For Cecil, silence is not necessarily golden

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YOURSAY 'The allegedly senior lawyer suspected to be linked to the second SD has no other choice but to come out in public if he is innocent.'

Cecil is a lawyer of the highest integrity...

your say Boiling Mud: Anyone purportedly known by his associates and friends to have the highest integrity with at least decades of impeccable service to the Malaysian Bar and is held in high esteem by all those who have had the privilege of making his acquaintance can take a plunge at a moment of weakness.

All it takes is just one step out of line to ruin that seemingly good track record. I think the lawyer and his son who are being fingered ought to come out to clear their names if there was indeed a speculation on the identity of the lawyer who drafted the second SD (statutory declaration) of falsehood.

Jesse: Who is the ASP Suresh who was involved in this fraud and intimidation? As police officer, he has perverted the course of justice.

Lawyer M Arunampalam who spoke on behalf of P Balasubramaniam at the press conference to reveal the second SD when he was not appointed by the private eye, is equally involved in perverting the course of justice.

Likewise, the commissioner of oath, who failed to witness the signing of the documents in his office, was also involved in this murky affair.

Not to forget, carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan for his role in the making of the false SD.

Finally, who is bold enough to investigate them? No one - not the police, attorney-general or any other investigative bodies.

Ferdtan: I think Bala's lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu is a gentleman. He is what we call a careful man (as expected of most lawyers) who only states the concrete facts, not any hearsay. This is just his way of getting to the truth (with his tongue in his cheek).

The writers of the second SD cannot hide anymore as the evidence is overwhelming - the law firm and its commissioner of oaths have been identified.

Even the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) jumped the gun by naming one of its advisors and stressing that he did not partake in any discussion concerning the non-recommendation of action in the Bala's case.

Cecil Abrahim, the allegedly senior lawyer suspected to be linked to the second SD, has no other choice but to come out in public if he is innocent.

Pemerhati: Americk may personally know Cecil Abraham or any other lawyer but he certainly won't know if the lawyer indulges in crooked activities on the quiet without anyone's knowledge.

Cecil Abraham's behaviour so far is not consistent with that of a person who has been wrongly accused. If a person is falsely accused he will immediately come out and deny the accusation and may even sue the person making the false allegations.

But Cecil Abraham's deafening silence so far suggests that Americk could be seriously mistaken about Cecil Abraham.

Dex: The Bar Council must issue a statement on this. If it is true that such manipulation of justice could occur at the highest level, then it is indeed worrying for the ordinary citizen.

The lawyer and the commissioner of oath have to come out clean on their involvement in this very sad chapter of Malaysian history.

Anonymous-BP: Being lawyers, they should know that "silence is not necessarily golden." Please do not vouch for Cecil Abraham as people can change when there is golden opportunity.

Hang Babeuf: Well, Tan Sri Cecil "is an honourable man". So are they all, by definition, all members of the legal profession. Or so we are made to believe. So whoever it is will honourably come forward.

If it is not Tan Sri Cecil, the real perpetrators will step forward. If it was Tan Sri Cecil, he will of course step forward, rather than see the entire legal profession and all his colleagues in it unworthily and undeservedly besmirched.

So we can be sure of finding out soon.

Fair Play: Instead of abating, the pressure will increase. Sooner or later, the truth will come out.

Anonymous_984765: This scandal is as ground shaking as the sacking of then lord president Tun Salleh Abas.

It impacts the legal profession (and business and commerce of the country), and as such, the Bar Council would surely get to the bottom of this.

PS: The plot deepens. It has become more exciting than any book of fictions I've read.

Not that I have no interest in the case proper, just that each chapter/episode being released in stages makes me yearns for more.

As a simpleton reading Malaysiakini , I really cannot make out the truth from the fiction that has been displayed by the various parties.

We'll have to wait for the final chapter to be played out in the courtroom.

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