Pledge on stateless will correct a terrible injustice

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VOXPOP ‘Now we see the compassionate side of Anwar - which we do not see in Umno - to the plight of these poor stateless people.'

Anwar vows to rectify 'stateless' issue in a jiffy

vox populi small thumbnail Pemerhati: If on becoming prime minister, Anwar Ibrahim keeps his word and makes the hundreds of thousands of stateless Indians and native East Malaysians citizens of the country, it will not only correct a terrible injustice inflicted on these people by the Umno racists, it will also be good news for all Malaysians.

This is because all these people will be either able to work or go to school and thus become productive citizens and help in the development of the country.

Previously due to their stateless status they were unable to work or get an education and hence to survive, all they could do was turn to crime, and that explains why a disproportionately large number of Indians are criminals in Malaysia.

If Pakatan Rakyat comes to power and keeps its word, then eventually we should also see a dramatic drop in the crime rate which would be a welcome development for all Malaysians.

This development will also enhance the country's reputation and make it a desirable location for foreign investment.

3rdEye: BN has not been able to solve this issue for the past 55 years but can give quickie citizenship to illegal immigrants.

Pakatan however dares to promise it would solve this issue within one month. This shows that BN is hopeless, useless, good for nothing, incompetent, worthless and a burden to the rakyat.

Mahashitla: Now we see the compassionate side of Anwar - which we do not see in Umno - to the plight of these poor stateless people, mostly Indians, who were born here and have been staying here all their lives.

RA 1: About the claimed 300,000 stateless Indians in Malaysia - there are 1,743,922 Tamils in Malaysia. That is 17 percent. It means one in five Tamils you meet is stateless. This can easily be disproved by a simple survey.

Rightan: We have seen old and frail men and women receiving their MyKad at last after long years of waiting, and our newspapers highlighted the handing-over ceremony with our proud minister/MCA officials grinning from ear to ear, purportedly showing off their achievements.

Onyourtoes: Fellow Malaysians, I have deliberately refrained from commenting in this thread simply because Hindraf is the most important institution today in the country. No one can ever give credit to anybody, except Hindraf.

Without Hindraf, Malaysians are blind and nincompoops. Without Hindraf, Malaysians will continue be exploited.

Without Hindraf, Malaysian politicians and political parties are useless even though many of these politicians have gone in and out of prison before some of these half-baked Hindraf supporters were born. So all of us, we better shut up. Only Hindraf and Hindraf only, got it?

Malays will be biggest losers in a May 13 repeat

Longyan Ren: The next May 13, if ever it should play out, will not be a racial clash but a BN-Umno crackdown on the people, much like the Bersih 2.0 and 3.0 crackdown on the rally participants - magnified a hundred times.

Ourvotesdecide!: We should document evidence from now on to build up a case of possible crime against humanity in the International Criminal Court against the Umno leaders concerned and whoever were or will be responsible or involved or accessory to any consequences of such instigated violent, for example, the recent inflammatory speeches of its leaders during Umno's recent general assembly.

Umno may think they can arrogantly bully their fellow Malaysians in Malaysia but they can still be made accountable for their beastly acts in or by international tribunals like what was done to the notorious Bosnian Serb leaders who killed their Muslim countrymen or the African leaders who committed genocide against their opponents. Malaysians, please work on this urgently.

OCL123: The way I look at it, the 13th general election will be Malays against Malays. As far as non-Malays are concerned, they are well prepared for any eventuality.

We hope for a smooth transition of power if Pakatan was to take over Putrajaya but from the way BN has been threatening another May 13 riot, I am afraid BN will play dirty. Anyway, we have already decided who to vote for regardless of any threat.

Sarajun Hoda: Very true. Malays are good people who are actually no less industrious than any other race. Unfortunately, they have been kept weak, vulnerable and poor so that they can be exploited wholesale by corrupt Umno leaders.

If the playing field is level and the Malays are trained to perform, they might excel better than others. In other countries, they performed equally well but in Malaysia, they are kept like bird in the cage and given crumbs to shut them up.

If a two-party system comes into place, the majority Malays will gain most. The billions of ringgit stolen and expropriated by unscrupulous Umno people will go back to them. Prices of houses, cars, tolls, medical expenses, university costs, etc, will immediately be halved and development doubled.

Apapunboleh: It's not the fear of losing that BN is worried about. Their greatest fear is being put behind bars for their corrupt acts.

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