Single mums, time to change the handout culture

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VOXPOP ‘These ‘single mothers' should now ask for money from Najib Razak, our male women's minister.'

Single mums rally against Selangor gov't over allowance

vox populi small thumbnail The Mask: The banners at the single mothers' protest must have cost them a fortune. As you don't have an association and as all of you are obviously poor, who paid for the banners?

And how much were you paid for putting up the show? By the way, how come you have a man conducting your yelling and screaming?

Hang Tuah PJ: Come off it, these women did not complain for the last four years, why now when the general election is near.

And we can see the butt-shaking instigator Malay Army Veterans Association (PVTM) president Mohd Ali Baharom, who is more commonly known as Ali Tinju, at the protest. This is a joke.

If there is a will, there is a way. It is all about hard work, repeat 'hard work', and having some dignity and a strong belief in God that if you help yourself, God will help you.

Anonymous #02382443: That is the problem with Malaysian culture - the handout culture. It's high time we get to change this attitude.

My mother, back in the 1950s, brought up nine of us while working as a construction worker at $3 a day (dollar back then). She always maintained that we must have dignity.

Lin: I want to say that this is a lie, probably provoked by BN again. The Selangor state government did keep their promise.

My relatives and family did get their allowance of RM100, with pictures on Facebook as proof. We just need to be patient, the RM100 allowance claim will come gradually.

Davis: Do you see any Chinese or Indian single mothers in the two photographs? Maybe MCA and MIC have been giving RM100 to the Chinese and Indian single mothers.

Mahashitla: The Selangor women's affairs exco member Rodziah Ismail promised to meet the group's leader next week to discuss the matter.

Please also arrange for a bus together with some banners for these women to go to Putrajaya and protest against the federal government for their broken promise to build the RM300 million Klang bridge.

BlueApple: Perhaps the promise was made based on winning the Parliament and forming the federal government. These "single mothers" should now ask for the money from Najib Razak, our male women's minister.

'Nazri, cooperate with India on Maxis-Aircel probe'

Onyourtoes: The lack of results could be due to lack of cooperation by the Malaysian authorities. But I also have an inkling that foreign anti-corruption agencies are not exactly saints, too.

When their position is compromised, the convenient reason to provide is lack of cooperation or lack of information on the part of Malaysian authorities.

The Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) of India should disclose which powerful and rich Malaysian individual was stalling the investigation into the Maxis controversy.

Similarly Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) should make a judgment based on its own investigation rather than solely relying on what the Malaysian authorities have told them about the intended purpose of that RM40 million hot money.

Queenie: I like general elections. All the scum floats to the surface just before they take place. They involve large sums of money which boggles the mind. No prize for guessing who this economically and politically powerful Malaysian is.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Well said, Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo. Why are we protecting this enormously wealthy and well-connected businessman who resides in the United Kingdom permanently, if the CBI has prima facie evidence to have him investigated for corruption offences in India?

Both countries have signed the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Agreement and India is a friendly state.

The fact that the obfuscation by the Malaysia government has been reported by the CBI to the Supreme Court of India is a shame on all Malaysians and proves that for the Umno-BN regime, its cronies are above the law.

Mahashitla: India wants to know how much Anandan Krishnan (AK) actually owns in Maxis but the Malaysian authorities refuse to reveal the information. There may be other more important facts which India wants to find out which we, the rakyat, are also curious about.

AK is known as a billionaire owning several large companies such as Astro, TanjongPLC, Maxis, BumiArmada, etc. Is AK the billionaire that the media set him up to be or is he just a frontman serving Umno's interests?

I do follow AK's companies and found that he could privatise and list his companies without much obstacles, despite the fact that he is not a bumiputera. Only a Pakatan Rakyat government can reveal the truth.

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