If I were home minister, I'd have taken responsibility

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VOXPOP 'I would have resigned to save face for my cousin, the prime minister, when he has to meet the other heads of state at the Asean Summit.'

Jakarta NGO deplores M'sia's lack of sensitivity

vox populi small thumbnail Giudice: Sorry folks, PM Najib Razak is busy trying to figure out how to save his own skin.

Tell you what, why doesn't Indonesian NGO Migrant Care urge all the Indonesians in Malaysia who somehow have MyKads, to register to vote and vote Najib and his BN buddies out of office?

And then maybe the process of giving justice to not just the rape victim but so many others wronged by the BN government directly and indirectly, can begin.

WiseManSays: I would have resigned to save face for my cousin, the prime minister, when he meets the other heads of state at the Asean Summit in Cambodia.

Otherwise, what is the PM going to say? "Our system is like that?"

Gods Messenger: The call by Migrant Care is sufficient for the home minister to step down. He has failed in his duties to enforce discipline in the police force.

There have been previous calls from our own NGOs and political parties about the many reported cases of death and torture under police custody but Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has failed to rectify the matter.

Queenie: The three police officers brought shame to their religion, the country, their families and their race.

If they are guilty as charged - and given our ‘justice' system, one can never be too sure about this - they should serve a long jail term and given the rotan.

How could rape happen in a police station?

Mr KJ John: Any power-based system becomes corrupt over time. Then there is a culture of ‘power-full' people, who are above the law, and become a law unto themselves.

My question is why the Agong does not ask the police to remove the word "royal" from the police force?

They are a shame to all royalty, because they are called Royal Malaysian Police but their actions are not very regal.

GXFC: This is not the only case that happened in the police station. There were cases where the victims went to lodge reports at the police station and the officers there didn't want to accept them.

The country is burning and the rakyat are crying. The only way is to change the government and hope that Pakatan Rakyat can help us.

Disgusted: All this will be forgotten by the rakyat when elections are called and Najib dishes out another round of RM500 ‘bribe' and a slew of rose-coloured promises.

Malaysian have very short memories and high tolerance for suffering BN's anarchic rule.

Anwar: It's raining cash, but BN ouster is certain

LittleGiant: Pakatan leaders should not become over-confident with the huge crowds they see at their rallies. They must not forget that they are still the underdogs and have tremendous amount of hard work to do.

More important than attracting the crowds is for the Pakatan leaders to stay united and stand on high ground of solid principles and work tirelessly to convince the people that they can provide the new leadership that this country badly needs.

A new leadership that will provide the country with a people-centric government that truly believes in zero corruption, a highly efficient civil service with 100 percent transparency, respect for civil societies irrespective of their political leanings and, most of important of all, a new leadership that can effectively keep race and religion away from political and government issues.

Two Eye Ball: I just convince my mom, who was a staunch supporter of BN in the past, to vote for change.

I told her how corrupted the BN government is and she now knows which party to vote for. Likewise, we all need to educate those back in our home town, who depend on our government-controlled media for information.

Rick Teo: Every Malaysian who love this country must throw out this corrupt government. If not, we are doomed because another five years will see this country bankrupt. Then we have to send our children to Indonesia to be maids.

RA 1: If PAS-led Pakatan wins, hudud will be imposed in Malaysia. DAP leader Lim Kit Siang will have a choice - pay a nominally higher income tax or leave the country.

Giudice: I was wondering when the BN apologists will raise the hudud bogey. True to form, RA1 never fails to disappoint.

Saddened: The red-shirt volunteers (PAS Unit Amal) who are tasked to handle the crowd should be commended and rewarded for their wonderful job during Bersih 3.0, anti-Lynas and all the other gatherings.

Field at least one in GE13 to show Malaysians that their contribution is appreciated and not left unnoticed. They shielded us during Bersih 3.0. Many thanks to you gallant people.

Blind Freddo: Remember that both racism and corruption are an integral part of Malaysian society. A new face in Putrajaya won't change that.

The changes you all want have to come from yourselves.

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