PAS cannot have its cake and eat it too

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YOURSAY 'Although, Kelantan is 95 percent Malay/Muslim, PAS has an obligation to protect minority rights as required under the Quran.'

MCA cries foul over Kota Baru unisex salon permits

your say Borg Kinaulu: Umno and its lackey MCA must be so worried now that the Chinese are even willing to take the hudud poison pill just to get rid of the cancer called Umno.

It's called chemotherapy. It's nasty, but necessary when it's a matter of life or death for the nation.

Gerard Lourdesamy: PAS needs to clarify this by-law. If the intention was to preserve public morality then it is too widely drafted so as to impinge on the rights of non-Muslims as they are not prohibited from mixing freely with the opposite sex.

If the concern is salons being used as fronts for prostitution and other immoral activities, then the local authorities and police should carry out enforcement action regularly to prevent such activities.

But to impose a blanket ban on non-Muslims is a serious infringement of their rights under the constitution and does not bode well for PAS' assertions that Islamic laws will not apply to non-Muslims.

Although, Kelantan is 95 percent Malay/Muslim, PAS has an obligation to protect minority rights as required under the Quran.

One Hand Cover the Sky: Non-Muslims fundamental rights should be defended at all costs. We cannot allow those PAS' religious bigots to apply such draconian laws which is meant for Muslims on non-Muslims.

It is just like we cannot forced the Hindus to consume beef and the Muslims to consume pork.

PAS should show some respects to people from different religions and create an atmosphere of religious tolerance in a multiracial and multireligious society in this country.

Bystander: If the Kelantan municipal councillors wanted to resolve the morality issue of possible vices involving unisex hair saloons, then compound them according to the offences committed.

Certainly (just like the Chinese proverb says) they "don't have to chop off the toes to avoid the leeches" by not issuing licences for unisex saloon and forbidding the serving of opposite sex in the industry.

Arrest Muslims who patronise the unisex saloons instead. Unisex salons must display a notice that it is illegal for Muslims to be served or that its establishment is strictly for non-Muslims only.

Ironically, in many male toilets in shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur, I have encountered female toilet cleaners inside. In Australia, we can actually sue the malls for invasion of privacy or outraging our modesty.

Mr KJ John: Hello MCA, please do not talk too much; just act. Please take the matter to court and ask the civil courts to review if the local government has extended the limits of hudud legislation. I am not even a lawyer, and I know this.

Anonymous_40bb: I think the complaints about the vice in the salon trade may be true because it is not easy to get a massage parlour licence in Kelantan. So, for those who wish to be a little naughty, they go to some dingy hair salon.

Since some Muslims know about this and have complained, it is definitely un-Islamic to allow such vice to continue, especially if Muslim men also patronise such salons.

In Kuala Lumpur, I see gambling Internet centres, prostitution massage parlours, gangsterism (Gangs 18, 21, 24 and so on, Baris Tiga), high crime, mat rempits and so on. And what is MCA or the BN regime doing about all that?

Nil: Hudud and Islamic laws are not the problem, it is their implementation and enforcement which are abused by overzealous officers who act unilaterally without following official directions.

Chee Hoe Siew: Seriously, if PAS really thinking of going mainstream, it has to reconsider its policies.

They cannot say non-Muslim will not be affected when it is in the unisex salon case. The explanation that unisex salons are more prone to vice activities is really lame and PAS is really outdated in this aspect.

Madcow: It's real fun to see MCA having an orgasm for the past few days over this issue. It is as if this issue will scare off the non-Muslim voters who are disillusioned and have lost faith in MCA.

It is the corruption and mismanagement of BN and the kowtowing of MCA to Umno that's the real issue that has pissed off the community so much so that each and every one of them is waiting impatiently for GE13 to have their say.

We have to take things one step at a time. Fifty-five years of BN is enough. Let us get rid of the devil first. We will really regret it if we don't get rid of the devil who has been stealing and plundering this country.

There is no way PAS alone can implement hudud at its whims and fancies across this beloved nation of ours. Our main priority is to get rid of BN.

Hero325: PAS is a party feeding on human votes to serve the purpose of God. The non-Muslims must be very clear on this, otherwise do not regret later on.

Rakyatnakkebenaran: I am Chinese, but I will vote PAS regardless. There is no choice, enough is enough. ABU (Anything but Umno, but MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP...).

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