Probe on Deepak's claims? Don't hold your breath

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VOXPOP 'The IGP, AG and MACC chief should resign if they are gutless to initiate investigations against PM Najib and his family.'

MP: Will the police ever probe Deepak's claims?

vox populi small thumbnail Dont Just Talk: What is happening to the police report against carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan, inspector-general of police (IGP) Ismail Omar and deputy IGP Khalid Abu Bakar?

God forbid, if the report was lodged against YB DSAI (Anwar Ibrahim). You will find not only the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) but all the government agencies baying for his blood.

It looks like the 1Malaysia PM and his family are untouchable and yet Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said no one is above the law in Malaysia.

Tailek: Don't hold your breath. Perhaps the investigation will only start after GE13 is over. It's been one week since the police report was lodged, and still not a squeak from either the PDRM and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Indeed, the IGP and MACC chief should resign immediately.

Also not a word from Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali and the famous Talam chief investigator Chua junior or Perak mufti Harussani Zakaria. All of them are just gutless.

Tidakboleh: Police or MACC investigating? No way! These and other enforcement agencies are Umno lackeys.

They are there to persecute the opposition and the rakyat and to keep BN in power for another 100 years so as to perpetuate their corrupt and racist rule and keep their power abuse and misuse from being exposed.

Anonymous_3ec6: The IGP, AG and MACC chiefs should resign if they are gutless to initiate investigations against PM Najib Razak and his family. Show moral responsibility to your real pay masters, the taxpayers.

These agencies are a disgrace if they also remain silent and inactive to these allegations. The people need to demonstrate in the streets to wake them up.

Anon: The police cannot be investigating every person who comes out making allegations.

If that is so, Umno-BN bloggers or supporters will come out making thousands of allegations. Can the police investigate them?

Many allegations against opposition members have been made, but nothing comes out of it. It's one man's words against the other.

Kingfisher: One can well reason that the PDRM has an obligation to respond to a request for action by a member of the federal legislature.

As the request has been made known through a formal police report as well as a press statement, the police no doubt must take note of the public's interest on the matter.

The PDRM is beholden to His Majesty the YDPA (Yang di-Pertuan Agong) and it is duty bound to protect its integrity and reputation or the public at large will be left with a strong suspicion that PDRM has been compromised.

James1067: Deepak has an agenda and that is not to be denied. The question is why no action has been taken against him.

Does he know more about the people involved that they are scared to take action? Is there somebody more powerful backing him? Why reveal now, especially before the general elections? Why the fear of him and why the silence?

From this, the public will draw the conclusion that he is telling the truth and his purpose is to sent a strong signal to those involved to come to the negotiation table.

Penang apologises over assault on reporter

Born Free: The Volunteer Patrol Team ( PPS) had too often abuse their power and fed wrong information to Ybs (elected representatives).

On June 16 when Penang CM Lim Guan Eng (LGE) came to officiate a function at Block M in Taman Free School (MPPP flats), the PPS was there to "protect" him from elderly residents.

YB Ng Wei Aik was there too, so was YB Jagdeep Singh. As a sign of respect, the president of Taman Free School Residents Association wanted to greet the chief minister as no CM had ever visited the flats before.

He was however stopped and surrounded by these so-called PPS thugs. No apology was submitted.

Bnyonya: This is not the first time DAP not respecting the press and media. Where the hell is the freedom of speech preached by LGE?

Iskandarlee2: Typical fanatical DAP followers who treat all mainstream media as the enemy. I wonder who taught them this? LGE? LKS (Lim Kit Siang)? Again, I need to say LGE is a big disgraced to Penang.

Sad Malaysian: Rukun Tetangga whacks the reporters, and LGE must answer for this? What is this nonsense?

Mohamad Abdul Malik: And I though only Umno and the Barisan have thugs. It seems that the DAP is a very fast learner. Barisan now look like angels to me.

OMG!!: Both sides of the political divide should stop this violent and thugs-like conduct. The police must be firm in enforcing the laws in a just and impartial manner.

Intheair: It is not right for PPS to take the law into its own hands, but I suspect the journalist has not told the complete truth.

Little Hantu: Lim Guan Eng, you need to demonstrate your leadership here and set an example - suspend, investigate and if found guilty, sack these people, supporters or not supporters.

Anonymous #60229256: Well, at least the Penang government admitted the mistake and publicly apologised, but we never see our IGP ever apologised over countless cases police misuse of power.

No Fool: This is the difference between Pakatan Rakyat and BN government. Penang government condemned the attack and apologised to the journalist.

They agreed to cooperate with the police to take whatever appropriate actions against those responsible. But for the BN government, they will deny responsibility and try to cover up the whole issue.

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