Zainuddin, two wrongs don't make a right

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YOURSAY 'Zam, stop treating the Indonesians as fools. They are far smarter than you in ways you don't even realise.'

Former IGP shares my views, Zam tells Indonesians

your say Moontime: One of the annoying trademarks of an Umno politician is his or her stubbornness to admit any wrongdoing.

By defending his statement with the support of former inspector-general of police (IGP) Abdul Rahim Noor, Zam (ex-information minister Zainuddin Maidin) has demonstrated the reason why many intellectuals and professionals leave Umno.

The party reeks of sycophants and if stupidity can be smelled, it stinks to high heaven. Surely Zam knows what happened to the ex-IGP and the shame it has brought to the whole country by acting like a 'samseng' when meeting then DPM Anwar Ibrahim in his cell.

Birds of a feather really does flock together as everyone remembered the embarrassing episode with Al Jazeera's reporter when this buffoon insisted that Malaysia did hold "erections" every four years.

Sheer stupidity plus extreme arrogance are indeed the hallmarks of Umno. Zam, stop treating the Indonesians as fools. They are far smarter than you in ways you don't even realise.

Tan Kim Keong: It is very obvious that views from Zam and Rahim Noor are from the lens of supremacists. In short, they are speaking as racists.

Secondly, who are these two individuals? What are their credentials?

And the worst part is the untrustworthiness of the ex-IGP. His views are akin to one particular quote: Wise people speak only when they have something to say; fools speak because they have to say something.

Gandhi: Rahim Noor is the most cruel man and Zam referred to him as a respectable person in society.

He is the type of man who could beat up a deputy prime minister when his hands were handcuffed at the back and in blindfold. I shudder to think of such heinous act by an IGP.

Zam, it's high time you got your head examined by a shrink.

Mohamad Abdul Malik: Some of my views are shared by PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat and PM Najib Razak. They are also shared by Bentong Kali and Botak Chin. Will that make me right?

Tidakboleh: These idiots only know how to point fingers at others; their ego is too gigantic to look inward at themselves.

Globalisation is a worldwide phenomenon; it means change; it means progress; it means taking a worldwide view of things; it means liberalism; it means live and let live; it means tolerance; it means acceptance of others and other ways of life; it means mutual respect of one another; it means harmony; it means peace.

Zam, your attitude is no longer relevant in the modern-day context. You are the rhinoceros of the bygone era.

Ferdtan: Rahim Noor is playing politics again. He has still not learnt his lesson yet. He was a convicted criminal and therefore his views should not be taken seriously.

If he is really concerned of the country's image he should first apologise, which he had not, to all Malaysians for bringing disrepute to the police and the country by cowardly beating up a former PM in the police lock-up.

Is he trying to make a comeback to the mainstream politics with his previous outbursts against BN's opponents?

On Oct 2011, he gave a keynote speech at the 2nd Perkasa AGM in Kuala Lumpur where he called on the Malays to unite against this 'human rights wave' .

On May 2012, he labelled PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz the "father of kafir (infidels)" for misleading Muslims to believe that it is their religious duty to support Bersih 3.0.

He also issued statement published by a Bahasa Malaysia daily stating the Pakatan Rakyat was out to cause "bloodshed" during Bersih 3.0 as it was not confident of capturing Putrajaya through legal means.

Vijay47: Having read Zainuddin's and Rahim Noor's comments a few times, I am still lost as to what crime Anwar has committed. The two stooges say:

1. That three Indonesian leaders are Anwar's mentors and that he learned reformasi and democracy from them. What is wrong with that?

2. Anwar makes up conspiracies to betray his own country. Wow! Where did these two guys pick that from?

3. Globalisation, secularism and liberalism are dangerous. Who helped you figure that out? Chandra Muzaffar?

4. A moderate and liberal Muslim in Indonesia is unacceptable to a Muslim in Malaysia? This could be so, assuming the Muslim in Malaysia is of the Umno breed.

Zainuddin cannot face the reality that our neighbours are going places rapidly and leaving us far behind.

The duo must be longing for the return of the likes of Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the continuation of corruption, abuse and subjugation of Malaysian institutions like the judiciary.

Bumiasli: Just because former IGP agrees with Zainuddin does not mean it becomes a fact. Nobody has a right to accuse or belittle someone, especially when that person is not around to defend himself.

Such actions define cowardice, and to top it all, Zainuddin is arrogant and shows no respect to a neighbouring leader who has complained to the Malaysian PM. So what respect has he got for the PM?

Change We Can: The more I read about these goons lashing out with these laughable comments, the more I felt ashamed to call myself a Malaysian. Shame on you too, Najib.

Not Confused: I have a few Indonesian friends and they all ask me why did I choose to live in such a crazy country as Malaysia. I am seriously embarrassed as I cannot really produce a convincing reason.

Indonesia is the largest Muslim country on the planet, and whilst they are not perfect, they have none of the low intellect individuals in their government.

Similarly, they have little or no racial tensions to speak of. Their economy is doing well too, thank you.

Maybe it's time I decided to relocate to Bali? I will probably wait to see what happens at the upcoming GE before making a decision.

Broken Foot: Zainuddin is a product of Umno. He is probably a first among equals in the party leadership. Spewing filth about others is a trait that is common among them.

Insulting BJ Habibie, a former president of our much bigger neighbour, is inviting trouble, associated with a dull mind.

Habibie is also an engineer par excellence, who formulated theories in the field of thermodynamics, aircraft lightweight construction, aerodynamic and crack progression.

And the best that Zainuddin can do is trade insults.

Anonymous_rb345: Shall we pass around a hat to collect donations to buy a one-way ticket for Zam to go to Jakarta and repeat the same statements he made in Malaysia?

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