Carpetbaggers are coming out of the woodwork

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YOURSAY 'There should be a rebuttal from the PM, otherwise what is stated by Deepak must be taken as true.'

Deepak says he paid Najib's family for land deal

your say Pemerhati: It looks like Deepak Jaikishan, just like Altantuya Shaariibuu, did not get what was promised to him by PM Najib Razak and his wife, Rosmah Mansor.

So like Altantuya he is trying various strategies, such as threatening to tell the whole truth behind private eye P Balasubramaniam's second affidavit, to frighten Najib and Rosmah into keeping their promise.

But even as deputy prime minister, Najib and his friend Abdul Razak Baginda did not bow to Altantuya's demands and instead blew her to pieces with C4 plastic explosives.

After the murder, the enforcement agencies went all out to protect Najib and conducted a farcical trial, acquitting Razak Baginda.

Now Najib is the prime minister and has almost dictatorial powers, it is very unlikely that Deepak's tactics of trying to frighten Najib into keeping his promise will work.

In fact, it is Deepak who should be frightened.

Queenie: There should be a rebuttal from the PM, otherwise what is stated by Deepak must be taken as true.

Najib, the GE is just around the corner and you just have to come out with something fast to counteract this allegation otherwise your rivals within Umno will have something to shake you down.

How do you think Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil got pushed off her perch?

Changeagent: Whatever Deepak's hidden agenda is, clearly it is in his own best interests to have his "revelations" out in the open.

Malaysiakini shouldn't give him anymore coverage until he is prepared to be less evasive or vague with his answers.

As it is now, he is making a lot white noise against Najib without actually furnishing any specific details.

The questions that he must answer are how much money did he pay, which member of Najib's family did he pay, was it a bribe or political donation, and most importantly, why is he revealing all this now?

Let's not play along with his charades or give him the time of day unless he is prepared to come fully clean.

Ferdtan: Deepak still obviously has not received any call from Najib. He is still coming out with more venom against his former patron. We hope more will come out from him.

The timing of Deepak's allegations is uncanny when Umno is having its annual general assembly.

His exposure on the Umno's president would make good fodder for the gossips and discussions among the party delegates.

Will there be fireworks among Najib's detractors in Umno? Is there a powerful hidden hand behind the conspiracy by way of Deepak's volunteered interviews to Malaysiakini ?

Is there an unseen ‘coup-d'etat' forcing the president of Umno to abdicate his power to his party rivals?

Have we forgotten how the ex-PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was so helpless when he tried to implement his IPCMC ( Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission) and judicial reforms?

Will Najib be another hapless Pak Lah?

Quigonbond: Deepak got a raw deal with Najib clan. He's also likely to have been bought over by DPM Muhyiddin Yassin gang - otherwise, he won't have the guts to regale the readers with one episode of interview after another without having to worry that after the first interview is published, he would somewhat be forced to retract, etc, especially in the middle of the Umno general assembly.

Anonymous #12566075: This is a dog-eat-dog business world involving BN politicians.

What matters most is money. Cheating one another is the norm depending who has more political power and influence.

The nation is currently under the control of these dirty people. Can we trust them?

Malaysians have to think carefully whether they still want BN to rule the country. What future do we have if they continue to rule and rob the wealth of this nation?

Lim Chong Leong: In Umno dictionary, bribe is called "heavy contribution", just like corruption is called "money politics" and "commission" or "service contract" depending on the context.

Anonymous_3e21: As we approaches GE13, one by one of Umno dirty linens are being wash in public and as usual Najib remain silence.

The mainstream media in the meantime keeps glorifying Najib as the people's champion. Say what you want, I think Najib is single-handedly dragging Umno down the drain.

Nicholas Lim: The question is why are Musa and Deepak going after Najib and Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein at such a sensitive time (pre-election).

What are they playing at? Whose interests are they representing? I find it hard to believe this is for the public interest.

Unspin: In the recent movie ‘Skyfall', Raoul Silva the villain told James Bond a story of caged rats being deprived of food and after a period of time, the rats started feeding on each other due to extreme hunger.

To a certain extent, we are witnessing something similar to hungry caged rats in this reality movie starring Deepak Jaikishan.

Ez24get: MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission), what are you waiting for? A signed declaration from Najib or Rosmah that they received the bribe?

Will it be the same treatment like private eye P Balasubramaniam where cheques, property grant, signed declaration of the recipient that he received bribe were not evidence enough?

Maybe the sum is too big than the jpeg invoice of RM2,400 which Teoh Beng Hock kept in his notebook?

Paul Warren: Who in Umno is stronger than Najib that Deepak is brave enough to implicate Najib and inconvenience him at this time - the Umno general assembly?

That someone obviously is giving Deepak the confidence that he can go against Najib. Who in Umno wants Najib out desperately? One Tun maybe?

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