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After 50 years of Umno double-talk, now we've PAS
Published:  Jan 15, 2013 1:59 AM
Updated: 3:11 AM

YOURSAY 'If this is PAS' final stand on the 'Allah' issue, then I am ABU (Anything But Umno) as well as ABP (Anything But PAS).

PAS: Non-Muslims can't use 'Allah' in religious texts

your say Boiling Mud: Any party in the Pakatan Rakyat must not take the mass support from the rakyat for granted.

The paradigm shift of the support by the people (as seen in the recent gathering in Stadium Merdeka) is but an indicator of the deep-seated discontent toward the brazen present-day regime.

Once a two-party is firmly entrenched in the Malaysian electoral system, any party or alliance on either sides of the great divide is a fair choice as long as it can deliver justice, equality and clean transparent governance.

For that, BN would be just as good a choice as Pakatan once after the former has undergone total makeover and reinvented itself.

This 'Allah' issue is not helping anyone at this critical juncture of the Malaysian crossroad. You politicians and clerics are behaving like a bunch of quarrelsome old ladies earning the irks of the clear-headed and fair-minded rakyat.

So, pipe down and go do the real work to win the heart and mind of the nation.

Onyourtoes: Do you know what most the Pakatan supporters (yes, majority of whom are Muslims) who went to the stadium standing and sitting there under the hot sun for almost three to four hours, really want?

Look, most of them can't even hear a thing because the sound system was terrible. They were there to show support and that was sufficient.

But do you know what are they supporting - so that you fellows can continue quarreling and fighting over some obscure and meaningless stuff?

Wise up, my friends. Pakatan is surviving because you have BN to contend with. Pakatan would have lost if it runs unopposed, got it?

Jiminy Qrikert: For a good 40 plus years, non-Malays and non-Muslims have had to put up with and swallow the double-talk of Umno supported by the accursed MCA and MIC. Now, it seems this role will be taken over by PAS with their double-talk.

Are we to expect another 40 years of double-talk from Pakatan with PKR pandering to their holier-than-thou Muslim brothers, while DAP fights a rear-guard battle to check the excesses of PAS so that non-Muslims in Malaysia can breathe the air of freedom, fairness and logic without having to yet again swallow nonsense from a party that is unable to corral their own extremists?

What can we expect of a PAS that rejects the worldview of Muslims beyond this ‘tempurung' called Malaysia?

I am in grief at this moment having believed in the progress that PAS had made in recent years only to witness the Islamist supremacists win over the more level-headed Muslims in PAS. If these Islamic supermacists can rear their heads now, can PKR check them when Pakatan wins?

Pemerhati: In the coming elections Malaysians essentially have to choose between BN and Pakatan.

In BN, Umno controls all the other component parties. Umno has proven itself to be racist and corrupt and currently its leaders and their cronies are estimated to be stealing about a billion ringgit per week of the peoples's money.

In Pakatan, we have three parties but no party is dominant and hence no single party can have its way completely as is the case with BN.

PAS' attempt to inject its extremist religious concepts into the administration (such as their vacillating stand on the ‘Allah' issue and their attitude towards women participating in public concerts) are irritating and a pain in the neck.

But most importantly, on the positive side Pakatan has so far shown itself to be competent and relatively clean and non-corrupt.

So for the forthcoming elections, the obvious choice is Pakatan but for the elections after that, if we get a clean and non-racist BN and if PAS does not change, then the choice could well be BN.

For Anwar and Pakatan now, the most important thing is to secure as many of the majority Malay votes as possible and so like all successful politicians they will say things that will secure them the votes.

I would not be too concerned with all the rhetoric just before the elections. What is most important is to get rid of the racist mega BN thieves and then hope that the new Pakatan administration will be more like the Penang and Selangor administrations and less like the Kedah and Kelantan administrations.

If PAS continues with its stupidity when Pakatan is in power, Malaysians can get rid of them after five years.

Apa Ini?: If this is PAS' final stand on the (non-) issue on the use of the word 'Allah', then I am ABU (Anything But Umno) as well as ABP (Anything But PAS).

Pakatan has to decide or we will end up being led by Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which is ignoring their minority fellow opposition that helped greatly to bring about the Arab Spring.

Speechless: Which Act says non-Muslims can't use the word ‘Allah'? I find it amusing that certain people should dictate what others can or cannot do.

It is like telling your neighbours that they cannot name their son Haron just because your family has chosen the same name.

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