When 'Auntie Hijau' strikes fear in Pahang MB

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FREE YOURSAY 'As a senior citizen myself, I felt strongly that if we don't do anything to correct the wrong of the politicians, our grandchildren will definitely suffer.'

Aunty Mei arrested after demanding Adnan's apology

your say Changeagent: Auntie Mei and her fearless sidekick Wong Chun Yuan were arrested under Section 186 and 189 of the Penal Code for obstructing a public servant in discharge of public functions and for threat of injury to a public servant.

For goodness sake, Pahang MB Adnan Yaakob. They were just asking for an apology. Isn't this a blatant abuse of police resources and a breach of freedom of speech?

Timo100: Salute to you Auntie Mei, and to your friend. The MB could have easily spared a few minutes for you, and won himself some votes, but he probably doesn't even have an inkling of how he should respond to you, let alone apologise.

The Kuantan police, given their swift response, have now set a new standard for their colleagues in the rest of the country, especially for those in Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

Kee Thuan Chye: When an ordinary citizen is not afraid to go up to a figure of authority to demand an apology, it is indeed a bad omen for the ruling party.

It shows that the last vestiges of respect for such a party are gone. All power to Auntie Mei for her courage. She has shown Malaysians that they need not be afraid.

As citizens, we have every right to demand what is right. In this case, 'Earless Anand' reared his arrogant head and deserved to be confronted.

His refusal to apologise for his false remark shows he has no place being MB of Pahang or even a one square metre of land.

Anonymous #55988326: I like the part about "obstructing a public servant in discharge of public functions and for threat of injury to a public servant".

How come in Penang, such laws are not applicable to the CM? Isn't the CM also a public servant?

Disgusted: When Penang CM Lim Guan Eng was assaulted and threatened by Umno thugs, no one was arrested, even though the police were there.

Moontime: There should be a law against public servants who mislead people by telling lies, half-truths and slander.

Lying and slandering their enemies is second nature to Umno. The Pahang MB is no exception in this case. I hope the voters there have enough sense to get rid of this party who has done untold damage to the state.

How I wish to see a change in the state government before I close my eyes for the very last time!

LittleGiant: If Adnan did not like the way Auntie Mei approached him and asked for his apology, he could have instructed his officers to advise her to follow protocol and seek an appointment to have a meeting with him or his officers.

Why should the police arrest her? Was she a threat to the MB or to anyone there? In what way did she obstruct the MB from carrying out his duties?

Did she prevent the MB from entering his room or his car? What was the threat of injury to him? Did she carry any weapons?

I don't think she meant to harm him in any way. Politicians, as public servants, should demonstrate a high degree of patience and tolerance and be approachable at all times unless there is a direct threat to their safety and security.

The police too could exercise restraint and stop acting like as if they are the personal bodyguards of BN politicians.

Rakyat Malaysia: We all can go and pay MB Adnan a social visit and all of us go to court if he thinks that rakyat asking questions is against the law.

Ferdtan: It now seems that Umno has come down to such a low level of picking a fight with an elderly woman, 71-year-old Auntie Mei, by having the police to detain her for demanding an apology from the Pahang MB.

In the past, it used to be Perkasa, the NGO which was set up to play up the racial issues to spook the Malays back to Umno, showing such arrogance in its dealing with the public.

The Umno government have ruled so long that the word, humility, is not in their vocabulary. Their leaders have accustomed to lord over us that they cannot take criticisms, even a legitimate one, which is a part of democratic process.

Adnan is part and parcel of the Umno that we know so well - a big bully. This certainly doesn't help the reputation of the police, low as it is, by being involved in this case.

KPNG: Cheers to Auntie Mei, you are great. It looks like the women's liberation movement is gathering momentum with the help from the senior citizens. Remember the other auntie in Bersih , in this case Auntie Mei walked 300km.

As a senior citizen myself, I felt strongly that if we don't do anything to correct the wrong of the politicians, our grandchildren will definitely suffer.

Taikohtai: No point getting angry, auntie. Get even. Start sharpening your knife for him to fulfil his promise when Bentong falls.

Anonymous_5fb: We want to see an Adnan without ears, Auntie Mei. Yes, the whole country is behind you.

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