Politics gangster-style - like Umno, like MCA

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YOURSAY 'If the MCA leaders enjoy the sexy performances, they can host it every night at the Lee San Choon Hall.'

Shoving match mars DAP's Bentong walkabout

your say Pemerhati: There are some interesting differences between Umno and MCA: When Umno wants to disrupt an opposition gathering, it will out source it to some paid thugs and the police, whereas the MCA people do the dirty work by themselves.

When Umno people want to fool the public into believing some of their lies, they will swear on the Quran in a mosque whereas the MCA people use the ‘chicken head chopping' oath-taking act at a temple.

Apart from these few differences, these two main BN component parties are united in their main activity, which is to steal as much of the people's money as possible by using various methods.

One of the main methods used is similar to the one mentioned by the late Dr Lim Keng Yaik who once accused timber tycoon Wong Yeon Chai of "legally practising illegal logging" in Pahang.

A similar strategy has been widely used by nearly all the BN thieves where they used their authority to legally give a negotiated overpriced contract to a crony and then illegally collect their huge kickbacks.

P Dev Anand Pillai: It looks like MCA has finally joined the fray by sending in its ‘Hong Kong movie stars' to bash up DAP leaders.

The more the DAP gets whacked, the more votes it will get. Come on Chinese Malaysians, do you all still expect scantily-clad girls dancing performance as a form of inducement to exercise your right to vote?

If this is still what the rural MCA-mindset Chinese want, then Umno would have them eating from their palms.

Ferdtan: MCA is taking a cue from the disruptive Perkasa Mat Rempits, now we have nasty thuggish Ah Kows. This is the result of the indifference and impotency of the police to stop them.

MCA supporters are cowards - they will never dare to do such intimidating acts in public if they know that the police will arrest them for public nuisance. MCA, you have come down to the level of Perkasa and the often rowdy Umno youths.

Now it is exposed that the 14 local village heads who recently protested against DAP for removing the act of singers with skimpy clothes are all MCA leaders. In The Star, they just mentioned them as village heads without mentioning that they were MCA local leaders.

On the part of the MCA newspaper, they have misled the readers by omission of the obvious fact - that the hullaballoo was created by MCA.

Anonymous #33877536: Why get emotional MCA? This is politics, You need to outwit the other with your performance. It's a shame you go and disturb the walkabout. The opposiion never disturb all the BN walkabouts or ceramahs.

Wira: Every party should be given a fair chance to reach out to its electorate. Party leaders/members should not be confronted nor stopped by people holding a different argument.

It is sad that political bullies and hooliganism have taken root in this country and they are being encouraged by the ruling party.

Vijay47: This is a scene we have encountered a million times. When the DAP is perceived, to use Hishammuddin Hussein's word, to have offended MCA or MIC, members of these two parties will don their gangster uniform and come out charging to confront the DAP officials or even attack them.

But when Umno goes about insulting Chinese, Indians, and non-Muslims, these MCA and MIC heroes will cower and put on their "did not see anything, did not hear anything" clothes, there is nary a squeak from them.

If you really want us to see you as the macho characters you make yourselves out to be, take a stand when your masters hurl their usual insults at you.

Anonymous #19098644: When the corrupt and decadent BN politicians are unable to win the trust and support of the people, their only resort is to violence and intimidation.

More than ever, it proofs that we need to have village and local council elections rather than appointed MCA and BN goons being made village heads.

Changeagent: I can understand MCA member Lee Ah Kaw's frustrations. The DAP speaker, whoever he is, should not have asked the 15 members of parliament to remove their penis, place it in a glass case and auction it off.

Just ask them to remove their penis would do. Save the glass case for something else, and save time from auctioning because nobody would want to buy the MCA's dicks.

T Sundaram: DAP recorded this act after instigating their rivals so that they can pose the video - the racists in DAP are good at instigating people.

Stanley: Sundaram, no matter how people instigate you, getting physical is wrong. Are you saying that, you agreed with this group of hooligans that beat up people who has different views?

I don't dispute your view, you entitle to it, but don't get physical.

Giudice: What else can one expect from supporters of a leader with no moral compass and inability to demand and ensure fair and just policies for all Malaysians?

Whenever I meet someone who proclaims himself/herself an MCA member, I cannot help but to feel sorry for that person, who obviously cannot see that the rot in the country has been caused in no small measure by MCA.

Anonymous #40538199: What is wrong with these MCA leaders? If other people do not want to host sexy performance, why make a big fuss?

If these MCA leaders enjoy it or it is their political culture to promote sexy performance, they can host it every night at the Lee San Choon Hall, or produce a sexy performance video to share it with their families.

In that way, nobody will be offended.

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