Why did Musa keep silent when he was IGP?

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YOURSAY How do liars and the dishonest manage to climb to the top of our police force? This couldn't happen if not for help and protection from the gov't.

Mat Zain: Musa's outburst just another 'sandiwara'

your say Taikohtai: Former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim has hit the nail on the head.

Unlike Mat Zain who has lodged numerous police reports to back his claims, none has been penned by former inspector-general of police (IGP) Musa Hassan.

The PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) can only act if a report is lodged but more often than not, if the report is against BN, it is most likely to sit on it.

Musa has not regained one iota of credibility despite his claims because they just don't lead to the courts.

RL: Musa says there were many wrongdoings during his tenure, and it is only now he is bringing it out into the open. But why didn't he do something about them when he was the IGP?

Multi Racial: In spite of what Mat Zain has highlighted, the current government and authorities are doing absolutely nothing. What does that mean? Are they involved as well?

Onyourtoes: These issues are being revealed by one of your own kind, the police. This is not rants by PKR, DAP or PAS. So what are you in government waiting for?

You have to either take action against Mat Zain or you investigate and charge the former IGP and the present AG (attorney-general).

Cascara: How do liars, gangsters and the dishonest manage to climb to the top of our police force? This couldn't happen if not for help and protection from the BN government.

GeneYen: Former Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) advisory panel member Robert Phang is right, PKR must not get into bed with the ex-IGP, otherwise PKR will contract a disease worse than AIDS.

And it will further infect all of Pakatan and the electorate will treat Pakatan like lepers - untouchables. And bang goes the hope for a Pakatan-led Putrajaya.

Raja Chulan: As an ordinary citizen, I am now very afraid of the authorities after reading how they are capable of manipulating and cooking up charges against anyone they don't like. God save us!

Explain your 'enormous wealth', Musa tells Ramli

Kanasai: It is getting more interesting. Retired top cops against retired top cops. Along the way, someone is going to split the bean. While this going on, the home minister is putting his fist tightly in his mouth, hoping nothing damaging will be exposed.

Mushiro: Musa, you mean to say that you knew and suspected Ramli's RM8 million assets and yet you did not investigate.

When Ramli was investigated by the biassed MACC, was the MACC so dumb as not to investigate Ramli's assets? It is more like the MACC didn't find any elements of corruption with Ramli.

Odin: Well, so far, only Mat Zain Ibrahim seems to be free of illicit pecuniary accretion whether merely alleged or incontestably substantiated. Any more revelations, Musa?

Wanderer: Ramli is a bumiputera, a privileged race to enjoy all the goodies thrown to them by the Umno administration in term of shares allocated to bumis and contracts upon their retirement. So what so big deal if Ramli accumulated RM8 million assets in question?

Musa, we are more inclined to believe that your assets are open to suspicion, especially your association with the underworld characters.

Dr Suresh Kumar: Wanderer, if Ramli was pro-establishment, he together with the whole Malay populace, including the hard working, wage-earning Malays will be whacked well and proper for being a privileged race, for needing a walking stick, for preferential treatment, for not observing meritocracy and the list goes on.

However, since Ramli is anti-establishment, his salvos against the ruling regime and its cronies and ex-cronies suit him and his beloved Pakatan for their selfish motive, we shall turn a blind eye to Ramli's alleged misdeeds that are justified as bumiputera 'special' privileges to steal.

Meanwhile, Musa cannot be accorded the same privilege or benefit of doubt, since he is not yet a PKR-Pakatan member. Wanderer, you are awesome.

Petestop: What is RM8mil in assets? I'm just over 40 as a lowly engineer also got more than RM2 million in assets and pretty sure will have more than RM8 million in assets by the time I retire.

How? Well, there is something call investment and leverage... if you don't know these two words, then I suggest you pick up the book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki.

Longjaafar: I have this strange feeling that the ex-IGP holds a trump card. His boldness is unheard of in this country.

Perhaps he has much information that many in high places do not want divulged. After all, as IGP he had access to all kinds of info, good or bad.

This is getting interesting. We might as well investigate the wealth of other retired IGPs as well. I heard they are also very wealthy. And don't forget ex-ministers and deputy minsters.

Onyourtoes: Good, reveal more, we like to hear them - the more the merrier. It is not that we are not aware that most of you - Musa, Ramli, Phang and whoever - have personal battles to wage.

OMG!!: With all these revelations and accusations of abuse of powers, close association with underground elements, amassment of illicit wealth and the failure of the home minister and senior officials of the ministry to discharge their duties, etc, etc, a royal commission of inquiry is in order.

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