Land grab - Umno's 'Sapu Malaysia' at work

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VOXPOP 'Umno ‘sapu' (takes) everything. From huge corporate businesses to small-time hawking. No wonder, there is very little left for the rakyat.'

Cheap land - now Umno into hawker business, too

vox populi small thumbnail Anonymous #85701391: Umno has always claimed that they fight for Malay Malaysians. Now it's time to prove it. Sell these lands to these Malay stalls operators (not the main tenants or Umno rent collectors), the ‘real' traders, at what the land cost.

Treat the rent that has been collected as cost for the construction of the stalls and services.

And before transferring the land, complete the land use conversion, and the sub-division exercise just to prove that Umno did not abuse its power or cheat the local government in revenue collection of annual assessment/quit rent.

And since Umno members in this division are deemed beneficiaries of these rent collection and land sale businesses, every member should be entitled to the profits, so make sure each member gets this ‘bonus'.

Wanderer: Since Umno has bought the said land for RM1 per sq ft, they should also charge the hawkers accordingly. Why are they charging these poor hawkers such an exorbitant price for the rent?

Swipenter: Umno ‘sapu' (takes) everything. From huge corporate businesses to small-time hawking. No wonder, most Malaysians feel that there is very little left for them.

Dont Just Talk: Why do you think that so many Malays are fighting and dying for the posts of Umno division leaders?

It comes with perks like getting cheap land at RM1 per square foot, and having condominiums built on it or hawker stalls put up for rental income.

Jesse: Umno has been fed like a bloated chicken over the years. It can't stand on its own feet like other political parties.

Like the NEP (New Economic Policy), it is all a contrived scheme, and does not benefit either the nation or the people the government is supposed to assist.

Apapunboleh: This is similar to the taxi scam. An Umno leader holds all the licences and sucks the blood of taxi drivers.

But these taxi drivers are easily bought off with free tyres and they surrender their veins to be sucked continuously. And when things goes wrong, blame others.

Abasir: Well, where Premier Najib Abdul Razak is concerned, it is really 'Umno people first' as these land grabs indicate.

Malaysia ABU: Check out the foreign workers staying there - maybe they are no longer foreign workers but already holding MyKad and are registered as voters.

Anonymous #69337042: The Selangor government must put up eye-catching signboards at locations that indicate the land grabs committed by the former BN government.

This move will definitely help to win votes for Pakatan Rakyat in the coming general election.

Rick Teo: Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), what you are doing about it? The evidence has been provided and you are still doing nothing.

If it was the opposition, you would have jumped on them. Or are you Umno's lackey?

Anonymous#007: Forget responsibility. This is a crime of the highest order by the ruling coalition, and all their lands and assets should be seized and frozen immediately pending investigation.

Questions over 4G licence to Syed Mokhtar's firm

Anonymous #43051382: From what I see, BN needs to give whatever projects to tycoon Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary in order to keep him afloat. If not, we are going to see the biggest bumiputera failure in Malaysian history.

Maplesyrup: Give subsidies to rakyat? No. Reduce toll rates to benefit all road users? No. Give subsidies to cronies? Yes, yes, yes!

Yenna Tamby: Who is this Syed Mokhtar? Another crony from the Dr Mahathir Mohamad era? Does he know one bandwidth from another?

Again we witness another project given to an Umno crony. This will not end as long as Umno-BN is ruling the country.

Donplaypuks: Why there was no auction for the fourth generation (4G) bandwidth like in the rest of the civilised world? And why award to cronies on direct negotiation basis?

When PM Najib Razak took office, he promised that open tender will be the order of the day - something he has done exactly the opposite.

Not surprisingly, Malaysia's phone and handphone charges and packages are more costly than those in Singapore and Australia.

Jesse: Wow! Another crony gets the lion share of the concession with little or no track record.

How much was ‘donated' to Umno and whose palms have been greased? The rakyat will eventually pay for it all with inflated prices.

GXFC: Do you remember Renong Bhd? During the 1997 recession, Renong went belly up and the Malaysian government had to bail it out. Syed Mokhtar's firms will face the same situation soon.

AR47 BR: This crony is a Jack of all trades - from bookstores and now to telecommunications.

Read his biography on his humble beginnings. Soon he will be in the annals of history for causing a financial catastrophe that will overtake Renong.

Anonymous$&@?: Malaysia has the most expensive data service charge in the region. All due to the greed of BN cronies.

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