Caught with pants down again in land grab

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YOURSAY ‘We all should be proud of their business acumen and must learn from them the art of turning land for ‘community purposes' into condos.'

Land handed to Kelana Jaya Umno, says Subang Umno

your say Anonymous #85701391: Actually, Umno and other BN beneficiaries of these cheap lands just need to say "yes, so what?"

After all, we the public are fully aware that Umno and other BN beneficiaries are also Malaysians, so if they help themselves to an extra few million ringgit, they are also helping Malaysians.

The issue is - was any tax paid on the extra few million ringgit made by these beneficiaries? Secondly, what about the ordinary Umno and other BN members who elected these beneficiaries? Did they get a share of the money?

After all, the proceeds from these lands were meant to be shared amongst the branches and divisions members, and not just selected individuals, right?

Maybe, it's time for Umno and other BN members to start asking for their share instead of depending on the poor confused son of the MCA chief.

WangMalaysia: The very fact that the land was sold cheaply to a political party is already a gross abuse of power.

And for Umno to then take it as their "asset" means that they have no intention whatsoever to develop it for the community.

Anomnim: Caught with their pants down, again and again.

Swipenter: Umnoputras are very clever at adding value to land after obtaining it cheaply from the state government.

If not for these savvy businessmen from Umno, such land will still probably be valued at RM1 per square feet (psf). Now, it is RM200psf.

We all should be proud of their business acumen and must learn from them the art of turning cheap lands for "community purposes" into condominiums.

Amused Malaysian: Well, let's see how they wriggle out of this one. Anyway, it's a waste of time as nothing can or will be done.

Our only hope is the 13th general election in catching the crooks. But where will we put them - the jails already packed to the brim. Maybe Kamunting detention camp?

Vgeorgemy: Why is there deafening silence from the authorities on 1SapuTanah Malaysia (1Malaysia Land Grab)?

Changeagent: Oh, I see. Subang Umno received the land and then handed over to Kelana Jaya Umno after the constituency was split into Subang Baru and Subang Lama.

But that still hasn't answered anything at all. Where are the community multi-purpose halls and kindergartens?

Onyourtoes: Everyone is a tai chi master now. We have the attorney-general (AG) pushing the blame to the police, we have the police pushing it to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), which in turn is pushing it to the AG, like a dog chasing its tail.

The tail has lengthened as we now have one Umno division pushing it to another. This is one of the many issues that the state Umno and BN must answer.

It does not matter the land has been given to Kelana Jaya Umno or is still with Subang Umno.

Wira: We can understand clearly that the more Umno tries to explain, the more dirt we will uncover and reveal. No wonder Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is silent on businessperson Deepak Jaikishan's revelation .

Worried Sick: Where, oh, where is MCA leader Chua Tee Yong? Please YB, look into this matter with some of the fervour you have displayed over the Talam matter.

We, the rakyat, depend on you to expose this theft of valuable land. You are our one and only saviour. Right?

Ssaniku: Where is the MACC? Still waiting for further instructions from the AG or has the AG dismissed it for lack of evidence? In Bolehland, it's not kangaroo court but B-end court.

Anonymous #05023297: The land was developed to provide cheap and alternative high rise living for the ‘rakyat jelata'.

RM450,000 condominium is good value in Subang. The profit is then used for the community development. There is nothing wrong with it.

After all, the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) can use money to buy condominium units to maximise its profits, so why can't Umno do the same?

Moreover, Sabah Umno can get RM40 million in donation but Kelana Jaya Umno or Subang Umno are not that rich. So they have to find other ways to raise funds.

ADJ: Since when did "community and multipurpose halls" also mean Umno division headquarters? This is shamelessly wrong.

Fair&Just: Obviously Umno buys the land cheap and keeps the profits. These profits should belong to the rakyat.

Thanks to Pakatan Rakyat, such trickery is now revealed to the rakyat and proves to all and sundry that Umno are selfishly profiteering, not only from the people's tax money but the rakyat's land as well.

Umno also profited by ignoring the welfare of the rakyat with the construction of foreign-banned industrial projects in both Lynas and Pengerang.

Anonymous_rb345: Now the thieves are pointing fingers at their fellow thieves.

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