Our religious feelings, too, wounded by the two Alis

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YOURSAY 'Why didn't the police use Section 298 of Penal Code to deal with Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali and Jati leader Hasan Ali?'

Cops revisit Malaysiakini, leave with writer's email

your say Not Confused: The Section 298 of the Penal Code states: "Uttering words ... with deliberate intent to wound the religious feelings of any person".

I am daily offended and my feelings have been wounded on many occasions when I read statements made by government ministers, members of NGOs and articles in Utusan Malaysia .

When are the police going to visit those involved in making those statements and harassing them to the same extent?

Magnus: Phew, good to know those workstations in Malaysiakini are safe for now. Well at least until that next raid on that next reader's letter premised, no doubt, on facts or on truth once again.

Anyway, on Section 298 of Penal Code, can someone please define precisely what is meant by a "religious feeling" and how one can know for sure when one is having such a feeling or when such a feeling one is or may be having is in fact "wounded" and to what degree of exact "woundedness"?

And how do you prove or disprove that someone has in fact had that particular Section 298 "religious feeling" and also has in fact, had that feeling "wounded" so that you can prove that is in fact true and that s/he is not simply putting on an act and pulling your leg when they decide they don't want to hear anything that they don't want to, like inconvenient truths for instance, which they may consider to be a bit of a drag?

iK.ow: Why didn't the police use Section 298 of Penal Code to deal with Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali and Jati leader Hasan Ali, whose statements have had so often hurt the feelings of other religious groups?

Clearwater: Second site visit lasting 30 minutes, seven cops altogether, fresh search warrant and they left with one email address.

That just about sums up PDRM's penchant for political correctness and the public's frustration with police ineffectiveness in combating crime.

Geronimo: Utusan has been"uttering words ... with deliberate intent to wound the religious feelings of any person", namely the Chinese, Christians and the Hindus, and the police are keeping silent on such perverted acts.

The magistrate should have told the police, "Awak semua tiada kerja lain, ka?" Quite frankly, the force is a disgrace.

DontPlayGod: Sometimes I wonder if the police officers know what they are there at Malaysiakini for. If they really don't know, then it shows they are there on the orders of you-know-who.

Victor Johan: Wait a second. Are these frequent nonsensical actions by PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) carried out upon instructions of some higher-ups who are determined to get the rakyat real upset and make certain that Umno-BN loses badly in the coming general election? I think so.

Changeagent: Why stop at just taking Steve Oh's email address? Ask him to add the investigating officers as his Facebook friends as well.

Nurul lodges report with Jais against Utusan

Pemerhati: Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar is reported to have said, "There is no compulsion in religion, even Dr (Ahmad) Farouk (Musa) quoted that verse in the Quran.... how can anyone really say, 'Sorry, this only apply to non-Malays.' It has to apply equally."

Even the Malaysian constitution backs what she says. But some people from the highly corrupt Umno and their mouthpieces like Utusan have twisted and turned her statements in an attempt to discredit her and the opposition.

The BN has been indulging in this type of tactic of distorting and spinning what the opposition says frequently.

The fact that Utusan has lost a number of court cases for telling lies goes to show that the lying is so blatant that even the kangaroo courts are unable to exonerate Utusan .

So nowadays whenever one hears any BN person or Utusan saying anything negative about Pakatan Rakyat, the first thought that goes through one's mind is that this must be another one of BN lies.

Versey: YB Nurul, all decent, right-minded Malaysians are with you. Yes, truth always prevail. Have faith and God be with you.

Karma: Fifteen cops should visit Utusan's office to seek for the reporters who made the reports that told lies about Nurul and also the Christian conspiracy in Penang.

Both reports have wounded the feelings of others on the practice of their religions. This is against the Sedition Act. The Utusan chief also admitted to spin news. This should be checked too.

Retnam: This is a test of fire for Nurul. If she can turn the tables and come out the better, then she is truly PM material. Do it, Nurul. You can and you must.

Snoopyjnr: When Pakatan comes into power, one of the first actions is to remove the special protection afforded to Utusan . It should not go so far as to shut it down as in a democracy even idiots can can their say.

However, Utusan are not idiots but agents of Umno to sow disinformation and defame people they do not agree with.

Haveagreatday: Yes, if there's clear evidence of that racist and extremist publication twisting the truth, Nurul must do all that's in her power to catch it with its pants down.

Yet if my memory does not fail me that body she's complaining to has been known to do much of the same thing itself.

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