Mohd Ali and his butt wrigglers a disgrace to nation

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YOURSAY Truly, what kind of people do we have in our armed forces? If we have ‘elder brothers' like these, we don't need enemies.

'Butt dancers' now gunning for Anwar

your say Disbeliever: Here is a man who is a shame to the Malaysian armed forces. His brain has exchanged places with his butt.

Chuath: If this is the kind of people we recruit for our armed forces, we can forget about buying submarines, etc/. Don't waste our money on hardware when the people we recruit for the defence of the country are nincompoops.

What are the entry requirements for the armed forces? We should give them an IQ test as part of the process.

If we have "elder brothers" like these, we don't need enemies because they take our hard earned money, enjoy themselves and bring in all kinds of 'pendatang' and give them the family name, just so that they would obey them and act as their bodyguards.

And these "elder brothers" spend their time groaning and moaning about how they have been disadvantaged. They bring shame to the family name.

Anonymous_40c3: With our 'guardians of the nation', this country has nothing to fear and certainly buying new assault rifles, APCs, submarines, fighter aircraft and helicopters are no longer necessary since we can train their butts against the enemies of the nation - including Bersih, Himpunan Hijau, Suaram, DAP, PAS, PKR and every other party that now forms the collective conscience of the nation - and destroy them with farts.

Apa Ini?: And these people used to be the defenders of our nation? Winning battles with their butts wriggling, as if they had ever got off their butts in a real battle? They are a complete disgrace to our country.

Mahashitla: Mohd Ali Baharom, you and your butt wrigglers are a disgrace to the nation and the young members of our armed forces. We face our enemies or opponents face-to-face, whether in battles or in debates.

If we should have problems with our immediate neighbours Singapore, Indonesia or Thailand, we do not offer them our butts. We engage them in talks. That is the civilised way. Mohd Ali, with leaders like you, Malaysians will feel more honourable to raise the white flag.

Anonymous #68219004: It just shows their heads are in their butts - that's all they know. And they call themselves army veterans? What a disgrace to those in uniform. These buttheads should be court marshalled and stripped off their army pensions, which by the way, is paid by the rakyat.

Fair&Just: What self-appointed loafer guardians! Don't wear hats bigger than your heads. Guardians against what? This nation is filled with corrupt leaders and officials, murderers, scandalous figures, cheats and liars.

Just look at Amangate, Copgate, PKFZ, Cowgate, Altantuyagate... such heinous and criminal acts abound and you call yourselves guardians, not to mention elder brothers? The other races have learned to stand on their own the hard and bitter way for 55 years, and we don't need any so-called elder brother.

Anonymous #31061962: I believe this guy has failed his history. Who was Parameswara the founder of Malacca? The Hindus are the elder brothers, not these people.

Gods Messenger: Can the president of the Bekas Perajurit Tentera Malaysia (PBTM) explain if permission was granted by the association for ex-servicemen to conduct butt dances in front of people's houses? I am sure ex-servicemen have been taught to uphold their morality, dignity and loyalty on their service to the King and country.

These hooligans and rogues are a disgrace to other ex-servicemen. I urge all ex-servicemen to protest and object to this bunch of hooligans tarnishing the good image of ex-servicemen and the association. It would have been better if this agenda was an itinerary during the closing ceremony of the Umno AGM, after the Umno president's speech.

Louis: The K-pop group Psy introduced the gangnam dance and Korea's name internationally and was made famous overnight. Oprah invited Psy to be featured in her show. The gangnam dance imitates the movement of a horse rider.

Similarly, PBTM president Mohd Ali Baharom can make Malaysia famous by introducing his butt dance and call it the Rosjib dance. Most probably, Mohd Ali will find the same fame as Psy has and may have a chance to show his skills on the Oprah show

Ferdtan: PBTM president Mohd Ali Baharom, in asking his fellow members to lend their butts to be paraded in front of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim's house, is degrading as he is not a child but an adult.

Is this the behaviour of a Muslim? We welcome him to do go ahead and do so - and as he represents Umno, the BN will lose more votes in the coming general election.

Moontime: What is it with these pro-government groups and their obsession with butts? Seems to me that Umno as their master is so obsessed with sex, scandals and various forms of corruption that it fails to think like a mature adult.

All manner of rational thinking, ethics and morality have gone from the party, to be replaced with childish and emotional outbursts. The Malay saying, 'bapa borek anak rintik' (like father, like son) clearly sums up what this pro-government group is all about: all form and no substance.

Their minds have been closed for such a long time that they can't think properly. Don't they realise how ridiculous they look? In this era of global communications, their cheap publicity stunts have become the laughing stock and the 'butt' of jokes worldwide. I'm sure that after the 13th GE, these groups will suffer the same fate as Umno - inevitable extinction.

Babylon : How can you be a non-governmental organisation when you are so closely linked to the ruling party?

KnockKnock: And Umno claims that they are the people chosen by God. Are these the kind of people chosen by God?

James_3392: My children commented that these retired men ‘tak malu' (are shameless); I'm sure they have children too. Just curious to know what their children think of their fathers' conduct.

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