BN running out of reasons to maintain rule

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YOURSAY 'There isn't a good reason after 50 years of rule, the public should give BN another mandate. It's time for a change.'

In New Year address, Najib seeks clear mandate for GE13

your say FellowMalaysian: In his New Year's message, Najib has pleaded for support from voters to return the BN government come GE13 hopefully with a bigger majority.

Since 2008 GE after BN was soundly thrashed in five states, BN was handed a mandate to make amend of their gross deficiencies and curb their greed and excesses by way of managing the federal government.

Nearly five years and a full term has passed and what record grades has BN's performance been?

From my own observation, the malaise which had debilitated and stunted our country's growth the past two decades has reared its ugly head under Najib's government and has now threatened to derail even the survival of our nation.

With charges of abuse of power, bribery, connivance and duplicity as every other day goes by, this country appears to be run by a regime where the BN leaders' prime preoccupation appear to be seeking the quickest route to riches and fleeing with the ill-gotten wealth.

In short, BN leaders do not deserve my vote.

LittleGiant: Malaysia can be in the top 10, top 20 or top 50 in any number of reports or surveys. To me, these are merely numbers and nothing more. These numbers are volatile and do not really guarantee the country's future.

It is integrity, transparency and accountability of the government and its leaders that will assure the country remains on top, always.

Since the BN government has failed miserably on these fundamental qualities and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has no spine to act without fear or favour on all the high-profile corruption cases involving BN politicians, I have lost all hope in BN.

Why should I give another mandate to BN?

Rakyat Malaysia: Well, PM Najib Razak, you won't be getting a vote from me and all my family members. And even if it is the only one vote out of millions, still it is a vote not for you.

We are at the crossroads of change. Change we must, change we will. Don't be afraid of change. Embrace it.

Starr: Another mandate to plunder the nation's wealth? No, absolutely not. The rakyat have been asked not to gamble away their future for 50 over years by the same government, but the future has been getting dimmer all the same after successive terms of Umno-BN government.

The country's top ranking in the illicit capital outflows is not just coincidental but an indictment of BN's rule.

Pemerhati: Due to the extremely corrupt system set in place by former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia according to reliable independent sources, is said to have lost a mind-boggling RM871 billion from 2001 to 2010.

If the same corrupt BN is given the mandate to rule the country for another five years up to 2018, it would be reasonable to assume that a similar or a larger amount would be lost from 2011 to 2018.

Knowing all this, only an absolute idiot would be taken in by Najib's talk and vote for BN.

Anonymous_3f4b: Malaysia can be so much better if there are good and proper governance, accountability, prudent financial and fiscal management of resources and clear transparency.

We are short of such leaders in the past leading to much wastage, improper allocation of resources and poor financial accountability, not to mention rampant leakages.

For now the Finance Ministry, Treasury and Bank Negara must explain to the public the reasons for the massive outflow of illicit capital from the country that has earned Malaysia the ignominious distinction of being the world's second highest country in illegal capital flight.

Remaining silent and pretending that everything is well and good is a sin and grave injustice to all honest and hardworking Malaysians who strive to make do on a daily basis.

Anonymous_3e86: I agree that the country has progressed in the five decades since independence. But we, the rakyat, are very much opposed to the corruption that is going on in the BN government.

With such rampant high-level corruption draining taxpayers' money, it will be a matter of time when the country becomes bankrupt beyond redemption.

There will be no money for schools, no money for hospitals or healthcare, and no money to build roads. Instead there will be higher taxes, rising food prices, and rising fuel prices.

All these will be a huge burden to the poor and middle class. The rich BN cronies will not be affected.

Our future is doomed if BN continues to rule the country after GE13. Yes, do not gamble with the future - vote Pakatan Rakyat. We have to ensure the corrupt BN regime does not get any more chances to plunder this country.

Clever Voter: No one disagrees with the PM's aspirations but in reality these are rhetorical statements. There are just too many public scandals (PKFZ, NFC, MRT, etc) and abuses of public funds that have gone on for years.

Besides, the country continues to see erosion of its human rights, environmental degradation and electoral frauds, on top of its worsening of public education, social services, and overall competitiveness.

There isn't a good reason why after 50 years of rule, the public should give this ruling party a mandate. It's time for a change.

Rakyat Malaysia: A change does not destroy the country. Other countries change their ruling party without much problem. Why is BN-Umno so scared of losing?

The opposition parties have lost elections many times and accepted their defeat. Only selfish sore losers who can't accept defeat will destroy the country.

Onyourtoes: Najib, there is no future left for us to gamble away. You probably can't imagine how despondent and hopeless the people feel now.

You are in no position to say anything until and unless you have extricated yourself from all the allegations and accusations levelled against you and your family.

This is the basics of leadership even at Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe's level. You know what, for most part of my life I made it a point to listen to the country's leaders when they gave New Year messages. Not anymore.

Anak JB: In the history of Malaysia, never before we have a PM who is so contentious and where public perception of his personal integrity is questionable to say the least.

I don't think Najib has the moral authority to lead and to govern, and the right thing for him to do is to resign.

Amoker: I do not want to gamble with BN. Najib, just two words - Shahrizat Jalil.

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