Cops making a mockery of Suhakam's Bersih inquiry

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YOURSAY 'The powers-that-be are not sincere in trying to identify the culprits responsible for violence against peaceful demonstrators.'

Ex-OCPD can't identify errant cops from 10 videos

your say Joker: Even casinos have facial recognition software to identify faces of every patron. Our PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) cannot even identify their own people after being given two months.

There are around 120,000 police personnel in Malaysia. If the photos of those police officers were distributed to all police stations and they were asked to identify them, how hard could it be?

There are 86,400 minutes in two months. This means even if you take 30 seconds for one person to compare one photo of police personnel, he would have enough time to go through the entire police force within two months.

Gobsmacked!: If former Dang Wangi OCPD Mohamad Zulkarnain Abd Rahman cannot identify the errant police officers, the least he can do is to send the photos to all the heads of the police contingents who deployed men in Dataran Merdeka on that day and seek their assistance.

He is making a mockery of the Suhakam inquiry. The powers-that-be are not sincere in trying to identify the culprits responsible for violence against peaceful demonstrators. Perhaps these culprits are under instructions to punish the demonstrators?

Onyourtoes: This is beautiful; the OCPD (officer in charge of police district) cannot identify a single police officer who abused the crowd.

See, it is so simple - if the police want to abuse people, all they need to do is to get those from outside the Kuala Lumpur police contingent.

Nobody is asking the OCPD to recognise every police officer on duty that day. But surely he must have means to get the relevant officers to identify those who abused peaceful protesters.

Look, are you saying if there are bogus police officers, there is no way to identify them too? How come the police was able to identify every civilian who crossed the police barricade that day?

Anonymous_40dc: Is Mohamad Zulkarnain making a fool of himself or does he think that the panel members are fools?

Yet this smart officer (by Malaysian standard) has been promoted to deputy director in the CID (Criminal Investigation Department)?

Abasir: What we are witnessing is the result of Najib's transformation programme - a programme designed to protect him and ensure his political survival at all costs.

We now know that the police force has been successfully turned around ...err, transformed.

Anomnim: If you can't identify your own guys then how can you catch the crooks? I am shocked at this utter incompetence.

Police seize Malaysiakini laptop in sedition probe

Hot Khong: So, after a year of the so-called seditious statement, has there been any disruption to peace and order due to this statement by law professor Abdul Aziz Bari?

If not, then clearly it isn't a threat and the police should just close the case. That is, unless, they intend to take action against senator Ezam Mohd Nor for making false and frivolous reports.

Telestai!: This is shameless harassment. It is always about race, religion and royalty. Ultimately, it is all about stoking Malay anger and getting them to back Umno - the defender of the Malay race, Islam and the royalty.

Vgeorgemy: This delay in investigation is giving much credibility to the retired IGP's assertion of political interference in the police force's day-to-day affairs. Otherwise why have they taken one year to inspect a laptop.

Hang Babeuf: Clearly a case, this one, of top cops doing a "top job". Top job in two senses: (a) first-class and (b) for those "at the top".

Old-timers like me can only think back to the 1950s and the bitterly funny show ‘L'il Abner': to the great character of Jublation T Cornpone, who was immortalised in his very own song ‘The Country's in the Very Best of Hands!'

Rest assured. Here, those hands will either grab it all, everything that is not nailed down and immoveable, or else they will simply strangle the country, choke it to death.

Mahashitla: Again this is another case of police high-handedness. After more than one year, can the police or Ezam tell us where is the threat to peace and order?

Ferdtan: With the frequency of the visits by the police, I would suggest that the IGP (inspector-general of police) should set up an office called ‘Mata-mata Corner' inside Malaysiakini's premises to save the trouble of the police to come and go doing their investigations.

Malaysiakini may earn additional income by renting the space to them.

Anticommunalist: The vagabond that sleeps in front of the Malaysiakini office is actually a SB (Special Branch) officer. Beware guys!

Annon77: The cop probably wanted a laptop for his X'mas present.

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