companies will ensure that the public will never be given a fair deal.

They will be penalised if they go a few kilometres per hour above the speed limit, which may be unintentional due to inaccuracy of their speedometers.

AES cameras will be installed where the speed limit drops suddenly to catch unsuspecting drivers. They will also be installed where the speed limit is ridiculous and nobody follows. Penalties have been fixed at the maximum of RM300 to increase profits.

If you want a fair system which really prioritise reducing accidents, start by kicking out the private companies. You can't build a stable structure from rotting wood.

Fantastic4: What signboards? I have not seen a single AES signboard. Can we trust ATES Sdn Bhd and Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd to put up signboards to warn people about the AES cameras and risk motorists slowing down and not getting a cut from the ‘saman'?

Ben-ghazi: Yes, the speed limits are unrealistic all right. Compare the ‘undivided' federal road in Terengganu with the ‘divided' Plus Highway from Jitra to Bukit Kayu Hitam. Both have 90kph as the speed limit. How can they be equal?

The Plus highway in question can be given a 110kph limit, with the Terengganu road remaining at 90kph. Many people get stuck on the Bukit Kayu Hitam highway simply because the speed limit is too low for a divided highway.

Another the stretch of road going to Padang Besar from Changloon has 60kph as its speed limit after a stretch of 90kph. What is the rationale? It is in the middle of the sugarcane valley with no living soul in sight, nor any cattle being reared. It's so stupid.

In advanced countries, you have to drive at least 40mph (67kph) on expressways (and no upper speed limit) to prevent slow drivers hogging and clogging up the highway.

If you want to drive slow, use the old roads, since you are not in a hurry. Over here, we only have an upper limit of 110kph. Who drives at that speed? Even express buses and oil tankers have overtaken me on Plus highways!

Whatthefcuk: For roads with descending speed limits, say from 80 km/h to 60 km/h, they should not entrap drivers at such spots at all and should not conduct speed traps at such zones.

Furthermore, law-abiding drivers slowing down suddenly will cause vehicles behind them to brake suddenly, and this may cause accidents.

Justathougt: Speeding must be discouraged of course, but please have more speed limit signs.

Another major cause of accidents is tailgating, but the authorities seldom regard this as a problem.

I personally think this causes most of the accidents. Besides, it is plain bad manners to drive just a couple of feet from the car in front.

Nadja: Following ambulances, flashing headlights and tailgating to overtake when a car in front already drives at the maximum permitted speed is stupid and dangerous.

The laws for speeding, breaking traffic lights, crossing in and out of lanes, overtaking dangerously, etc, are all there but not really enforced.

The same goes for motorcycles, which seem to have their own private rules for swerving in between cars, endangering both themselves and others.

Anonymous_3ec6: They should put cameras at busy traffic junctions to catch drivers who beat the lights. That will save more lives.

Two Eye Ball: Oh yes, they will review the speed limits. Stretches with 60kph will be reduced to 40kph. Just you watch.

Just like when they abolished the ISA, they implemented another law that is worse than the ISA. They think they can fool the rakyat.

There is no point reviewing the speed limit. We want a new government, full stop.

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