Umno's track record a blight to retaking S'gor

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YOURSAY 'I would like to ask Selangorians whether they wish to vote back BN with the likes of Khir Toyo, Muhammad Taib and Harun Idris helming the state again?'

DPM: Deceived for 4 years, Selangorians should vote BN

your say Pemerhati: DPM Muhyiddin Yassin, if he was telling the truth for a change, would say that Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim is no good because he has so far put all sort of obstacles in the path of the Umno thieves and their lackeys to steal the people's money through an overpriced water project.

He wants the people to vote back Umno so that the party can make highly corrupt people like Mohamad Khir Toyo (charged for corruption) and Muhammad Muhammad Taib (caught with bags of cash in Australia) MBs and through them steal billions of the people's money in the usual manner, such as giving land to themselves and their cronies at well below market prices, giving highly overpriced negotiated contracts to cronies and then getting kickbacks from them, making purchases at very high prices and then obtaining huge commissions from the sellers.

Tailek: The DPM was talking nonsense. Pakatan Rakyat led by MB Khalid has been governing Selangor better in the last four years than BN ever did in the last 50 years.

Balanced budget, transparency and better governance, open-tender bidding - all these speak volumes for Pakatan's continued rule over Selangor. BN will never win back Selangor unless there is electoral fraud.

Quigonbond: I find the statement by Muhyiddin very strange. In what ways have the current Selangor government embezzle money or lie to the constituent?

Accusations are cheap. Or was he mistaken, as in what he really wanted to say is after being deceived by BN for four years, voters should vote for Pakatan?

Aishah: The Umno-BN government has deceived Malaysians for 55 years. Its leaders and cronies took our money and smuggled them overseas.

From 2000-2009, RM1.08 trillion left the country illegally. In 2010 alone, as revealed in the latest report on illicit money by GFI (Global Financial Integrity), RM200 billion left Malaysia illegally.

You, Umno-BN leaders, took bribes and stacked them up in banks overseas in secret accounts.

Cantabrigian: When Najib made Muhyiddin his choice as deputy prime minister, he sure picked the dumbest of all amongst the candidates, so that he won't retaliate against him. It is proven time and time again.

Anonymous #67264380: Muhyiddin, your last Selangor MB wiped the state clean. Indeed, you forget easily.

Let me remind you - trips overseas, RM25 million ringgit house, scam land deals, expensive facials, family trip to Disneyland on rakyat's money, and destroying documents as if it belonged to his father.

Sa Tombs: If, as you say, PKR has deceived Selangor for four years, it pales in comparison to what you have done over the past 50 years.

How dare you talk when you place the country third on your list of priorities. This is typical of you, DPM, after you and your cronies allegedly cheated Stamford Holdings of their land and made the Johor state pay a heavy price.

Bluemountains: We would rather continue to be "deceived" by Pakatan than by the people who took Stamford Holdings land in Johor by force under the guise of public interest.

Anonymous #07688157: Tan Sri, it is one thing to say that Selangorians are deceived but it would better that you back your statement with facts and figures.

I live in Subang Jaya and I think state representative Hannah Yeoh in a short time has done visible changes to the parks, the low-cost apartments, the arrangement of food stalls and we have been supplied with updated information all the time.

The opposition has its limitations as they are not the government. I will vote for any party that can improve the education system and slash the crime rate.

My children can score an ‘A' for English but I know the ‘A' can translate to marks anything between 50 to 60 percent. An ‘A' during my school days was 90 percent and above.

It is sad state of affairs in the schools and so much debate by concerned parents, educationists who know what they are talking about, as well as the request by Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia (Page) for improvements, but nothing has been done by you. Indeed, I feel deceived by BN.

Xabiso: In Malaysia, the wet and dry seasons switch once every three months with the south-west and north-east winds. We are not located in the Middle East and Selangor is certainly not a desert, yet our DPM claims that access to clean water is a problem.

Our dams are full and we even use them to generate electricity. The Langat plant idea is only there to enrich cronies. That is the main reason the opposition is opposing, and that is also the reason why DPM and Umno need it.

Lamborghini: Muhyiddin, you are the one who is so self-deceived that you can't differentiate reality from wishful thinking.

After so many years of mismanagement, corruption, abuse of power and arrogance under BN, the last four years have been good years under the Khalid administration. It has been a breath of fresh air compared to Khir Toyo's arrogance and mismanagement.

And it promises to be better unlike the states that continue under BN. The people in Selangor and the Klang Valley are well-educated and well-informed and your BN propaganda machine can spin and twist and turn as much as you want but we will not be fooled.

Stop talking nonsense and stop having pipe dreams. BN days are numbered and you and all your BN self-deceived colleagues are going to face the full wrath of the long-suffering citizens.

Ex-Perakian: The Selangor BN coordinator sent Christmas and birthday greetings to me. How come he got access to my personal data, including my mobile number? Whose money did he used to send the SMSes?

Anonymous #55961902: Let us informed the DPM, if he is still dreaming that we who live in Selangor are more than happy with Pakatan running Selangor.

Firstly, under Pakatan rule there is no corruption unlike under the previous MB from Umno.

Secondly, the Selangor state government is richer because MB Khalid is an honest man who doesn't plunder taxpayers' money unlike the previous MB.

Thirdly, the people will vote Pakatan for a second term because of their good track record despite only ruling the state for four years.

FellowMalaysian: Muhyiddin chastised the Pakatan-rule in Selangor but could only afford two reasons which both arose out of the figments of imagination and fabrication of BN shenanigan-mongers.

I would like to ask Selangorians whether they wish to vote back BN with the likes of Khir Toyo, Muhammad Muhammad Taib and Harun Idris helming the state again?

For one, BN's Selangor coordinator Mohd Zin Mohamed, a fellow engineer, appear to have the same traits as his predecessors.

It may be a close call in Selangor if the sentiments and feelers are to be believed, but rational-thinking voters will not wish our tragic history to repeat itself.

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