Why the transfer when PM vows to scrap condo?

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YOURSAY 'Najib promises to scrape the condo project if BN wins the coming GE, but then the BN administration transfers out the MPS head.'

Condo row - MPS head transferred, foul play claimed

your say Mr KJ John: Selangor, make this a breakpoint; do not allow any more officers from Putrajaya and appoint instead good and retired public servants as mayors.

Make the serving officers more professional and build local government officers at the COO (chief operation officer) level.

Selangor is the only state that can pull this off because of the wealth of human resources and knowledge in the Klang Valley. I can help Selangor frame this solution if the MB is serious and wants to know how.

Anonymous_3e86: PM Najib Razak promises to scrap the condominium project in Batu Caves if Selangor BN wins the coming election, but then the BN administration transfers out the Selayang Municipality Council (MPS) head.

Doesn't this show BN's insincerity in wanting to scrap the project? BN is only good for making promises and nothing more.

Dr Tan Kee Kwong: I know MPS president Zainal Abidin A'ala from his previous post as district officer in Hulu Langat. He is a very hard working senior officer and very professional in all his dealings.

Keep up the good work, Dato. The stupid BN government does not appreciate good values.

Ferdtan: It is a pity that PTD (diplomatic officers and civil servants) are treated like a football, kicked around by their heads at their whims and fancy, obviously with the instructions from their federal government political master.

Where are the unions that are supposed to protect them? We know that presidents of municipal councils who are top personnel don't belong to unions but it is the principle that counts.

We hear that some of the unionised civil servants had been harassed in the similar manner in the past. However, since they are not in important positions, they don't make news.

Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs), where are you? Are the committee members so chummy with the government ministers that they have forgotten to raise such issues?

Cuepacs president Omar Osman, any comment?

Hum the Naz: This is political interference in the civil service. The problem lies with the chief secretary of the government.

This post has been filled by Umno loyal subjects who no longer appreciate the separation of power between the policy maker and implementer.

Unless we fixed the problem by granting absolute independence, this problem will continue irrespective which political party is in power.

Odin: It is all too clear that Umno does not want honest, hardworking, intelligent Malays. It only wants - and handsomely rewards - corrupt, lazy, laggard, servile, moronic Malays.

AkuMiskin: This is a total disgrace to all the civil servants. Look at how the BN government is treating the civil servants, especially those who are serving this nation to the best of their ability. The civil servants should be given respect and not to be treated like this and be politically victimised.

Cuepacs, what is your stand on this matter? Do you allow the civil servants to be transferred just like this without any reason?

YK Chua: Zainal Abidin is just a loyal civil servant who carries out his duty in a dignified and professional way. Unfortunately, there are some small-minded creatures among the federal leadership who do not know the meaning of professionalism.

Gods Messenger: All government servants should take this as an example of how BN is treating the real and genuine kakitangan (staff) who work with dignity for their salary and who are not a ‘yes man' to all their wrongdoings.

So please, kindly think wisely before you vote comes GE13. You have the right as a citizen to say no to such gutter politics and bad administration.

We deserve a better government which will make this country a better place for all citizens who call themselves Malaysians.

OMG!!: This political power play on the civil service, irrespective by which side of the political divide, must be condemned unreservedly. It is totally unacceptable.

Gerard Lourdesamy: This is Najib's political and economic transformation for you. Umno-BN will never respect democracy and the will of the people.

They will never allow a two-party system to take hold in this country and they will always want to maintain control over the rulers, the judiciary, the civil service, the police and the armed forces and key institutions such as the Election Commission (EC), Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the press to remain in power forever.

For Umno-BN, Malaysia is their personal fiefdom to be pillaged and plundered for self-interest, greed, avarice and immorality. They are power crazed and despotic. A regime pretending to be a democracy while abusing and controlling every aspect of our lives to ensure fear.

Fifty-five years is more than enough. Is is time to restore freedom and democracy in our country. Politicians should be reminded that they are servants and not masters of the people.

We are sick and tired of the lies, the corruption, the wastage and the extravagance. We have been patient long enough.

Rolling Thunder: In 2007, before the political tsunami, the insensitive BN state government approved the 29-storey condo project next to the Batu Caves temple.

And now, Najib, backed by his MIC stooges and bootlickers like S Samy Velu and G Palanivel, has promised to scrap the project if the Indians vote for the BN.

This is holding the Indian community ransom for BN's own insensitive mistake. Such cunning, fictitious "trade-off" won't work anymore. The Indians are hopefully no more gullible and stupid unless they have been taken in again and be damned forever.

Anonymous #19098644: It is time Selangor amends its constitution to set up a state controlled public services commission like Kelantan so that the federal government will not act in an arbitrary manner as has been shown on numerous occasions.

They are punishing professional civil servants who do not bow to the decadent BN.

Anticommunalist: Today Zainal Abidin is transferred from Selayang to Putrajaya, tomorrow we transfer Najib from Putrajaya to the opposition bench.

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