Mohd Zin, return the stolen land first

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YOURSAY 'You must return all the land you have stolen from the rakyat to the state first, before you ask for a second chance.'

Selangor BN: Cheap land issue political spin by DAP

your say Lim Chong Leong: How many ways can one politically spin a crime when the criminal is caught with his hands inside the cookie jar?

The issue is as straight as can be. These Umno warlords and their BN running dogs have been stealing government land and are now caught red-handed.

And Selangor BN coordinator Mohd Zin Mohamed says we should look ahead instead of dwelling on their past mistakes. Does he not mean for us to ignore their crimes?

Changeagent: Mohd Zin, do you understand the severity of the land scandal allegations against BN, or how damaging this is to your coalition's chances to reclaim Selangor?

We are talking about serious breaches of trust in the transfer of lands at significantly undervalued prices that has potentially cost the state hundreds of millions of ringgit in lost revenue.

Stealing is stealing. It matters little when it had occurred, even if it was way before 2008.

What matters is the correct punishment is meted out to the wrongdoers, and that the land is either properly compensated for or rightfully returned to the people of Selangor.

Fair Play: Mohd Zin, when you accused DAP of political spin in regard to the alleged abuse of power by BN, it reveals your intellectual capacity or the lack of it.

Moving forward does not absolve BN from abuses committed previously, and your skirting the issue only reaffirms it.

Confused: Does he mean that for the things that had gone wrong prior to 2008, BN has immunity? Is there a time limit to prosecute someone who has committed a crime?

Dont Just Talk Just like that, Mohd Zin expects voters to forgive and forget the cheap land issues in Selangor that has turned many corrupt BN politicians into millionaires.

If not for Pakatan Rakyat taking over Selangor after March 2008, all these abuses and corruption would have remained hidden.

By right, these Umno-BN politicians should be charged in court for corruption, and sent to jail like former Selangor MB Mohd Khir Toyo of the ‘willing-buyer and willing-seller' fame.

Not to forget, the Umno ex-railway gatekeeper who had built his palace on a piece of low-cost land in Port Klang.

Jk7462000: BN getting land for cheap is an old issue? Really? How is it then that I didn't know about this?

Thetruth: What punishment are these jokers talking about? Has anyone from the previous administration been hauled up to court and charged?

It looks like nobody is held accountable for all this crap because they are still in power at federal level.

Skong: All these are issues being discovered because of the outcome of GE12, otherwise the rakyat would still remain in the dark.

In spite of this, they are still doing it in broad daylight like the case of the Automated Enforcement System (AES) and MRT contracts. Can you imagine what would happen if they win back Selangor?

Laila: Why call the buying of state land at a cheap price a spin? To bring this news to the public now before the election is to help voters to make an informed decision on which party to vote for in order to steer the country onto the right path.

Vgeorgemy: Mohd Zin, please return all the plundered rakyat's land immediately to the state government irrespective of the outcome of GE13.

As per the rule of law, the punishment for looting the rakyat's wealth must come from the court, not through ballot boxes.

Parameswara_40fe: Mohd Zin is a fool. He accused DAP of bringing up "old issues", but does he have the guts to ask New Straits Times why the paper still publishes what Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim purportedly said about DAP and PAS before 2008?

Anti Umno: Definitely all these mistakes happened before 2008. After 2008, BN got kicked out from Selangor for good. How are they then to cheat the rakyat?

However, the same can't be said about Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Johor and Perak as these states are still under the corrupt BN regime. We need to clean these states up as well after GE13.

Mat Salleh: If it is Umno who had done wrong, we should forgive and let them be.

However, if the wrongdoings were committed by Pakatan Rakyat or Anwar, the Umno leaders and their Utusan Malaysia , The Star and NST would be going to town with the story.

What second chance is this idiot talking about?

James1067: To repent means to make a complete about-turn from the wrong ways. Nothing of that has happened since 2008.

Instead, the lootings have reached an unbearable pace. RM200 billion in illicit outflows in 2010 does not show that BN leaders have changed, and you expect the people to put their faith in them.

Worried Sick: "We are looking forward and we hope all the improvements and rejuvenation done by the BN federal government and service done in the government and the Economic Transformation Programme will result in the people giving us another chance," said Mohd Zin.

Give 'another chance' for what? Please, Selangor is doing very well now.

Shemc2: Even if the world comes to an end, the people, the MPs and the ministers in BN will never change.

This is what I call the untreatables, those who are always looking for ways to create doom for the rest of us.

Paul Warren: Yes. BN certainly deserves another chance. They had not completely plundered Selangor.

They were being kind and generous to the next generation of BN leaders and wanted to leave them something to plunder in future.

For that generosity which now seems not to have been reciprocated by the voters the last round, we should pity them and put them back in power. Then they can completely plunder and finish off Selangor once and for all.

TimeForChange: If you are sincere, you must return all the land and money that you have stolen from the rakyat to the state first, before you ask for a second chance.

The rakyat will not be so foolish to be bitten by the same snake twice. If that happens, then the rakyat have only themselves to blame.

Anonymous_39d1: If you have caught the thief who robbed you in 2008, would you let him go? free?


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