Umno: Caught in quicksand and sinking

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YOURSAY ‘After the disastrous GE12, I was hoping Umno would prove the electorate wrong by reinventing itself. Instead, it continues to be in denial.'

Umno's war drums herald bleak future

your say Telestai!: After the disastrous GE 12, I was hoping that Umno would rise to the challenge and prove the electorate wrong by reinventing itself.

Instead, Umno and its affiliates continue to be in denial and, like a man caught in quicksand, it has sunk deeper and deeper into trouble.

The antics at the recent general assemblies of Umno and MCA highlight their desperation - attacking opposition parties, pouring scorn on individuals and wallowing in self-pity to gain sympathy votes.

This reminds me of the ‘Ultraman' movies where, at the end, the defeated monster will give a final cry before succumbing. Tragic.

Cala: Commander S Thayaparan is correct to tease out the dark side of the ruling regime which, as a group, is struggling to defend its position, as it sees a high chance of losing in the next general election.

If Umno leaders are seen as speaking incoherently, it is because they have no more moral principles to talk anything straight.

The good news is by looking at history, ultimately "liberal democracy" will triumph over all kinds of regimes, be they communism or fascism (Fukuyama, 1992, 2007).

APA INI?: This should be compulsory reading for all Umno supporters, starting with Khairy Jamaluddin, the Great Pretender!

Sadly, not many would understand it, including Khairy, for all his Oxford background and education. Khairy, can you hear Winston Churchill chuckling at you?

We're talking about another general election and democracy at work and the only guys in 'uniform' - witness your Umno general assembly - are your own 'storm troopers' or 'God's Chosen'! Heil Hitler!

King crab: What war? In a democracy, the election process is normal. It's just that this time, they are so scared that they will lose badly.

I am sure they will. If they are so sure of winning, why not call the election ASAP?

People, remember Cowgate, Scorpene, LRT Ampang. Then, ABU (Anything but Umno).

James Dean: A brilliant piece... the parallels between Umno and the Nazis were obvious to me many, many years ago. That's why PAS is a fresh alternative, if I have to choose between the two.

Meh: It is so sad to read that the delegates were in tears during the singing of the song by Tokyo Umno Club representative Arif Yassir Zulkafli.

The song was about how the Malays continue to be deprived of their land and wealth, presumably by the non-Malays.

Wow, after 40 years of the NEP the Malays are still crying over the loss of their land and wealth.

My God! Can't they see that it is their own leaders who are depriving them through all their corrupt practices, rather than the non-Malays?

All true Malays will see that.

Nambekei 7: Umno should accept that in a democracy, one must be prepared to lose too. Otherwise just form a banana republic, like some African or Arab nation.

Hang Babeuf: Yes, there are ominous parallels between "Umno-land" and the Nazi state.

Both political orders rest doctrinally upon an absolute commitment to "blood and soil nationalism".

This is the idea that the only true and real citizens are those who are linked to the land/soil of the motherland by blood. In two ways.

First, that their mothers spilt blood here on this land when giving birth to them.

And second, that the earth upon which their mothers spilt that blood was land that had already been made a sacred possession of the nation by the men, their forefathers, who spilt blood in war to make the land "ours" and who defended it with blood.

Only those connected by so-called "ties of blood" to the blood that made the land "ours" are truly "us", truly citizens.

The rest are not. They are not really part of the "nation".

Comrade in arms: Pure Malays have nothing to worry. We non-Malays will always support you. Come on, we know the pure Malays. A dignified and a kind race.

The celup Malays must be the ones to watch out for. They are the ones who divided us. We will fight for the pure Malays' but never for the celup .

Righteous: Should be translated and incorporated as compulsory literature in our education syllabus. Good stuff, Thaya. Wasalaam .

Abasir: I was more tickled by the fact that this party of opportunists and desperadoes, who use Islam as a convenient prop, cheered wildly when Khairy, the unemployed billionaire son-in-law, quoted a whisky-quaffing white crusader than that Umno-cartooned character Saladin, to rouse the troops.

Blind freddo: Commander. All you need to do is ask yourself one question. Why hasn't Islam called a halt to all this Umno criminality and Nazism?

Your answer will provide the solution to Malaysia's problems... now and in the future.

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