Deepak should spill all the beans

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YOURSAY 'You are now been forced to quit as director from all your companies. The message from your one-time boss is very clear to you - the fight is on.'

Deepak ousted after revolt over his media interviews

your say Ferdtan: Carpet mogul Deepak Jaikishan, this is the answer that you hope not to get. Instead, you got busted.

You are now been forced to quit as director from all your companies. The message from your one-time boss is very clear to you - the fight is on.

There is no turning back. So please do Malaysians a favour - expose all and don't hold back your punches.

Do it quickly as you should expect a midnight knocking on your door anytime now, and you may disappear.

After you have gone through all these horrendous experience and we, the rakyat, got our pound of flesh from the guilty ones, we may find in our heart to forgive you for your past follies.

Now do you understand what private eye P Balasubramaniam is feeling as a fugitive?

Apa Ini: Deepak, give yourself plenty of time to live in regret. But some good comes out of any crisis. Try telling the truth without thought of personal gain. And make sure you stay alive to tell it all.

Changeagent: This fallout, if un-arrested, will have very damaging consequences to PM Najib Razak's reputation. But fear not, Najib, the solution is very simple.

Pick up the phone and call your old friend Deepak. Say all is forgiven, and reinstate him back to the projects he was promised.

Then get him to call another press conference to say that Anwar Ibrahim, George Soros, the Christians and Jews had combined forces to make him lie in the previous interviews, and he was under severe duress at the time.

Tell him to add that Najib is innocent of any allegations or insinuations relating to Altantuya Shaariibuu, and that he is by far, the best 1Malaysia PM Malaysia could ever have.

Just follow this script and all will be well.

Headhunter: Again this goes to show Najib and his wife have their fingers in every pie.

Even in Sarawak, the rumour circling around is that many federal projects are linked to Rosmah Mansor via payment of huge commission.

Due to their greed, they are falling into the holes they themselves dug.

Anon: Deepak, now the gravy train is not coming your way, it is time to mend your ways and repent. Time to atone and come clean by revealing the truth in all your sleazy dealings.

Odin: According to Deepak, he suffered an indefinite postponement of a 20-year concession agreement for overseas Mara hostels worth RM2 billion?

Who are those hostels meant for? Where are they?

Multi Racial: It looks like such deal are common under BN administration. Something very wrong is happening under BN government.

One after another ‘carpetbagger' is coming out. The rakyat can judge for themselves.

Green Mutant: Deepak, money is not the most important thing in the world once your basic needs have been met. I guess you realised this now.

After reading this, I feel sorry for you.

Anonymous_40a7: "The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is." - Winston Churchill.

Zahid to respond to Deepak's allegations tomorrow

Anonymous #32993250: Deepak's allegations are against the PM and it should be addressed by him alone.

The PM should clear his name in the face of the allegations by Bala, and reinforced by Deepak this week in the alternative media.

However, the Umno general assembly is not the place to discuss Najib's personal affairs.

Tholu: I agree with Anonymous #32993250 that the Umno general assembly is not the forum to respond to Deepak's allegations. It is a government scandal, not an Umno scandal.

As such, an explanation must be given by the PM - not the defence minister - to the citizenry and not just to Umno members.

However, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's choice to explain it at the Umno general assembly only goes to show that Umno alone is in charge of the government and its coalition partners are powerless and irrelevant appendages.

Mushiro: Even before Bala's first SD (statutory declaration), many people were already under the impression that Najib and Rosmah were involved in the Altantuya case.

Bala's first SD reinforced many people's belief. Bala's second SD, though an immediate retraction, nevertheless made even more people believed that Najib was guilty.

Now that Deepak, a former close friend of Rosmah and Najib, has come out with the same accusations as Bala, the Altantuya story is sealed in the people's mind. Najib's link in the Altantuya scandal cannot be erased.

Queenie: All you guys need to remember is that Zahid once said he was prepared to lay down his life for the PM. Makes the hair on the nape of my neck stand up.

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