No surprise at U-turn on Hadi's airtime

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YOURSAY ‘If anyone actually expected Umno or BN to let any opposition leader talk on state-run TV live, he must be dreaming.'

No air time for Hadi, says Info Minister Rais

your say Bamboo: I kind of expected this outcome. BN won't give up their monopoly on mainstream media (MSM) easily.

Furthermore, they have run out of political capital to convince Malaysians that they deserve to continue running, or rather, ruling Malaysia.

Dood: If anyone actually expected Umno or BN to let any opposition leader talk on state-run national TV live, he must be dreaming.

Unmasked: This country is run by headless chicken. Anyway, what is the point for PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to explain his 'message' that he made in 1981 if he has to retract it first as a precondition to be on 'air' over national TV?

Tholu: "As a conclusion, the forum cannot be held unless Abdul Hadi is ready to retract the message," said Information Minister Rais Yatim.

So what does Rais think Hadi will deliver at the forum, a dance performance?

BTN: Nobody is surprised by Umno's twists and turns. They got so much to lose and its really a suicidal move to let PAS do it.

Multi Racial: One lie after another. This is what they are good at. Anyway, Malaysians already expected this will not happen as BN is scared of a level-playing field.

They got no chance to win if things are fair. That explains why they are so scared of Bersih, which is merely calling for free and fair elections. To BN, free and fair elections means 100 percent lose.

YF: What's new? If National Day celebrations can be closed door, what more airtime for Pakatan Rakyat?

Ruben: Rais Yatim is not only a coward but a man whose integrity is getting lower together with his intelligence by the day.

What has the fatwa ruling in 1981 on Hadi Awang got to do with his freedom of speech? You mean it is only this week that Rais got his facts to make this turnaround.

First, the PM dare not debate with DSAI (Anwar Ibrahim), and now this.

Geronimo: I believe strongly that TV3 wanted the talk to be pre-recorded so that they can edit it later on.

Hadi Awang emphasised that it must be 'live' so no editing can take place. Good old Rais now comes back to inform that the talk is off with some lame-o excuses.

Good try, Rais, good try, but not good enough.

Durio Zibethinus: It's time to be a world-class country. It's time to let go of censorship of TV. RTM should mean Rakyat's Television Malaysia.

DontPlayGod: RTM is Umno's own TV station and that is why I haven't watch any RTM programmes for many years now.

Umno has completely forgotten that RTM belongs to the rakyat and it is not for the party to treat it as its own channel.

Gen Half Track: This old fool has " changed his mode " again.

Mushiro: This 'flip flopping' is a sickness in Umno. It started with Pak Lah (former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) then Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, and now Information Minister Rais Yatim.

Anti UMNO: Mr Information Minister, is cheating and corruption part of Islamic teachings?

You guys in Umno is the champion of these and you want to talk about Islamic teaching.

MfM: Stupid Umno, today can, tomorrow cannot - always with some lame excuse. Fatwa council? Please, a fatwa is only be issued when something is unclear. Fatwa is not Islamic law by the way.

Why isn't there a clear fatwa on hudud? Why no fatwa against Najib when he said no to hudud?

Rais and Umno dare not face off with PAS when it comes to Islam as Umno does not practice Islam, but practices nationalism and racism - two of the things which are strictly prohibited in Islam.

After Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim made former information minister Shabery Cheek looked like a fool on TV, Umno dares not debate again, especially with the likes of Hadi Awang. No Umno ulama would dare stand up to him when it comes to matters of Islam.

Snoopyjnr: Any excuse just to stop free speech. It is as if the national TV and radio belong to them only. It is taxpayers' money, so they belong to everyone.

These media should be independent, free from political interference from corrupt Umno pricks.

Anonymous #90733629: The last time I checked, Malaysia isn't Iran. Why is a secular entity like RTM is bound to a fatwa?

Anonymous #32993250: In India, all political parties have their own TV channels and are free to use to air their propaganda to their hearts' content.

Here, no opposition gets airtime and the Election Commission (EC) says we are having the best elections.

Anonymous_3ee4: All Hadi wants is to tell the truth and you are talking some rubbish about the Fatwa Council. No wonder, they call you the minister of misinformation.

Bumiasli: Actually Hadi or anybody else does not need to appear on TV or on radio to prove their point. The rakyat already know and can anticipate what's going to happen next. So why all the fuss?

3com: If Hadi is evil, let the whole Malaysian see. Why protect him, Rais?

Vgeorgemy: Umno has now confirmed their style of Janji Ditepati . They announce what they don't want to implement.

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