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It takes 15 cops to probe a letter
Published:  Nov 9, 2012 2:48 AM
Updated: 4:15 AM

YOURSAY 'Fifteen cops to investigate a case is simply an overkill. And yet time and again, the police complain they are short-handed when it comes to fighting crime.'

15 cops visit Malaysiakini over reader's letter

your say Bernard Phillips: Fifteen police officers to investigate a Malaysiakini reader's comment which most people would find a non-issue is just mind boggling. And a magistrate who apparently found that the comment compelling enough to issue a search warrant!

What a crazy situation we have here, especially since so many other criminal and corrupt cases which really warrants investigation.

These 15 police officers should be reminded that they are public officers to serve the country and not the ruling party. This is absolutely disgusting misuse of public assets.

Odin: Steve Oh's letter precisely described the situation in Malaysia vis-a-vis religious bondage and the hypocrisy of those debased politicians and Islamic leaders.

Obviously, it has turned the imaginary stomach of the most debased of these people - imaginary, because he actually has got no gut.

The police are as usual so anxious to ingratiate themselves with the gutless, lying, corrupt leader that they have chosen to base their investigation on Section 298 of the Penal Code.

We do not have to be a lawyer to see that the provision of this section is irrelevant or inapplicable.

Geronimo: Malaysiakini is being investigated under Section 298 of the Penal Code which deals with the offence of "uttering words ... with deliberate intent to wound the religious feelings of any person".

My dear PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police), doesn't that statement apply to Utusan as well? I just can't understand why they needed 15 cops to obtain information from Malaysiakini . What are they afraid of?

My ‘taman' is badly in need of a security guard. The police could make themselves useful by volunteering to do guard service for us instead. We would be eternally grateful.

To date, my ‘taman' has already experienced four break-ins despite having a G&G (gated and guarded community) system. The raid on Malaysiakini's office is yet another form of resource mismanagement.

Karma: Wound the religious feelings of others? Okay, where were the 15 cops when Utusan Malaysia and pro-Umno blogger Big Dog lied about the Christian conspiracy in Penang, which later admitted to be false by the home minister?

Go investigate Nasharuddin Mat Isa of PAS since he uttered to the effect of hurting feelings of the Christians when he alleged without proof that there was another such conspiracy in Sarawak last month. Why the double standard?

Victor Johan: So, when are the police going to investigate Utusan based on their carelessly titled article 'Melayu perlu bebas pilih agama?' (Should Malays be free to choose religion?)?

The rakyat is waiting for the answer. Or do the police need concerned Malaysians to swarm to the police stations nationwide to lodge a report against Utusan first?

Malaysians Are Not Stupid: This is another example where the police have their priorities wrong.

Fifteen cops to investigate a case is simply an overkill. And yet time and again, the police complain they are short-handed when it comes to fighting crime.

No wonder, the crime rate in Malaysia is shooting for the sky or in the words of the hare-brain home minister, a figment of our own imagination.

Not Confused: This is the Umno-BN private police force at work again. Harassment and intimidation is rife once again. I cannot wait for the general election, so that we can see the end of this kind of ridiculous action by the PDRM and others.

It's time the PDRM realised that they are here to deal with crime, not harass organisations and individuals at the behest of the dying BN regime.

Mahashitla: How did I miss reading this letter . It is the whole truth of what has happened to Malaysia under BN's rule. There is no way for the PDRM or the government to say that it is seditious.

PDRM, if you think that the letter is seditious, then all the political editors in Utusan should now be behind bars for good. The truth hurts.

Kosongcafe: What a waste of police time and manpower. Steve Oh's letter was published in full in Malaysiakini , what else do they want? Was it an excuse to find something else or just a show of force to intimidate the management and staff of Malaysiakini ?

Oh was not hiding behind a pen-name. Even Malaysiakini commentators need to be subscribers first, so letter writers should be easy to check out.

The strange thing is that by going after writers or commentators, it serves to highlight their articles or comments, which would otherwise be ignored by the majority of people.

Ubah Lan...Bila Lagi: Frankly, Malaysians are cowards. That's why the authorities are trampling all over us. The more we recede, the more they will advance. Are we ready to put a stop to all these atrocities?

Every known regime eventually surrendered to the power of the people. Are we ready to topple this evil regime once and for all?

Jean Pierre: When they get to scrutinising the comments in Malaysiakini , they will dispatch 30 police officers. But we are not in any way intimidated.

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