Some reps can't think of anything but sex

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YOURSAY 'If it isn't corrupt practices, deception and blatant lies, sex, intimate parts of a woman's person including, of course, female sexual organs is all that they can think of.'

Umno rep hurls sexist taunt at Eli Wong

your say LittleGiant: Batang Kali assemblyperson Mohd Isa Abu Kasim should be ashamed to face his parents, his wife, his children, his siblings, his relatives, especially female relatives and, most importantly, all the female members of his constituency.

But being an Umno-BN representative, would he really feel shameful for making such a degrading remark? I don't think so.

RAW: Such a remark should be condemned by all sensible assembly men and women, irrespective of their political parties.

What that ill-mannered Batang Kali assemblyperson fails to realise is that he is not elected to sit in the assembly to look after the well-being of his political party nor is he elected to throw cheap shots at assembly members from other parties.

Failing to understand what his duty is, he should be voted out in the next election.

Starr: Not only Mohd Isa doesn't respect Eli as a woman as well as the august house, he doesn't respect himself and the office he holds.

Such a rogue character should not have been selected to represent Umno-BN, his misdemeanour only serves to degrade himself, his family and the party he represents.

Only a rogue party would select a rogue character like Mohd Isa to represent the party.

Onyourtoes: You remember that ‘bocor' MP? Today he used the ‘f' word because he said someone has used the word on him first. See his moronic logic. Apparently as a MP, it does not mean a thing.

Even in football, if you retaliate, you too will be kicked out. But this ‘bocor' MP thinks he can say whatever he likes.

And today we have this moron talking about forest. I think woman leaders must organise a national movement to knock out all these "hamsap" idiots once for all.

It is precisely because we have leaders of such calibre and attitude that is sending all the stupid messages to the masses - judges presiding rape cases considering the future of rapists more important than the victims, policemen raping women under their custody, fathers, stepfathers, and boyfriends of mothers raping underage daughters.

When are we going to stop all these nonsense?

Bystander: This is another testimonial of the quality of Umno-BN representatives, be they assemblymen or parliamentarians. Vulgarity and sexist are their trademarks.

As a Malaysian, I am very embarrassed indeed. I appeal to all Malaysian women to voice their displeasure over such remark from this foul-mouth creature who has no respect for them.

I don't believe it is also the true culture of the Malays to belittle women? Mohd Isa owes all women an apology for such a sexist remark and please, demand that he do.

Gerrard: BN will never get back Selangor with this bunch of brainless representatives. Credit to exco member Elizabeth Wong for staying calm. Well done.

Gerard Lourdesamy: This is the kind of crudeness to expect from Umno politicians who pretend to be "good" Muslims.

Why not ask their own mothers, sisters and daughters about their own "hutan"? These cretins are the cheapest that money can buy with the lowest standards of morality.

The vast majority of them, apart from being imbued with corruption, are womanisers and fornicators.

Louis: Mohd Isa, there are only two words to describe you - no class. We put you in the legislature to constructively discuss issues and not to hurl sexist remarks at others.

You need not do it in the state assembly as this can be done by any fool on the street. You are indeed wasting our money for doing such despicable thing.

Oilman: Mohd Isa has attracted lots of comments for his sexist statement, but more so on his looks (come to think of it, he does look neantherthaloid ).

I would like to comment more on Elizabeth Wong's response to the deforestation charges, and my concern that The Star has been front-paging articles that made Pakatan-controlled states look bad.

Most times, these articles were proven to be incorrect later. To me, this is bad for The Star's credibility, and they should be careful not to stoop to Utusan 's level. I am still a subscriber but I am now skipping most of their articles.

Dr Suresh Kumar: Just imagine what kind of a role model will this Umno sexist would be to his own daughter?

Yes, these uncultured 'leaders' are beyond redemption and even a tongue or brain transplant will not be able to repair them. God save Malaysia.

Lim Chong Leong: Assembly speaker Teng Chang Kim will do the needful. Umno is really out of ideas. They have stooped too low.

Odin: If it isn't corrupt practices, deception and blatant lies, sex, intimate parts of a woman's person including, of course, female sexual organs is all that Umno politicians can think of. They are the absolute pits.

Durio Zibethinus: What this guy needs is a mouthwash. Maybe he needs caustic soda. That's Umno for you.

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