EC a discredited agency helmed by discredited men

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YOURSAY ‘The coming election process is going to be the mother of all election frauds. It will be heavily stacked against the opposition.’

EC dismisses Ambiga's claim as 'nonsense'

your say Multi Racial: Malaysians, don't just believe S Ambiga and Bersih just because you hate some politicians in BN or like Pakatan Rakyat. Likewise, don't just blindly trust what Election Commission (EC) said just because you like BN or hate Pakatan.

Check and analyse the facts you have before you. Then make your decision on who are right and doing good for the country, and support them. Just like what Buddha once said; "Believe nothing merely because you have been told it. Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher.

“But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis, you find to be kind, conducive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings - that doctrine believe and cling to, and take it as your guide."

To the Malaysians who stay on the sidelines and doing nothing, I would like to remind you on what Albert Einstein said many years ago; "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing."

Starr: Increasingly, the conduct and behaviour of the EC's highest officers have caused the public to see their role as those of 'manipulating' the vote and 'manufacturing' its result in favour of certain political parties, rather than conducting free and fair elections to serve the greater interest of the country.

If it wasn't for the public pressure brought about by Bersih through public rallies, the EC would not have budged from their original position, instead moving towards the Bersih eight-point demand.

Still, the EC officers in question don't have the grace to be thankful to Bersih. It's because the EC fails to perform its job that has necessitated Bersih to act in the way they have, in order to bring pressure to bear.

Thankfully, they have to a certain but not the full extent. Bersih should remain relentless until and unless all their demands are satisfactorily met.

Slumdog: The coming election process is going to be the mother of all election frauds. It will be heavily stacked against the opposition.

The EC still has not addressed the issue of massive voter increases in certain electorates, the absence of controls in place to ensure that police and armed forces personnel do not complete a postal vote and then vote again in their electorates, the sudden appearance of ballot boxes at the last moment filled with Umno-BN friendly votes, multiple voters registered to the same address and a myriad of other dubious and unexplained inconsistencies.

Hang Babeuf: Yes, EC deputy chief Wan Ahmad Wan Omar is right about one thing. Bersih does represent an interest.

People need to remember the important analysis and formulation: significant social change occurs when there is a "face-off", or showdown, between, on the one hand, a narrow, partisan, sectional interest that is trying to hang onto power and, on the other hand, a broad social movement that embodies and impartially promotes the general interest of all the members of society, couched in an ideal and principled form.

That is the interest that Bersih represents. It's about time, and more, for those EC dolts to recognise the fact.

There can be no clearer "real world" example of "the general interest of all the members of society, cast in an ideal and principled form" than a clean, fair, impeccably correct electoral system and voting procedures.

That, and nothing less, is what the EC is required to deliver. That, and not this endless flow of self-serving and demeaning nonsense.

Quigonbond: If EC is an impartial and professional, their response would have been: "All observers are welcomed. But please observe the law and do not (despite having the best intentions) end up disrupting the elections process.

“In fact, here are the guidelines on how to report suspicious activities to us - to facilitate us initiating investigation. And here's our KPI (key performance indicator) that we will act within the required time."

They did not respond as such. Ergo, they are neither independent nor professional.

Gerard Lourdesamy: If Bersih was allegedly established based on the interests of a "party", then the entire EC is there to only serve the interests of Umno-BN.

Given that the EC chief and deputy chief were former Umno members and a senior election officer in Sabah was also an Umno member, the EC should be the last to talk about impartiality.

What is so difficult in implementing reforms in the best interests of genuinely free and fair elections?

The EC should explain the sudden surge of voters in marginal seats in all Pakatan states; the transfer of voters; questionable voters sharing the same address; and foreigners on the electoral rolls.

Until then, Wan Ahmad should stop pretending that GE13 is going to be free and fair in accordance with international norms.

If you fear Bersih observers, then ask the United Nations, European Union, OSCE (Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe), Commonwealth and OIC (Organisation of Islamic Conference) to send observers.

AngryBird: It is well known fact that EC is a discredited agency helmed by highly discredited personnel.

Onyourtoes: Wan Ahmad, you said three things: the use of indelible ink, allowing overseas Malaysians to vote by postal ballot and allowing political parties on both sides to air their campaign videos but you miss the most important thing - to clean up the electoral roll and to eliminate bogus citizens registered as the voters.

What is the point of indelible ink if unqualified voters are allowed to vote and their fingers marked? Overseas votes to me are insignificant.

Airing campaign videos too would not make much of the difference given the history of biasness. We want reform in substance, not form. Please don’t try to con us.

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